Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thrifted Treasures on a rainy day when I SHOULD be otherwise occupied....!!

Happy Saturday Everyone....!

Before I begin my Saturday Finds post I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for all your messages of encouragement & enthusiasm for my Junk....I can't tell you how it makes me SMILE to have you drop in & say HI....It really has been such a THRILL for me to find a community of like minded people & I'm looking forward to sharing many more junkin' adventures with you....As a matter of fact, Mr SVJ has a digital video camera & I have plans to show you some VERY interesting....STUFF....hahahahaha....!!

Well it was a wet old day here in Melbourne & I spent the majority of it on the road looking for Treasures....Mind you....When I left the house this morning, I was JUST going to 'do' the op-shops in my local shopping strip & head back home to tackle all the washing of junk, fixing of junk & storing away of junk that I'm behind on....However, as my deck outside which is the ONLY place I can carry out MOST of these activities is UNCOVERED, when it started raining cats & dogs I was provided with the PERFECT excuse to continue on with my Thrifting Adventures....hahahahaha....!

Behold my bounty.....Remember you can click on my pics to make them bigger....  :o)

GORGEOUS linen poinsetta teatowel & crocheted trim....$1.50 for the pair....!

1960's childrens book illustrated by Kazue Mizumura....$1.00  GORGEOUS vintage icecream scoop & butter curler....$1.50 for the two.

Milton Bradley bingo game....$1.50....BINGO....!!  Sweet leather 1940's-50's purse which I don't think has ever been used....$1.00

6 x sweet travelling fold up coat hangers....$1.00 & Cotton Witchery top NEVER worn & originally $39.95 for just $5.99....SCHAWING....Oh & see that THICK & THIRSTY Sheridan towel underneath with NO SIGN of wear....A TINY $2.00....WOOHOO....!

2 x sweet white teapots....One each for Mr SVJ & I for afternoon tea on a Sunday out on the deck....One is VERY FAINTLY stamped MADE IN FRANCE & has an imprint of a number....The other has just a FAINT imprint of the number....$3.00 each.... ** Happy Dance **

And another vintage childrens book from the 60's....!

Well that's it for me TODAY....I'll be back tomorrow with the Sunday Wrap Up....I have my fingers & toes crossed the HR gods are smiling down on me....HEAVEN knows where I'm going to put any more stuff....Maybe I should be wishing the STORAGE GODS were smiling down on me....hahahahahahaSNORT....!!

Wherever you are, I hope your weekend has been enjoyable thus far....!!!

Tamarah :o)


  1. Hi Tamarah:) AWESOME haul!! I love it all but the icecream scoop and butter scraper are my faves! Fabulous op shops (and cheap!!). Hmmm I feel a visit to Melbourne coming on :O Hope you are keeping dry and warm. Thanks for sharing your treasures ~ Tina xx

  2. I'm just waking up here in the US and it was great to read about your fabulous finds today. I will be heading out shortly and hope to share my find with you as well. Have great day in Melbourne!~Elisa

  3. More gorgeous finds Tamarah!! Love the icecream scoop - my mum still has one like that. I've never seen one of the butter scrapers before - awesome!! Hope the rain has settled. My fingers are crossed for the storage gods for you :)

  4. Great finds tamarah. Love the childrens books
    Lets hope the rain eases up a bit. We have a family get together tomorrow in Thornbury in a small house. There will be 14 adults and 4 kids... I am hoping for clear skies

  5. Sorry to hear it is raining in Melbourne. It sounds like you made the best of your day with your new treasures though. I hope you enjoying them!
    I hope the sun comes out agian soon for you!
    Have a great rest of the weekend!

  6. Tamarah dear, you certainly pick up some great things. I love to two teapots and the childrens books. Hope that the HR is in abundance and that there are plenty of photos to keep me happy.
    Very, cold and foggy up here this morning, definately inside weather.
    Happy HRing
    Bonnie Doon Wendy

  7. Congratulations on the new little girl! Always fun to see what treasures you bring home. I'm with you on the storage gods, clean them up then where to put them all?! Do you have goo gone over there? Don't know what I'd do without it here.

  8. Well, you did alright for a rainy day! Love the bingo game and that butter thingee! I'm falling behind on cleaning up and putting away my treasures too...more fun finding them!