Sunday, September 12, 2010

The kindness of blog Friends....THANK YOU Chania....!

Dear Friends be you of the Shabby, the Vintage or the Junk variety....!!!!

I hope this quick post finds you well & happy....I'm currently in the midst of complete & utter chaos trying to get ready for my flight to the US....No matter that it doesn't leave until 6am.TOMORROW....There is still MUCH to be done....!!

A few moments ago there was a knock on the door I opened it to find the Aussie post dude standing there with a heavy looking package....I was SO EXCITED....ESPECIALLY to be receiving a parcel on today of ALL DAYS....!

It was from my GORGEOUS & STYLISH Friend Chania over at Razmataz....!  Chania had mentioned a while ago she had popped a little something in the post which I thought was an incredibly sweet thing to do however, I thought it would be a small bit of 'tat' she had discovered during her Treasure Hunting forays....I NEVER would have guessed it was a book that weighs in at CLOSE to 4kg (9lb)....Needless to say, the shipping was M-O-N-S-T-E-R-O-U-S & I am overwhelmed by the GENEROSITY of this lovely lady....!

The book is called In Flagrante Collecto (caught in the act of collecting) by Marilynn Gelfman Karp & there was a note tucked inside that simply read:

I thought you would find this book interesting - It was down to $10.00 at my bookstore - I couldn't resist sending you a copy.

I can't tell you how OVER THE MOON CHUFFED I am Chania....I can't wait to sit down with a coffee to read it....!!

I've said it once & I'll say it again....Blogging is a WONDERFUL thing....I would NEVER have met Chania if it weren't for blogging....I do feel very VERY fortunate....!!

I must fly....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza WRAP UP #6

Hey Junk Buddies near & far....!!

I hope this post finds you all happy as pigs in poo....I know I AM....With less than 36 hours 'til I fly out to the US for Junk Bonanza I am OVER THE MOON happy....hahahahaha....WOOHOO....!!

Just quickly before I show you the LAST of the pics form the SVJ-X, if you have Friends you'd like to chat with 'same time'....Do yourself a FAVOUR & jump on Skype....I chatted FOR FREAKIN FREE with Margo earlier for almost 2 hours & it was SO MUCH FUN....Did I mention it was FOR FREAKING FREE....Go on....You'll LIKE IT....!!

Ok so now back to my FINAL SVJ-X WRAP UP....The first lot of pics are of Jane & Kaz's (aka 'Team Goober') space....Now these girls have a flair for mixin' their junk & for the SVJ-X they had a definite country industrial twist goin' on....BEHOLD....

AWESOME industrial benches, ladders & galvanised pieces....

The eclectic nature of their wares ensured there really was something to please the most discerning of Shoppers....!

LOVED this piece....A little somethin' Kaz put together for the Show....

The screen at the back was TO DIE FOR....

And this planter box....All I can say is IF I WEREN'T going to the US of A that would piece woulda been mine for sure....!!!

** sigh **

Oh & this window had my name on it but it went home I believe with someone else.... :o(

And here we have Callie from Hunted & Collected....As well as having an AMAZING eye for Vintage Costume Jewellery, Callie offers a selection of vintage homewares with an industrial edge....!

Lamps, ladders & wooden pieces....

GORGEOUS dress dummy mixed with test tubes & an AWESOME depression piece...!!

I really did ADORE this grey beauty....Alas....I was savin' my dosh....!!

These printer drawers are an eye catching way to display jewellery.


So MANY pieces to choose from....Mr SVJ said he was PROUD I didn't give into my desires....Next time....I might not be so SINGLE MINDED....hahahaha....!!

Well Friends....I hope you've enjoyed these pics from the SVJ-X & seeing the A-W-S-O-M-E Treasures our Vendors had for their Customers....!!

Don't forget to check out the videos on YouTube to see more of our wonderful Treasures & to get a better idea of the overall 'look' we put together...!!

With any luck I'll be back tomorrow evening with what may be my LAST post until I reach the US....!

Hope you're all having a GREAT weekend....!

Tamarah  :o)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza WRAP UP #5

Hello Vintage Friends....!

I'm back to show you two more FABULOUS Vendors who particpated in the SVJ-X but I must apologise before I begin, to the GORGEOUS Shelley who so selflessly gave of her time to help Mr SVJ & I make the tissue paper balls to decorate the hall....Unfortunately, the morning the Show started when I did a walk around with Mr SVJ who videoed the booths, we neglected to show Shelley's LOVEY booth....For the life of me I'm not sure how this came about other than to say I must have been distracted....When it came time to post the videos on YouTube here & here, Shelley's FABULOUS Treasures didn't get a 'look in'....!

Lucky for me, Shelley & I have known each other for a long time & she would be more than understanding of this oversight....I PROMISE next time Shelley I won't allow myself to be 'distracted' from the job at hand....!!

A GORGEOUS mix of shabby vintage furntiure pieces combined perfectly with smaller decorative homewares....

I LOVED this GORGEOUS blue ladder....!

And this small cupboard would have been PERFECT at Camp SVJ....!

I remember my Nanna had one of these kidney shaped dressing tables in the spare bedroom I stayed in during my visits....!!

I could have curled up on this BEAUTIFUL velvet lounge with a good book & 'disappeared'....

