Friday, July 29, 2011

The BEST $25.00 I EVER spent at The Vintage Shed WITH Vintage Girl....!

Hey Keepers Of The Past near & Far....!

As always....I hope you're all well....!!  My week has sped by in a BLUR once again with two deadlines taking priority over most everything else so it's appropro that this post (due yesterday) is BEHIND....Oh well....As they say in the classics, "Better late than NEVER"....!!

One of my FAVE US Bloggers, the ever GORGEOUS Jane over at Mamie Jane's is FOREVER posting 'before & afters' of what I reckon are some of the most INSPIRING uses of junk around....If you LOVE a blog that gives you are GREAT read along with SWOON worthy pics....Do yourself a favour & pop over....Trust me....You won't regret it....!!!!

Anyways....I thought, I'd follow Jane's BRILLIANT example & post my own little B&A Project & as Thursday is the day I go out to The Vintage Shed to restock & foof & I'm running BEHIND with everything & DON'T have any pics from my time there yesterday, I'm provided with the PERFECT opportunity to share this with you....!!

I spied this tray when I visited with Simone & Bec at Vintage Girl....I suspect it may have come from a Post Office or some other government building originally....I LOVE it's utilitarian nature, colour, patina & the fact that it was a TEENY TINY $25.00 had me running to the counter to pay for it....!

I had a plan for it the MOMENT I spied it....I was going to stand it on it's end & rest it up against the wall in my office & use it to stack all the little boxes I have in there that I keep all my jewelery bits & what have you in....

Isn't it YUMMY....!!
SO YUMMY I thought I'd show you TWICE....hahahahaha....
But as soon as I arrived home & had cause to open THIS horrid drawer, I promptly CHANGED my mind & used this WONDERFUL piece to bring order to the chaos that has reined supreme in this drawer since we moved in 4 1/2 years ago....!!!!!
Too FREAKIN' easy....!

Well Friends I must fly, as the weekend is on our doorsteps....I wish you HAPPY HUNTING....!!!

Oh....Before I nick off though I'd just like to make note that I haven't been able to come back to you all as yet re your comments on my last couple of posts however, I do hope to rectify this tomorrow night & come pay you a visit & see what you've been up to....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I've said it BEFORE & no doubt will say it again & AGAIN....My GORGEOUS Friend Sue from Montreux does FREAKIN' SEXY JUNK....!!!!!

Hello Lovers of Vintage EVERYWHERE....!

I've just returned home after visiting my Friend Sue from Montreux AWESOME Vintage Retail 'Pop Up' event at 23 Grattan Street, Prahran & man oh man I am seriously GOBSMACKED....!!!!!  Talk about WICKEDLY SEXY industrial H-E-A-V-E-N....**SERIOUSLY long drawn out sigh**....!!!!!

Sue's DROP DEAD GORGEOUS warehouse space in Prahran is the venue for this FIRST time event which is SO appropro with it's exposed brickwork, peeling plaster, worn cement & AWESOME light....!

Unfortunately I'm SERIOUSLY 'on the fly' at the moment getting ready for my weekly trek to The Vintage Shed so I can't stay around & walk you through my pics so I'll leave you with a few choice 'Tamarahisms' which I'm sure will give you a reasonable idea as to how much I enjoyed my time there this morning....!!!!

NB:  I took a GREAT many pics which unfortunately didn't turn out....They were quite blurry as if something was moving & I can only put it down to the fact I must have been SHAKING in EXCITEMENT....!!!!!

Inspirationally MAGICAL 
GLORIOUS Industrial Chic 
SHUT UP....!!!!! 
Walk this way....If your HEART can bear it....! 
Palpitatingly DIVINE 
PULSATINGLY Breathtaking 
Seriously FREAKIN' SEXY 
I nearly TEARED up when I spied this stack of cowhide cushions as I was INSTANTLY transported back to my SECOND home in Texas....!!!!! 

Sue my Friend....You ROCK....!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Vintage Girl ROCKS at The Vintage Shed....!

Hello Vintage Treasure Hunters....!

It's Saturday morning here in Melbourne & I'm EXCITED....I LOVE the start of the weekend....Mind you, I have a STACK of cleaning & repairing to take care of for the Market tomorrow out on the back deck so I'm homebound until at least NOON but come 12....I'm out the door into the Hard Rubbish like nobodies business....WOOHOO....!!

Before I get a start on the days work though I wanted to introduce you to a couple of my Vintage Shed mates....Simone & Bec's (aka Vintage Girl) space would have to be my ABSOLUTE FAVE (next to mine of course **wink**) space at the Shed & I LOVE visiting with them on Thursdays when we're all restocking....!!!!!

The Treasures they come up with each week sourced far & wide blow me away & I'm in AWE of the transformation their space undergoes EVERY week as Bec breaks it all down & builds it back up again for a TOTALLY fresh look....As there's is a DOUBLE space this is no small undertaking....!!

The Vintage Girl blog provides it's readers an opportunity to purchase items BEFORE they head off to The Vintage Shed & I'm sure after viewing the pics below you'll be heading over there to add them to your reading list so you can keep an eye on the Treasures as they unearth them....!!

