Sunday, May 30, 2010

Please sir....Can I have some more....????

Hours in my day that is....hahahaha....Mr SVJ & I have been flat out like lizards drinking this weekend finishing a number of projects that had been taking up VALUABLE living space....Those of you who have a hankering for rescuing & renovating furniture will have a clear picture in your head as to what I'm talking about....For the rest of you, picture a rectangular living space (kitchen, dining & lounge)....Now fill the centre section (dining area) in your minds eye....Go on....Stack away 'til it's yay high x yay wide....You'll know you've filled it just right if you CAN'T see the telly from the kitchen & you have to shimmy sideways with your breath held just to get've got it now....THAT'S what Mr SVJ & I have been working at 'fixing' & boy am I stuffed.... :o) !!

SO without further ado, in view of my 'knackedness' & need for slumber, please behold my Treasures from the Market early this morning....Makes all the hard work worth it....!!

You may remember last week I came home with a heap of paintbrushes....Well I found two more today & I'm just LOVING the YUMMY shapes....Oh & the crusty grey draw is ACE....SO WISH I had the REST of the unit this baby came from......

It's official....These two aluminium toches along with the one I scored yesterday makes THREE & that's the number you need for a collection....!!

** sigh **

** purrrrrrrrrrrrrr..... **

** drool ** ....hahahaha....The best thing about these is if they don't work, they can still serve a function....Small enough to take in your purse & fill with notes & coins, car key & lippy....Or just pile em in a bowl so you can gaze upon their 'yumminess'....!!

** insert HAPPY dance here ** LOVE that I found another bunch of small spoons for my jewellery making....I'll be able to work off some steam bashing the heck out of these....hahahahaha....!!

** BE STILL MY WILDLY BEATING HEART ** ....Nuff said....!

Well that's it for me....Before I go though, I'd love to share a FABULOUS giveaway my lovely friend Alicia is having over at Time Worn Style....If you haven't visited this blog before, do yourself a FAVOUR & pop by now....You never know, you might just be the lucky WINNER of this fabulous Ormolu Mirror....GOOD LUCK....!

Wherever you are....I hope your weekend was filled with peace & Treasures....!!

Tamarah :o)

Friday, May 28, 2010

And to think I just ducked out for some CURLY WILLOW....!

Hello fellow Junkers, Thrifters & Vintage enthusiates....I'm hoping this quick (word wise) post finds you waist deep in Treasures....!

I'm on the clock at the mo so won't stop for long....!  Although I'm working at home today, it hasn't been a complete JUNK FREE day thanks to a few quick stops on my way to the florist for some Curly Willow...!

Gorgeous creamware pottery piece & cloth measuring tape.

A handful of Vintage Christmas .... ** sigh ** & a couple of vintage word games....LOVE the black & white graphics....!

I have a real 'thang' for these sweet 60's coffee mugs from Japan....They have a LOVELY feel to them & the multitude of designs are YUMMY....!

This aluminium torch had me at....ALUMINIUM....hahahahaha....!

Love love LOVE this teapot engraved 1931....The patina is TO DIE FOR & I have 101 uses in mind for it....!!

Indeedy....TO DIE FOR....!

THRILLED to find a packet of felt sticky pads for furniture for 50c....We go through a LOT of these....!!

The sweet glass baby bottle will look DELICIOUS with an orchid resting inside....!!

LOVE the shape of this baby....!

And I ALWAYS pick up vintage glass bead necklaces....GREAT for jewellery making & display....!

I've been rubbing this teapot like a mad woman....I'm SURE there's a Genie inside....hahahaha....!

Hiding in the background is a GORGEOUS tin thermos....LOVE these too....!!

Well I must be off.....Mr SVJ & I are in FULL ON 'fix that HORRID back yard' mode today....With any luck I can post some pics tomorrow....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An unexpected TREASURE all the way from BONNIE DOON....!!

Monday to Friday sees me bolting from the house at 7.47am precisely for the brisk 15 minute walk to the station & today was no exception....I was stopped in my tracks briefly though this morning when I spied a little brown package poking out of our mail box....Having spoken with 'Bonnie Doon Wendy' yesterday, I KNEW what the package wedged inside contained even though the speed with which it arrived was quite UNEXPECTED....A smile as broad as the Cheshires lit my face as I plucked it out quick smart & raced to the corner to 'run the gauntlet'...Once safely across the busy road I tore into the package (still walking briskly at this stage) & plucked out a wee padded, tissue covered lump....I stopped for a moment holding my breath in anticipation as I peeled the layers away to reveal the SWEETEST little terrier ever....!!!

Squealing in delight I fumbled about in my satchel for my phone & dialled Wendy's number.....hahahahaha....Poor Wendy....I must have scared her half to death with my excited early morning squarkings....!!!

