Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Save The Date: A Final Reminder

Save The Date:  A Final Reminder

Just a quick reminder to all our wonderful Vintage Friends in Melbourne....

Lisa & I are in the process of finalising numbers for our fabulous Vintage Showcase being held Wednesday 28th November at 12noon.

We must emphasise this is an exclusive invitation only event which will not be open to the general public.

In order to attend on the day you need to have completed our online expression of interest form here at EmailMeForm . Tickets are $15, which includes a delicious High Tea.

Our fabulous event sponsors:

*** NB: Pictures are the property of individual sponsors. ***

….have generously donated product for our Gift Bags & delicious High Tea ensuring our Guests enjoy a wonderfully pampered vintage experience.

Lisa & I are incredibly excited about this venture and cannot wait to share our amazing Vintage Treasures with you in what promises to be an exciting, unique and beautiful setting!!!

For general vintage inquiries please contact:


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

200+ Pieces of Vintage Clothing & Accessories up for grabs....*** SOLD *** ....!

Hello Keepers Of The Past....!

While Lisa & I are working overtime to get ready for the Vintage Showcase, I'm clearing the decks here at home to make way for the latest shipment of Vintage Furniture & Homewares from the US....Over on Facebook I've just uploaded 45 x photos of my Vintage Clothing Collection (200+ pieces) which I'm selling in order to clear my office & make some room....!!

If you LOVE Vintage Clothing & would like to take advantage of a collection of items (clothing sized between 10 - 14....vintage sizing that is) & accessories....Head on over for a look....!!!!!

And don't forget if you're in Melbourne, Australia & would like to come to the Vintage Showcase don't forget to register....!!!!!

Cheers for now, Tamarah :o)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shabby Vintage Junk & Vintage Influence present....

Save The Date

ATTENTION Interior Designers, Stylists, Merchandisers, Retailers, & Vintage Enthusiasts……..

Shabby Vintage Junk and Vintage Influence have teamed up to host the fabulous Vintage Showcase just in time for Summer, featuring an amazing collection of Christmas, Furniture & Homewares on Wednesday 28th of November, from 12 – 3pm.

We are busy styling our new stock direct from the latest US & European shipments as well as those from our vintage vaults and private collections. Everything you see on the day will be for sale!

This opportunity is not to be missed as it is an exclusive invitation only event which will not be open to the general public.

The location & size of the venue means this will be an ‘intimate affair’ in Burwood / VIC - Australia (near Camberwell), and we are limited to 50 dedicated lovers of vintage, with our coveted goodie bags for the first 25 people. 

Register Now!
To be included in our ticket ballot, please complete our expression of interest form on our EmailMeForm . Tickets are $15, which includes a delicious high tea.   

For general Vintage related inquiries please contact Tamarah at shabbyvintagejunk@hotmail.com or Lisa at Vintageinfluence@gmail.c om

Monday, October 15, 2012

Do you LOVE Etsy like I LOVE Etsy....

Morning Treasure Hunters....!

I hope everyone's week's off to a FABULOUS start....!

I've been as busy as a bee & I was just sitting here preparing the Agenda for tomorrows Monthly Business Support Meeting when I thought I'd take a quick break & share my LOVE of Etsy with you....

Firstly though....Have you all heard about Etsy....?  If not you're in for a treat....

Etsy, was originally developed by it's founder Rob Kalin as an on-line market place for hand crafted wares & has evolved into a Vintage Lovers paradise....There's a GREAT interview here in the Wall Street Journal....!!

Anyways....On ANY given day for me, Etsy is THE GO TO place for vintage, inspiration & smiles....Yep....BEFORE eBay....BEFORE Pinterest....I log into Etsy, visit with my FAVE Sellers & wonder at the TALENT of Esty's Artisans....

As an Etsian myself, I LOVE being able to share my Treasures with a worldwide audience & ENJOY being able to express myself through my listings....!!!

A few other 'standouts' of the Etsy site I'd like to share with you....Etsians (Esty Shop Owners) spend a lot of time & put a lot of effort into their Shops....From their photography through to their Customer Service they run rings around MANY of your every day retail outlets....For both Customers & Etsians alike Etsy is EXTREMELY user friendly & there's an AMAZING SUPPORT SYSTEM in place for those who BUY & SELL....Webinars, newsletters, tools & so much more....!

Etsy is not an Auction site (YAYYYYYYY)....Our wares are offered at a set price & sit in our Shops waiting for the right Customer to come along & fall in love....Then it's simply a matter of the Customer proceeding through Checkout & paying for their item(s)....!!

