Sunday, June 13, 2010

My dirty DIRTY little secret....

Mr SVJ & I were having coffee earlier & he asked me what I had planned for the day....A dreamy smile came over my face as I told him I was going out into the Hard Rubbish for a few hours....The dreamy smile was gone in an instant however, when he stated in no uncertain terms, "No....I don't think so."

Mr SVJ then proceeded to berate me for the state of HIS shed advising me that it was time I stopped "dicking around" & actually work on some of the projects I've been stuffing in there....All during this lecture he referred to me by name & I KNOW when Mr SVJ actually calls me 'Tamarah' instead of 'bub' or 'boob'....Mr SVJ is REALLY ticked off....I daren't so much as TRY & raise a valid argument as to why my time would be better spent out in the field....Instead I followed him into the shed & helped drag out all this....STUFF....!

Projects....projects....FREAKIN projects....!

A LOT of cleaning....


Spraying with poly....

Sanding....BY HAND....


And by the end of all this....All THAT stuff needs to be neatly piled on my clean deck....

Ready to go to storage....

Only THEN will I be able to go out into the HR to find some MORE....!!  SO I've given myself until 2.30pm (it's 12.30pm now) to get it all done.  Then I can spend 2 hours out in the HR, come home for a run AND get cleaned up to go out for dinner & a movie....!!

Think I'm up for it....You'll have to pop back & see....!

Wish me luck....!!!!

Tamarah  :o)


  1. You mean that we are suppose to finish the projects that we already started before we take on others??? Say it isn't so!! LOL


  2. LOL! It's so much fun bringing it home isn't it? Not so much fun dealing with it after if it needs too much attention!
    Well, hope you get done so you can fill up that shed again! Good luck!

  3. oh - i would gladly take some of those things off your hands for you... if i lived closer of course!!

  4. Hey Tamarah.....

    knowing what you are like after our "brief encounter"..(that sounds funny lol!!)....

    I bet it is all done & dusted...!!!

    & you have since gotten on THAT TREADMILL to work off THAT bit of stress??~~~~

    xx andrea

  5. Hee hee - thats a lot of stuff!! I'd kindly offer to come and help, and rid you of some of these wonderful 'projects'! I think you need a bigger shed.

  6. Crikey Tamarah, you hid all that well when I popped over!! ooh weee though there are some beautiful goodies in there! Hope it went well and still got your HR in, the weekend wouldnt be complete without it. Ha! on the use of the full name comment, i can relate to that :0))