Tuesday, November 30, 2010

3 WONDERFUL surprises that made me SMILE OUT LOUD today....! (Post# 99)

Hello Junkers near & far.... :o) !

I arrived home a short while ago from a TIRESOME day at 'the pesky day job' to find not one but THREE parcels waiting for me....And boy did I SMILE....OUT LOUD....!!

Don't they look D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S....!
These DIVINE lavender sachets are from the ADORABLE Amy over at Into Vintage who has TWO FABULOUS Etsy Shops....Vintage Home for things she makes & Peppermint Bark for things she finds.
As if the sachets weren't ADORABLE enough, Amy included this GORGEOUS tissue cover INCLUDING a packet of tissues....!  I URGE you to visit Amy's blog & Etsy Shops....You'll be GLAD you did....!!
The next package contained this Victoria Bliss Magazine I'd hunted down for an article it had on Antique Week in Texas....And you KNOW how I LOVE Texas AND Antique Week....!!

*** sigh ***
And last but by no means least is this EXQUISITE Victorian coin purse....I won it from a LOVELY eBay Seller in the UK - forneth.  GORGEOUS Anne included a farthing along with a little note.
I'm OVER THE MOON HAPPY with this sweet piece & intend on reworking it into a necklace.  If you like unusual eclectic Treasures & AWESOME service from your eBay Sellers, pop Anne's eBay ID - forneth on your watch list....

THANK YOU to Amy & Anne for turning a BLAH day into a W-A-H-O-O day....!!

Now talking of WAHOO days, don't forget Gina & my COMBINED 100th post GIVEAWAY will happen with our VERY NEXT POSTS....It's gonna be BIG....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

Monday, November 29, 2010

They say 'What Happens in Texas stays in Texas'....Surely they weren't talkin' about this though.... (Post# 98)

Surely I'm not expected to keep silent about the AWE INSPIRING talent of one of my all time FAVE Texas Vendors, Theresa Cano (aka Garden Atiques Vintage)....Surely....??

I first became aware of the GORGEOUS Theresa through my mate Sue over at Vintage Rescue Squad  when I was trying to finalise my itinerary for my recent trip to the US.

Sue urged me to get into contact with Theresa advising she was the BEST person to contact re Antique Week & man oh man she was 100% on the mark....No sooner had I fired off an email to Theresa than I had a response tellin' me to make my way quick smart to Texas after Junk Bonanza if I was serious about seein' some WAY COOL JUNK....!!!

This is Theresa's space....Click on the pic to make it bigger 'cause you don't want to miss anything....!

See the little butter pats at the front....Some of these came home with me....** sigh ** ....Sometimes I take one to work & sit it front of my keyboard & when I'm feelin' the URGE to jump up & run around the office like a nutter for some relief, instead of reaching for my squeezy ball, I pick up the batter pat & caress it softly in the palm of my hand while whispering to myself, "I will go back to Round Top....I will go back to Round Top"....hahahahaha....!!

Deliciously MUTED pallet....
Elegant decay

I wish Theressa could attend the next SVJ-X....Our Aussie Vintage Enthusiates would trip over themselves in their haste to snag some Vintage Antiques Garden treasures....!
This pic is dedicated to my mate Shelley (alas NO blog) 'cause she LOVES some burlap.... :o)
This mannequin was TO DIE FOR....Alas....It was too big for me to post home....  :o(
Dark, handsome, SEXY junk.... ** purrrrr ** ....!
And here she is....This LOVELY smile didn't waver no matter how FREAKIN' HOT it was....!!

If you've NEVER benn to Antique Week in Texas I urge you to pull your finger out & make your way there TOOT FREAKIN' SWEET....You MUST experience all this AWESOME venue has to offer & you ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY MUST meet the AWESOME vendors (many of whom are bloggers) who will make you feel like an old Friend....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Meet the new girl at Casa SVJ....(Post# 97)

WOW....A TWO POSTER....Mind....These have been put together during Mr SVJ's snack breaks (he's been immersed in an excel spreadsheet all day doing his tax) so please forgive the fact they're a little 'light on'....!

OK....So the day wasn't a total loss....I taught myself how to make a crochet flower garland AND collected this GORGEOUS Dress Dummy that I won on eBay last night for a VERY reasonable price....WOOHOO....Isn't she a BEAUTY....!

Now I must FLY....Mr SVJ's BLEATING again 'cause I'm using his laptop & I have a few Christmas parcels to pack that need to go to the post office tomorrow....!

With ANY luck I'll get some visitin' in late tonight....!!

Isn't she FINE....This beauty is an Esse Jane from the Myer Emporium....PERFECT display piece....!

Way COOL industrial stand....!

My mohair garland is around 2m long & has 53 flowers slightly larger than a 5cent piece (dime for my US Friends)....

I'm working on the second one now....  :o) !!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Blasted INFERNAL rain....Messing up my Market day....!! (Post# 96)

Morning Everyone....!!

I KNOW I shouldn't whinge....I KNOW I shouldn't complain....I mean HEAVEN only knows we need the rain but for cryin' out loud DOES IT HAVE TO RAIN ON SUNDAY....The ONLY day of the week I get to go Treasure hunting....ummmmmm....Excluding Saturday of course if I'm out in the HR....!!!


