Sunday, July 25, 2010

I saw the SIGN (S)....Counting Down - 19 Days to THE SVJ-X....!

A BIG hello to all my fellow Gleaners of the Shabby, the Vintage & the Junk variety....!!

I hope your 48 have been relaxing, filled with Family, Friends & some damn fine JUNK.... :o) !!

A BIG THANK YOU for all your lovely comments offering support & encouragement for the upcoming SVJ-X as featured in yesterdays Herald Sun HOME liftout....I'm CHUFFED you enjoyed it & even MORE CHUFFED you like our home....I really do get a BIG kick out of sharing our space & MY love of junk with you....!

Now before I go on I would just like to apologise in advance if my comments on your blogs declines a little over the next few weeks while I get 'busy' gettin' ready for the Show....Please KNOW that I will be reading & SMILING at your Treasures....!!

Unfortunately, there was no Market for me this morning for a variety or reasons so I have NO new Treasures to share however, I do have some pics of a few more finished pieces for you....Each piece will be for sale at the SVJ-X.... :o) !!

Several months ago I purchased a large number of chippy red vintage theatre letters which I put aside while I waited patiently for Mr SVJ-X to do his THANG....With the deadline to the SVJ-X fast approaching, Mr SVJ got 'busy' this afternoon....Aluminium strips were cut to size & mounted on wood for my words to stand.

Rusty, Love & Jump....

Home & Kiss....

Don't know if you remember this little cabinet....When I rescued it the back was wet & yeckkkkk & it was FILTHY....Replacing the back with a salvaged piece of ply was TOO easy & I still have half a roll of this DIVINE 1940's wallpaper which I think makes the PERFECT back drop....!!

This cabinet is VERY narrow....I thought about putting shelves in but really they would have been SO NARROW as to almost render them useless....Instead, I've used a YUMMY vintage glass knob from my hardware stash in which to suspend jewellery from....  :o)

Oh yes....I had the PERFECT chippy green knob tucked away just WAITING for this project to come along....!

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to me, the pic showing the entire cabinet in all it's FINISHED glory with several vintage necklaces suspended from the glass knob was BLURRY as sin so all you get is a peek....DOH....!!

Well I must away....I have a SUPER early start tomorrow at the office so will bid you all Sweet Dreams....!!

Cheers for now & HAPPY junking,
Tamarah :o)

Friday, July 23, 2010

The House that Shabby Vintage Junk built has been featured in todays HERALD SUN (see pics)....20 days to the SVJ-X....!!!

Hello Shabby Vintage Junking Friends....!

I hope this post finds you all well & enjoying a weekend FILLED with Treasures from the past....!!

I'm PLEASED to advise a FABULOUS article featuring our home (aka the house that SVJ built), can be seen in todays Herald Sun HOME lift out....I've had several calls already this morning with one lovely lady asking if this event is going to be a sale....My answer to that is a resounding YOU BETCHA....A group of my VERY talented Shabby Vintage Junk buddies will be showcasing their wares in a way I don't believe has been seen before in Australia....You are in for a VISUAL FEAST....Think of your FAVE design book or vintage shop window that you have oohed & ahhed over....THAT's what I'm talkin' about....  :o) !!

My stall in particular will look not unlike the pictures shown in the Herald Sun article....!!

As always, I'm 'on the fly' so will leave you with a few pics of pieces we've put the finishing touches on this mornning....!!

I look forward to seeing you at the SVJ-X & sharing my Treasures with you....!!!

Don't forget, you're WELCOME to contact me at or on 0428 505 645.

The DIVINE patina on this tool box has been ENHANCED with a coat of poly....!!

100 years of life has left this STUNNING piece of craftmanship with a GLORIOUS finish....


Reconstruction saved this baby from the scrap pile & several coats of paint has helped show of this BEAUTIES fine lines....The hardware has been left as found....G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S....!!

PERFECT for the bedroom, office laundry....ANY room in the house really....  :o) !!

** sigh ** wish I could KEEP them all....!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

PS:  I've had a few requests to see the article however, as I'm unable to scan it, I've taken pics of the four page spread....Don't forget to click on the pics to make them BIGGER....!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My heart is in my THROAT....26 Days to go until THE Shabby Vintage Junk EXTRAVAGANZA.....!!! AND a PS to end the day....!!!