YUMMY creamy white chest of drawers with our FAVE glass knobs....!

THANKS Shelley for ALL your hard work & the LAUGHS around the table with the girls in the arvo....  :o)

Now this is Robyn's LOVELY booth sporting an eclectic mix of 'rustic country vintage retro' pieces....

LOVED how Robyn used these vintage fabric pieces to cover the bland wall space behind her booth creating an eye catching feature....!!

This stand was a PERFECT prop to display her YUMMY pieces....!

Vintage suit cases, wire baskets....PERFECT for storage....!

I'm KICKING myself I didn't buy any of these AWESOME wooden printers blocks....You can BET I'll be looking for these at Junk Bonanza....!

*** BIG sigh ***

That's it for me tonight....I hope you enjoyed these pics....I'll be back tomorrow night with the last two booths to bring me up to date....!!

Wherever you are I hope you're having an AWESOME week....!

Tamarah :o)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza WRAP UP #4

Hello fellow 'Keepers Of The Past'....!

I hope this post finds everyone happy & well....As promised on Sunday, I'm back with more pics from the SVJ-X....This lot is from Sam's AWESOME booth which backed onto mine....hahahahaha.... I didn't have far to sneak off to peruse her LOVELY Treasures....!

Mr Shoestring Splendour went above & beyond creating this FABULOUS screen for Sam to hang her mirros, prints & paintings.
This quilt was absolutely STUNNING....!
This bookshelf saw some SERIOUS Treasure rotation over the two days....As fast as Sam put them on display they were whisked away by her Treasure lovin' Customers....!
Beautiful ROMANTIC seating with TO DIE FOR lighting....!
So many LOVELY pieces....
** sigh ** I LOVE my GUD clip & paint brush Sam....!!

I still have FOUR AWESOME booths to share with you before I leave for the US next week & all going well, I'll be able to get the pics up over the next couple of days....!!

Well I must get back to my 'lists' & packin....I hope you're having a GREAT week....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sometimes the GLOOMIEST weather unearths the BEST Treasures....!

Hello again Shabby Vintage Junkin' Friends....!

Well....It hasn't occured often since I started blogging but I'm back with my SECOND post in one day....With my trip to the US & Junk Bonanza looming (I leave on the 14th....!) I'm ENDEAVOURING to clear the slate so I can concentrate on blogging about my adventures while I'm away .... :o) !!

Now because I managed to get quite a bit out of the way EARLY yesterday, I rewarded myself with some EXTRA time out in the HR....The weather was MISERABLE & it rained on & off however, it was mild & the Treasures were PLENTIFUL....!!

I'm REALLY happy with this line up....Wood, metal - junky industrial.

DELICIOUS green enamel light shade....Very YUMMY vintage suitcases....Wicker baskets, bird cage & picnic tin.  ALWAYS pick up the LARGE plastic buckets for Mr SVJ....They come in handy in the work shop....!

I have THREE green enamel shades now....I've found ALL of them this year & have outlayed a TINY $10.00 in total....!

LOVE this industrial metal cubby on wheels....!  ANOTHER galvanised Willow bin....You can NEVER have too many of these....!  The metal trike is a SWEETIE & the weeny terracotta pots were a GREAT find....I have SOMETHING in mind for these....You'll have to come to the NEXT SVJ Extravaganza though to see....  :o) !!

AWESOME black enamel camping pot....SERIOUSLY SEXY wooden drawer & hand drill with red wood top & handle.

Wicker fishing creel, turquoise typewriter, wooden artists box, a couple of wood frames with mesh screens, blue metal & wood ironing board, couple of metal tubs, GORGEOUS wood cabinet & 3 x army green steel lidded drawers....!

All this YUMMY piece needs is a couple of pieces of trim up the top on the sides & it's GOOD TO GO....!

Well that was MY Saturday & today I SKIPPED the Market (Was that a collective GASP I heard just now....hahahahaha....?) so I could spend the day making lists, making piles (of things to pack for the US) & CLEANING all my finds....!!

Now I'm off to find a glass of wine & catch up with all my FAVE blogs....!

Here's hoping your weekend was filled with WARMTH & Treasures too....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza WRAP UP #3

Hello Friends near & far....!!

I hope this post finds everyone WELL....!  I know I'm running FABULOUSLY behind with the SVJ Wrap Ups however, over the next few days I hope to have the last of the pics up for you....!!

The ride side of my booth....Chippy, rusty, cubby goodness....  :o) !

The GORGEOUS Shelly to the right & the INIMITABLE Kaz playin' GOOBER for the camera....!

Wendy's Terriers were LOVED by the young & young at HEART....!

LOVED this cubby....It went to a WONDERFUL new home....THANKS Daphne....!

** sigh **

Now for Alicia's GORGEOUS booth though I'm afraid the FRENZIED rush with which I took my pics does not do her space justice....Forgive me Lovey....!!!

A BEAUTIFUL & ECLECTIC range of shabby, romantic & industrial vintage wears....!

Florentine, rush wicker, kitchenalia....There was even something for the Sporty Vintage Miss with a set of Hensilite bowls.
I ADORED the pink jug & bowl to the right....But I was GOOD & showed GREAT self control....!!
I seriously LUSTED over these sweet lampshades....!
I can just see them on this chandelier which I ALSO resisted....!!

Tamarah :o)