I texted my Friend Lyn at 4am to let her know it was raining BUCKETS over my way & she said she didn't care she was still coming as it would be her last opportunity this year to have her stall....This meant that I would HAVE to move my car or unload & get everything WET....So at 4.30am I turned around & came home....BUGGER....!!

There was no chance I'd be able to go back to sleep so I set about following up on one of the MANY headache giving ideas I have & commenced to crochet up a storm....Bearing in mind I haven't picked up a hook since I was 12 but I was SO INSPIRED yesterday when I visited one of my ALL TIME FAVE vintage destinations Empire 111, & saw some sweet little flower chains I thought I'd give them a go....!

....hahahahahahaha....The first five or so I attempted looked like something Homer would come up with but once I worked out the kinks I was good to go....!!

Now if you'll excuse me....I'm going back to my crotcheting....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Clock is tickin'....! (Post # 94)

Morning Everyone....!

Just a quick post to let you know I'm still here....My laptop has been with a Friend being 'cleaned' of lurking gremlins & I've been using Mr SVJ's....Sporadically.... ** sigh ** !!

All going well I'll be back on deck ONCE & FOR ALL next week in time for Gina & I too launch our 100th posts for a FABULOUS COMBINED giveaway....You won't want to miss this one....It'll be a BEAUTY....!!

Mr SVJ has PROMISED I'll have access to his laptop this weekend so I'll be able to catch up with all your adventures & launch a few posts....!

Well I must away....I hope everyone has had a WONDERFUL week & is looking forward to a FABULOUS weekend....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Junk Bonanza - Hi Ho Hi Ho it's BACK to Bachman's we go....!! (Post # 93)

Hello Keepers of the Past both near & far....I hope this 'recap' post finds you well & looking forward to the weekend....!!

Alrighty then....

Wayyyyyyyyyyy back on the 18th September as I was preparing to leave Shakopee MN for the 'Fields' of Texas, I promised to come back & catch you up on ALL the Junk Bonanza excitement....Well I have been TARDY to say the least in my blogging commitments so here I am as PROMISED so long ago to 'fill in the gaps'....!

After spending the previous day at Junk Bonanza (from 8 am - 5pm....!!!), Margo & I set out for the Bachman's Idea House....To say this place ROCKS is an understatement FOR SURE....I really must admit, my expectations were a little on the naive side & I was TOTALLY blown away by the creativity evident in each & every room....And that's JUST the inside of the house....The outside has just as MUCH goin' on....!!

Ki Nassauer has been involved with Bachman's for the past year now in a collaborative partnership re how to incorporate 'junk' into home decor....Her AWESOME ideas are FABULOUSLY showcased in the beautiful home situated a short distance from the main building....!  If you see somethin' in the Ideas House that takes your fancy, chances are the item will be available for sale over in the main building....!

What a FREAKIN' FANTASTIC idea....If ONLY we had somethin' like this here 'Down Under'.... ** sigh **....Each season sees a total 'makeover' as Ki introduces new design ideas to the House.... ** DOUBLE sigh **....

While we were there we had the GOOD FORTUNE to run into these GORGEOUS LADIES....The FAB JunkFest girls - Missy (SweetMelissa), Cassie, Lynette, Andrea, and Diane from Barn Chics....After we finished shoppin' up a storm, we enjoyed a relaxing lunch in Bachman's Garden Bistro where we talked up a storm 'bout ALL things junk related....A GOOD TIME was had by all....  :o) !!

I STOLE this pic from the ever INSPIRING Margo....!
This pic was snitched from JunkFest....!

And this one was 'borrowed' from JunkFest too....!

Now the rest of the pics are mine.... :o) !! And I'm not going to blab on 'cause I know you're itchin' to look at the pics....PLEASE make sure to enlarge them so you DON'T miss out on any of the GOLORIOUS details....!!

The one STANDOUT for me with the Bachman's Idea House was the total lack of FUSSINESS....Each & EVERY item 'worked' perfectly....EVERYTHING belonged....It was in my mind, a place where I could retire at the end of a weary day from 'the pesky day job', in total & utter peace....!

The visit to Bachman's took place on Friday 17th September & just when I thought things couldn't POSSIBLY get any better, the evening entertainment was still to come....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

PS:  I'm counting down my posts to the BIG 100....Don't forget the GORGEOUS Gina from Vintage Junk In My Trunk & I will be hosting a F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S giveaway to celebrate our 100'ths TOGETHER....It's gonna be BIG....!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bugger Bugger B-U-G-G-E-R....I've been HACKED....!

Dear All....!

I awoke this morning to find 48 emails in my hotmail inbox....Amongst these, the majority of which were FAILURE notices was an email from Margo & Gina confirming my fears that 'someone' had been sending emails on my behalf....!

Please if you have received an email from me over the last 24 hours re vanoncini.com DO NOT OPEN it....!!

Having only a day or so ago run a scan & ONLY visiting trusted sites etc PLUS NEVER openning emails if I'm the LEAST bit unsure of their origin, I'm BUGGERED if I know where I may have picked up this bug....All I can do is offer my apologies & HOPE none of you are inconvenienced....!

I'm running another scan now to see what I've caught....!

And because we KNOW it's bad blogging karma to post without pics, I'd like to introduce you to my boy Baxter....Our GORGEOUS fur baby has been bringing joy to Casa de SVJ for the last 12 years....To SPARE you all further trauma I've  cropped the pic to REMOVE Mr SVJ's feet....hahahahaha....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)