Good Morning Keepers Of The Past EVERYWHERE....!!

Well we've entered the DO OR DIE stage as we enter the final preparation leading up to the SVJ-X....My head is literally SPINNING with everything that needs to be done & this is WITHOUT the MANY projects requiring my attention for my own stall....So it's FULL STEAM AHEAD here at Camp SVJ today....As I type I can hear Mr SVJ banging (& swearing) something (about something) out in his workshop so I won't dilly dally lest the swearing & the banging involve me....hahahahaha....!!

I have  27 projects out on the back deck that I need to FINISH today HOWEVER, I didn't want to become so caught up in everything that I missed out on posting my Sunday Wrap Up....So here again for your viewing pleasure are my Treasures below from the Market & my run through the HR yesterday....ALL GOING WELL, I hope to be able to pop back this evening to discuss my 'projects'....!!

** NB: Remember the gate & the bench are PREVIOUS finds....!! **

GORGEOUS chippy cream wood & metal high chair, camp stool & print plucked from the nature strip....!!

I bought a boxed lot of vintage kitchenalia at the Market this morning....I LOVE this stuff & I use it all the time in various junk projects....!!

Now WHY would you put these out in the Hard Rubbish when we have recycling bins....???

Wire milk bottle carriers that I just need to peel the remaining plastic from & spray with poly....THANK YOU HR Angels....!!!

YUMMY wooden clothes airer....I ALWAYS rescue these from the HR....A light clean & rub with bees wax & Bob's your Uncle....!

Next to gavalnised stuff, red metal stuff & chippy painted stuff....CRINKLY wire stuff is my FAVE....hahahahahaSNORT....!  This bike basket was bought from my FAVE dealer at the Market this morning....!

Oh my FREAKIN HECK....I almost fainted when I spied this gavanised BEAUTY at the Market this morning....I can FIT IN IT with my legs over the side....I know what I'll be doing this summer out on the deck & it involves me, my undies & BEER....OK....Perhaps NOT a picture you needed but I just HAD TO SHARE.... :o) !!

PERFECTLY shabby bird cage....Always always ALWAYS pick these up in the HR when I see them....!!!

GOBSMACKINGLY AWESOME blackboard form the Hard Rubbish....Just needs a clean & we're good to go....!!!

You KNOW I have a THANG for these babies....I paid a bit for this one but I don't have one with drawers so it was a MUST HAVE....!!!

Another typewriter....Now I have THREE....A COLLECTION at last....Scored this one at the Market....!!  And last but by NO MEANS least is a really NEAT handrail....Would make a GREAT ballet bar in a little girls room....!!

OK I must FLY.....I hope everyone is having a TOTALLY JUNKACIOUS weekend....I'll be back....hahahahahahaSNORT....!!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

PS:  Remember my living room several weeks ago ....?  Well thanks to the rain this afternoon when I was NECK DEEP in projects outside, it doesn't look as tidy any more....!!

** sigh ** I pushed the dining table up against the lounge , placed a drop sheet on the floor & dragged EVERYTHING (almost) inside....!!

All items have been cleaned....Now I just need to finish, staining, sanding the odd rough edge, spraying with poly (metal items), waxing with bees wax, painting and then pricing....ALL except for that GINORMOUS tub I bought at the Market this morning....THAT's a KEEPER....hahahahahaha....!!

Now before I head off for some much needed R&R (reading all those YUMMY blogs I follow) I just wanted to say HI to Jacinta who left a note on my blog earlier....I REMEMBER you from Friars Town....Please email me at: as I'd like to catach up with you....!!

Cheers AGAIN,
Tamarah :o)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

HAPPY MONDAY Shabby Vintage Junkers EVERYWHERE....!!

Good Morning Friends....!!

I hope this note finds everyone relaxed following the weekend break....!! I'm afraid my 48 was quite hectic....So much so that I was too pooped to post last night falling into bed at 8.30pm....!

My reader is FULL of exciting posts from all my FAVE bloggers which I'm ITCHING to investigate alas, they will have to wait until I return home from work this evening.... ** sigh ** PESKY day job....hahahahaha....!