His name is Tom which stands for 'Terrier Of Mansfield', a large town near Bonnie Doon & my friend Wendy made him from a pattern she devised after looking at the banner pic of my vintage terriers....How CLEVER is that....!!  I think I've managed to convince her to make a bunch for my booth at the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza....They are SO ADORABLE I know they'll be a hit.....!!

He's sitting amongst the rest of the 'pack' on the mantle above our bed & he fits in PERFECTLY....!!!

Don't you love his little bow....There's a sweet tinkly bell on the other side....

And look at that sweet little nose & mouth....!!

His little head & tail are just ADORABLE....

And his little ear sticks up at JUST the right angle.

So much PRETTIER to look at than the drizzle out my office window don't you think...??!!

THANK YOU Wendy for my Tuesday morning Treasure....He made me smile EVERY time I looked at him....I'm STILL smiling now....!!

Wherever you are I HOPE you're having a GREAT week & had something WONDERFUL to smile about today....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

PS:  After ALL the excitement I STILL managed to make my train....!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

So much to do so LITTLE time....Thank Heavens for Treasures....!!

Lately in the back of my head I've had this little voice chanting Mad Hatter like, "Late, late, late, late, hurry, hurry....H-U-R-R-Y" over & over to the point of distraction....What with work, organising the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza, working on multiple pieces at once for my own space at the show, moving things in & out of storage....I've really been feeling like there just aren't enough hours in the day....Hence that annoying little voice in the back of my noggin rabbiting on like nobodies business....!!

That being said....It's funny how a trip to the Market & the delight & RELAXTION I find in the simplest of items can put everything back into perspective....For a while at least, the little voice receeded & I was able to put the paper bag away.....hahahahaha....

These paint brushes made me smile BIG TIME.....The patina on each is DIVINE & I'm LOVING these three unusual shaped brushes....!!

Mr SVJ laughed when he called me (he's away this weekend) & I told him I'd bought a whole heap of used paint brushes because I'm always moaning about how much I LOATHE painting....In my defence I paint a LOT, I use enamel paint & I'm so FUSSY it borders on OC....!!

This trolley has some 'issues' but I think I have some wood I can use to fill in the holes....!

SO MUCH work went into this tea cosy....Just couldn't resist it....The toilet roll holder is an OLDIE & came from the garage sale I went to on the way home from the Market....LOVE Sunday garage sales....  :o) !!

Love, love, LOVE vintage card boxes & these two, while a little tattered have been made using the most ADORABLE Christmas & floral cards.....** sigh **

And here's a yummy chippy stool that I got with the loo roll holder at the garage sale....!!

Well I'm 'on the clock' so I must fly....I'll be back this evening to catch up on all my fave blogs....Hopefully, that voice in the back of my head that has been creeping back as I typed will have slowed a little & give me a moment to enjoy some 'quiet' time again & a glass or TWO of wine.....hahahahahaha....!!

I hope wherever you are your weekend has been safe & filled with Shabby Vintage Junk....!!!

Tamarah :o)

Saturday morning 'Show & Tell'....!

I hope this quick post finds everyone enjoying the weekend....It's a little before midnight & I've just come in from the garage where I've been working on a number of projects for the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza....Needless to say I'm pooped AND I'm up again in a few hours to go to the Market....!!

Before I slip off to the Land of Nod though, I wanted to share my finds from this morning....!!

First up is this sweet vintage dress I picked up for a song....Alas, it doesn't fit but I couldn't resist it....!

Very sweet....Very simple....

With a KILLER vintage label....!

Oh & you know by now I can't resist a BEAUTIFULLY scuffed leather bag....I think THIS one will be the perfect bag for work....hahahahaha....

And last but by no means least is this little black metal box with it's sliding lid...LOVE the chippy patina....!


Well that's it for me....For now....I'll be back later tonight to show you my Treasures from the Market....And perhaps reveal a couple of the projects we've been working on.....!!!

Tamarah  :o)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Snip Snip Tick Tock....Lets run away to the Land Of Junk.....!!

Hello fellow Junkers, Vintage Hunters & Thrifters....I'm running behind with my Sunday Wrap Up this week which I'm sad to say is a bit 'light on' as my energies were devoted to sharing a stall with my friend Lyn at the Market over adding to my Treasures....!!

Of the three items I found out the Market, the yummy distressed leather suitcase you see below was a gift from another stall holder who gave it to me because the latches aren't working......hmmmmmm.....A problem I'm pretty sure I can remedy....!!

This GORGEOUS clock was a steal at $8.00.....Something rattling around inside but I'm sure I can remedy this too.....!

I LOVE these tailors scissors....They're old, heavy & HUGE....And the patina is TO DIE FOR.... ** sigh **

.....And I'm quite fond of the level of distress on this suitcase with the gold initials....!