I could go on & on but I'm probably a tad biased so I'll leave you to go & explore on your own....If you have any questions though PLEASE come back & ask in the comments section....I'm HAPPY to help & if I don't have the answer I'll find it for you....!!!!!

I would like to mention one more thing though before I go back to tomorrows Agenda Notes....While Etsy is a US based site, it's Etsians are from all over the world & although Australia has a considerably smaller number of Vintage Etsy Stores compared to other participating countries, our numbers are increasing regularly....I've included pics at the bottom of two of my FAVE Vintage Friends (Merchants) here in Melbourne who have recently opened Etsy Shops....The LOVELY Bec (former Vintage Girl) now of Little Flea Vintage & GORGEOUS Nicole (Glen Waverley Bazaar's Milkbar Vintage) at Washington Elephant....I know they'd be TICKLED PINK if you popped in & visited with them & saved them to your FAVOURITE list....!!

The TALENTED Bec from Little Flea Vintage

CLEVER Nicole from Washington Elephant (aka Milkbar Vintage)

Ok....Now I MUST get back to those notes....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

PS: I'll be back tomorrow with some EXCITING news so STAY TUNED....!!!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

This blog is all about ME....ME....ME....ME....M.E....!!!!!

Well actually....STRICTLY speaking that's not true AT ALL....

Hey Vintage Lovers EVERYWHERE....!

I've just returned from a buying trip & before I get back into the swing of things, I thought I'd take a moment to talk about my blog....WHY I blog & it's CONTENT....!

Why bother you might ask....Well it seems from feedback received, there are those of you who come here for INSPIRATION & are finding it somewhat disappointing that I don't seem to blog about anything other than my business, how much of a STRUGGLE it is as a small business owner to GROW my business & my obsession with my Filofax....

Well folks....Here it is from the horses mouth....Plain & simple....

The Shabby Vintage Junk blog is a BUSINESS based blog....It is NOT a blog about my personal life, my personal struggles, my personal beliefs....Be they those of a religious or political nature....!!!!!

The Shabby Vintage Junk blog is about my business, Shabby Vintage Junk....Stating the facts as I see them....The highs....The LOWS associated with running a small business....I will also discuss the financial 'issues', the time involved in running a small business & my BLOODY Filofax which I find to be an invaluable tool....!

If you are NOT interested in reading about these things....If you are ONLY interested in ZONING out for the few PRECIOUS MOMENTS you have to yourself each day....Visit PINTEREST & lose yourself there....!!!!!

The Shabby Vintage Junk blog is NOT fluff & pretty pictures....It is about what I do....My HOPES & DREAMS for MY business....It's NOT about what you want....YEP....I'm SELFISH like that....**wink**....That being said....If there are business related topics you would like to see me explore by all means, let me know & we might be able to work through the issue TOGETHER....!!

There are some areas within my business I consider off limits....Generally speaking these will be what I would consider work product i.e. WHERE I source a lot of my stock or specific information about the income derived from my business....That one's pretty much a no brainer though, I WILL let you know when times are TOUGH & discuss the ways in which I juggle finances to cover my overheads....!!!!!

There are times I may feel frustrated with aspects of my business....Theft, administration, keeping my business SEPARATE from my home etc....And I will use the Shabby Vintage Junk blog as a means to express my disappointments in these areas....Case in point below....

A GLUT of stock....Pay for extra storage until it's processed or risk 'shutting down' on a creative level because I can't cope with the chaos....??

I created the Shabby Vintage Junk blog as a means to reach out to LIKE MINDED people....If you are NOT a like minded person....You need to find yourself another blog to visit....While I enjoy the exchange of ideas derived through your comments I do not enjoy personal attacks made by small minded people who offer them under the guise of an Anonymous comment....A tact employed by Cyber Trolls who don't have the KOHUNAS to sign in under their own ID & leave their names....

For this reason, the Shabby Vintage Junk blog will no longer allow comments by Anonymous individuals....HOWEVER, if you do NOT have a blog & feel you would like to participate in the discussion, you are WELCOME to contact me at shabbyvintagejunk (at) hotmail (dot) com & I will include your comment....Provided of course you haven't contacted me to advise of your embarrassment that I'm posting content on my BUSINESS blog about my business....!!!!!

Well now that's out of the way I must FLY....Daylights a wasting & I have a MOUNTAIN of work to do....!!

Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy a FAB weekend filled with Treasures too NUMEROUS to count & laughter that makes your face & belly hurt....!!!!!

Tamarah  :o)