Speaking of work, yesterday was my day to share a stall with my Friend Lyn at the Market so I was up at 3am to get ready, get to the Market & unload & move my car to the vendor parking area in order to be out of Lyn's way when she arrived....!!  This was all said & done by 4.30am which meant I had several hours to run around shopping until I needed to be back at the stall to open up....Funnily enough, I didn't find ANY Treasures until almost 7.30am when I was heading back to the stall....!

Now this YUMMY perfectly chippy red metal fire hose cupboard was found on the side of the road on Saturday afternoon....It had RED BACK spiders all over the back of it.....yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....HATE those things....For my US readers, these spiders are thought to be related to the Black Widow & the female has a NASTY bite to contend with....

Mr SVJ is going to help me put a couple of shelves in this piece & of course it needs a GOOD clean & after a spray with poly it will look DELICIOUS....!!!

There she is....NASTY little BE-ATCH....!!!

Moving along....For your viewing pleasure are the smalls from the weekend....Aren't they PERTY....hahahahaha....  :o)

Sweet little Apprentice tool tray & red & white Willow tin....BOTH found on the side of the road....LOVE vintage Willow & haven't seen this particular pattern before & of course being RED I couldn't leave it behind....!

Galvanised BEAUTY....I've not seen a galvanised basin before so I was HAPPY to find this at the Market yesterday....And the gavalnised basket originally from Authurs Dairy, was found in the HR on Saturday....  :o) !!!

Sexy SEXY galvanised basin....

TO FREAKIN DIE FOR Florentine lamp base....I found one of these ten years ago at the Market so when I stumbled upon this one yesterday I was OVERJOYED....Now I have TWO in this shape & style....WOOHOO for me....hahahahaha....!!!

The patina on these two wood pieces makes my heart ACHE....Just SENBLOODYSATIONAL....They're old hat block pieces & will be GORGEOUS as display pieces at the upcoming Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza....!!

The spool is another AWESOME piece & is currently home to some very fine copper thread....LOVE the scone/bicky/donut cutter thing & the whisk & the hearth brush are VERY droolworthy....!!

Love love L-O-V-E this industrial light fitting....And the rope is for Mr SVJ to use in a new cat scratching post for those little vandals, Baxter & Harley who have RUINED their old one....!!

Well I must be off....The walk to the station awaits....!

I hope you all had a HAPPY & SAFE weekend & I look forward to catching up with your adventures tonight....!!!

Tamarah :o)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

WHY would you buy cheap CRAP manufactured overseas when Treasures like these abound on the kerb....???

Hello Everyone....!  I hope you're all having a splendid weekend....A SPECIAL G'DAY to all the lovely Junkers in the US celebrating the 4th July....I hope your holiday weekend has been happy & SAFE....!

Alas, I'm a little under the weather at the moment so I won't stay long....Just wanted to pop in & share my HR & Market finds....I hope you like them....!!

Narrow bathroom cabinet rescued from the HR....Just needs a new piece of ply in back, some wallpaper & a couple of shelves....TOO EASY....!

This is a blind roller rail from an old tram I found at the Market....The blind has long gone however, it'll make an AWESOME teatowel holder for the kitchen....!

DELICIOUS Axminister carpet....I scored this long narrow piece from the HR....PERFECT as a hall runner OR I could have it cut in half to make a couple of rugs....

Found five of these shabby rusty metal chairs on the kerb....A good clean & spray with poly & 'Bob's your uncle'....!
I'll cut a piece of wood to make a top for the little wrought iron piece at the bottom of the pic....GREAT bedside or small coffee table potential there....!

The wardrobe these mirrored doors came from was HUGE....Couldn't fit the thing in my van however, the doors were easier to work with.... :o)

Sweet old oak clock face, couple of garden tools, hardware & a NEAT old stapler....ALL from the HR....SCHWING....!!

BE STILL my rapidly beating heart....Babumpbabumpbabumpbabump....This galvanised bin is seriously SEXY HR junk & will now live in our loo holding loo rolls....!!!

I often find lamps in the HR but this one is a RIPPER....LOVE IT....!!!

Poly has long flown the coop but I'm sure I can find a use for this galvanised beauty....

Three pink glass 50's light fittings....!

GOBSMACKINGLY DIVINE cubby scored at the Market....It's the PERFECT green....PERFECTLY distressed....PERFECT size....PERFECTPERFECTPERFECT....!!!

VERY happy with my finds....Now I'm going to go have a look at yours....!

Tamarah :o)