As you see it was a LEAN day for Treasures but I'm OK with that....I enjoyed spending time with Lyn, catching up with regular vendors, friends & buyers....All of which helped take my mind off the fact I'd misplaced my mobile late Friday afternoon....I'm happy to say though it has since been located safe & sound under my chair at work....P-H-E-W....!!!

I'd like to say a BIG HELLO to the LOVELY Sue Carrol of Montreux Homewares at 545 High St, Prahran VIC who dropped by to say 'hi' yesterday....!

Sue confessed while she has been reading my blog, she has been unable to navigate her way around the blogisphere to leave a  comment.....hahahahaha....I told her if my technophobe mate Wendy from Bonnie Doon can work it out....I'm sure she'll 'get there' in the not too distant future....  :o) !

I met Sue in the late 90's when I was selling home made bath salts at the Market....Sue came by my stall & bought quite a few bottles & I LOVED that she told me from the 'get go' that she was buying for her store & she has been a FAVE ever since....!!

I HIGHLY recommend a visit to Montreux....Sue has an eye for blending eclectic vintage pieces with new & has a STUNNING range of both to choose from....I PROMISE a visit to this YUMMY store will have you marvelling at Sue's creativity & her vignettes will have you rethinking your own spaces....FAIR DINKUM....!!

On a completely different note, I'm thrilled to report the Vendor Information was sent out to prospective vendors last Thursday for the SVJ Extravaganza....!  The response has been AWESOME with half the spaces booked already....!!

Well I must away....I have a a number of emails to respond to etc & I need to catch up on some blog reading before I catch me some much needed Zzzzzzzzzzzz's.....!!!

Take care & have a GREAT week....!

Tamarah  :o)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Don't you wish the weekend was FIVE days & the working week TWO....???

I've been campaining for this for years & you'd think by now I would just give up & go with the flow....But NO....While there's breath in my lungs I will fight for the rights of Junkers & Vintage Treasure Hunters everywhere to enjoy a MINIMUM five day weekend broken with a 'recovery period' of 48 hours where they will engage in WORK....hahahahahaSNORT....Yes indeed....It's SUNDAY night & I'm doing my best to keep the clock from ticking....  :o) !!

Melodrama aside, it was another GREAT day for junk....I allowed myself a sleep in this morning of half hour & by the time I reached the Market the car park was full....I was worried I would miss out on the Treasures but I managed to find quite a few pieces which made for an interesting 'show & tell' when Mr SVJ & I met up for breaky....!!

The NINE items below are from the Market....The cane chair is from two houses up when the HR was in my street last year....!!

The sign is from the 1940's & came from a yacht club bar....LOVE the chippy green cubby & the black box made of wood is from WW2 & was used to store ammunition....The latch on this piece is AWESOME....!!

Also LOVE the black & white enamel No2....Our place is number 2 & I've cleaned & introduced it to 'poly' & now it's residing in Mr SVJ's office window....!!

The Colarado leather pouch was $2- & it's now holding my keys so they don't clatter around in my bag.

 Galvanised tub ** sigh **, demijohn (wine bottle housed in wicker holder) THANKS for that one Chania & new (to me) black leather messenger bag with SO MANY compartments I'm BESIDE myself ORGANISATIONAL wise....hahahahaha....!!!

The MOTHER of all vintage glass jars....This beauty is almost 2ft tall & was a STEAL....!!!

I left the Market early as I had a HEAP of stuff to clean AND my buddy Wendy from Bonnie Doon had torn herself away from the land of 'serenity' for the weekend & was in Melbourne....As she was popping in for a quick visit I had to have EVERYTHING ready for 'show & tell'....!!

Afterwards I headed out in to the HR....I didn't have as much luck as yesterday so took a few minutes to walk over the road to the beach.

** sigh ** I don't often wish I lived near the beach however, this afternoon I WISH I lived in one of the homes across the road....I wonder if the home owners appreciate the sound of the waves breaking on the beach & the smell of the salt in the air....Or are they working so hard to maintain their lifestyles that they don't get to enjoy these simple plaeasures....??

I found this GREAT industrial desk....The lovely man who helped carry it to my car said they had had it in the family for 35 years....It's as HEAVY as & I had to get my screwdriver out to undo the drawer unit that fits in between the wrought iron on the left side....!!

The black office chair also from the 70's was a LUCKY find a few streets from where I found the desk....They go together PERFECTLY....!!

A singer foot peddle & two tin dust pans.

I have TWO of these black office chairs now....Just need four more to go around the trestle table Mr SVJ is converting into our dining table that I found in front of the Scout Hall yesterday....!!

The drawer unit sits across these bars....I may have the iron pieces removed or leave as is....hmmmmmm....??

Well that it's for me....I have a HEAP of work still to do for the SVJ Extravaganza & then I need to catch up with my FAVE blogs....!

I hope everyone had a BRILLIANT weekend....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)