Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Would you like a peek inside the Shabby Vintage Junk house.....

....Before I mess it up again....hahahahahaha....!!!

Hello Shabby Vintage Thrifting Junkers....I wanted to show you our living area that I've been working at tidying up over the last week or so before I fill up the dining area with projects again....!!

I really WISH I could leave it this way but without the benefit of an outside shed I can use to store my projects while I work on them, the dining area is the next best option....!

First things first....

I LOVE this floral arrangement....1950's cement garden planter found in the hard rubbish, 3 x vintage milk bottles = $9.00 & the gerberas were a TINY $5.00 at the Market on Sunday....Total = $14.00....!!

Right side....

Left side....There's just NO escaping that bloody telly....Isn't it ridiculous....That's TOTALLY Mr SVJ & I claim NO responsibility for it whatsoever....!!

On the right side we have my little reading nook....The trunk HIDES a variety of current projects....hahahahaha....

This GORGEOUS chair covered in Sanderson linen was another hard rubbish find....!!  Oh & there's the MASSIVE jar I scored at the Market recently with some curly willow though, you'd be forgiven for thinking it's SCARY willow....hahahahahaha....

** sigh ** LOVE my bottles AND they're sitting on an AWESOME sideboard with a GREAT story....A friend of mine found it in the HR....It WAS an old Doctors table....You know the kind....Covered in pleather with an adjustable head rest....As soon as I saw it I KNEW what I wanted to do with it so I traded my friend for another piece & away I went....!

Mr SVJ removed the top & I took out the 30 stainless steel hooks underneath....DON'T ASK....The top WAS a door & was ANOTHER HR find....On the weekend I'll try & take another pic so you can see the natural state Mr SVJ sanded the base down to & the BRILLIANT finish on the top....One of my FAVE pieces for sure.... :o)

Ooh....Speaking a FAVES...Underneath the sideboard is a 1950's seesaw....LOVE it to bits....!!!

Chippy clothes airers (laundry is a little on the 'pokey' side)....YUMMY armoire....Ok so it's a cupboard but it's an OLD cupboard & VERY armoireish....  :o) Suitcases, bench seat, curly plant stand & paper dispenser....You can also see the seesaw mounted on the bulkhead....This came out of a park & NO I didn't PINCH it from a park....It was in the HARD RUBBISH in front of a park....hahahahaha....

Mr SVJ made this cabinet for me last year as part of my Christmas present....I LOVE that I have something that he's made from scratch....Mr SVJ is a talented Cabinet Maker but doesn't get to utilise his skills as I know he wishes he could....!!!

I ADORE this Vintage school map....I bought it from a lovely Ebay seller in the US....All up it cost around $AU75.00 & that's WITH shipping....!!

The coffee table is an OLD chest I bought form the TIP SHOP about 8 years ago for $25.00....Following a make over of the EXTENSIVE kind, this has become another SPECIAL piece....

This view makes me SMILE when I arrive home from work....!!

LOVE the pop of colour this wardrobe brings to the space....Not my 50's green I search for but there's something about it for sure....!!

The scooter leaning against it is another FAVE....I WISH I'd had one of those growing up....I would have swapped my gold speckled dragster for it in a heart beat....FAIR DINKUM....  :o) !!

Well that's it for tonight....I have 10 or so more pics of the rest of the room but I'll save those for ron....!!

I hope all my US friends enjoyed a SAFE holiday weekend & all my Aussie mates are keeping out of mischief....hahahahahaha....I'll be back....!!!

** NB: My reader has a HUGE number of new blog posts for me to catch up on & I have quite a few emails to attend to....I PROMISE to give each one my UNDIVIDED attention tomorrow night.... :o) ***

Tamarah :o)


  1. Hi Tamarah,
    Love your place! Now that I know what your abode looks like, I can picture you and Mr SVJ puttering around.

    Second Hand Chicks

  2. Sooooo many things i want from your lounge room but especially that JUNK sign, if that is coming to the Extravaganza please put my name all over it!!! I'm starting to think I may need to book a bigger stall now, My place is starting to fill up with so much stuff. got to keep it all ticking over though so may well syphon a lot of it off on ebay before hand (who knows), otherwise I'm stockpiling. Cant wait to see the hall come together with all the goodies! Looking forward to seeing the article too!!

  3. Tamarah, you have such a unique and interesting style! LOVE your living room. So much I have to make a list:

    The demijohns on that table
    The green cabinet
    Cabinet on left of Telly
    Cabinet on right of Telly
    Whatever that is above map???????
    Dining chairs
    Scooter as art
    Old window
    Open cabinet to left of green cabinet
    Trunk table

  4. Forgot something

    That JUNK sign

  5. Wow-Tamarah, your stuff is so cool!! Especially LOVE the Junk sign (and the cupboard the junk sign is sitting on), suitcases on the wardrobe, map and the thing above it, the other sign I can't read on the left, and the typewriter! And how does it look so neat and clean and uncluttered??
    Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

  6. Such an interesting room to browse in, so many treasures and unique finds!
    ....and tidy!

    I am right now taking a break from an all day stint at trying to clean up my rec room which has clutter, clutter, clutter all over and I haven't unloaded my car yet that is full of leftovers from the antique sale last week!

    ......can't hardly find a path right now as I'm making MORE of a mess trying to sort out and put away!!
    Looking forward to more pictures!

  7. Tamarah, I love it all. Don't even mind the telly, now that they are flat screens. LOVE the junk sign and the map, funny I posted my map today, too. Your house just looks awesome! I hope you enjoy your trip here to the states! Lezlee

  8. WOW! How tidy does it look. Straight out of the pages of a glossy magazine. Yes, I have seen it otherwise, but it's always exciting, no matter how messy. Tamarah, you are definately the best junker in the universe.Oh, and I loved the milk bottles in the concrete planter. How good does that look.
    Bonnie Doon Wendy