I LOVE the quirky, colourful nature of the Vintage Girl space.... 
I have a real thing for these little mirrored cabinets & was seriously eyeing this piece off....hmmmmm.... 
And there's Bec hard at it.... 
Milk bottles, trophies, spools & Aussie flags (PRE made in bloody China....!!!) waiting for new homes.... 
I LOVED this tray, thermoses & the large wooden spool....These spools are GREAT display pieces & make the BEST stands....!!!!! 
**sigh**....Milk bottles & signs are my FAVE.... 
Just had to show you this bunny tray close up....How GORGEOUS is that....!! 
Something for EVERYONE.... 
Instant collections....  :o) !! 
I hope you enjoyed these pics from Vintage Girl space at The Vintage Shed....One of the things I really ENJOY about this business is the clever & creative people I come into contact with & the GORGEOUS Simone & Bec are without exception two of the most CLEVER & CREATIVE young women I've had the pleasure of meeting this year....Both have young families yet manage to devote a large portion of their free time to their business & are genuinely open & Friendly individuals....I hope you take a moment to pop over to the Vintage Girl blog to say hello.....I know they'd LOVE to hear from you....!

Now I gotta fly....Before I head off though....Don't forget all you Melbourne guys....If you've been considering adding a feline Friend to your Family, little Hartley needs a home as per my post below....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)
Hartley - 4 months & ADORABLE....!!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can anyone in Melbourne help little Hartley....He needs a home & family of his very own....!!!!!

Dear Friends....!

A while ago Mr SVJ & I made the decision to open our homes on a temporary basis to abandoned kittens & contacted the FABULOUS organisation, Homeless Hounds here in Melbourne....!

We decided on kittens as we felt they would have a BETTER chance of being adopted than older cats & it would break my heart to know an animal I'd fostered were put down because no-one wanted an older animal....We also had to consider the impact on our own 'kids' Baxter 13 & Harley 11....!

We didn't have to wait long....As a matter of fact, several days after signing up we received a call that a 3 month old male had been flown in from Mildura....Well....You didn't have to ask us twice....Mr SVJ popped up to the Stupidmarket, grabbed some extra kitty litter, another tray & kitten food & we went & picked the little fellow up....That was FOUR weeks ago today....!

We named him Hartley because of the heart shaped mark on his little nose & after two weeks in quarantine (laundry) away from our babes so they could get used to the new 'smell', he's pretty much had the run of the house since....And it would seem our OWN hearts....!

We would DEARLY LOVE to keep him but that is NOT why we decided to foster kittens....As much as it will sadden us when he leaves, we need to be able to have a place for OTHER unwanted kittens to come to so they too have a fighting chance at placement....!

Little Hartley is four months old....He's a CHEERFUL, PLAYFUL soul but also LOVES to sit & be cuddled....He will set you back a TINY $160- which is to cover his desexing, vaccinating & microchipping....!

If you are interested in meeting Hartley, please email me your phone number at shabbyvintagejunk@hotmail ....Please ALSO leave BOTH your name & blog name (if you have one) so I know who I'm dealing with....!!

*** NB: I've closed comments on this post so those of you in Melbourne who are interested in providing a new home for Hartley will need to email me directly....!!!!! ***

Tamarah  :o)

The FIRST Shabby Vintage Junk at The Vintage Shed Giveaway & WEEKLY Special Offer....!

Hey Thrifty Friends....!

How are you all going....?  Has your week been a productive one or have you found yourself wearing the Mad Hatter's hat like me, running about like a nutter looking at your watch every 2 minutes wondering WHY you don't seem to be getting through your lists....??  If you answered yes to the latter I can relate however, following a nice relaxing drive down to The Vintage Shed at Tyabb this morning to visit my space where I restocked & foofed, I came back relaxed, inspired & ready to tackle a HEAP of projects....Maybe that's just what you need....A visit to The Vintage Shed....Nice SEGUE no....***wink***....hahahahaha....!

For those of you who DO make the trip down to Tyabb, I would LOVE to spread some BLOG LOVE & say THANKS with a weekly GIVEAWAY & Special Offer....!

Now you DON'T have to be a Follower, all you need to do is read this blog & let the WONDERFUL Ladies at the front desk know by saying, "I read Tamarah's blog" & leave your name so I can post my THANKS....Too easy hey....?

OK....So this week commencing tomorrow Friday 22nd July when The Vintage Shed opens for business at 10am, the first person who goes to the desk & announces they read my blog will win a picture frame blackboard valued at $22.00.

Anyone who reads my blog who visits the Vintage Shed over the next week will also be entitled to a 10% discount on ANY blackboard in my space....*** This discount ONLY applies to blackboards & does not include any other items.***

NB: This offer is ONLY open to those of you who read this blog & who are able to visit The Vintage Shed from tomorrow, Friday 22nd July to Thursday 28th July....Alas, this offer is NOT open to any of the GORGEOUS Vintage Shed guys who read my blog....!!

My space today after a little 'foofin'....  :o) !
This is one of my picture frame blackboards & I've left one at the front desk for one of you....!!!!!
I added some YUMMY milk bottles today all the way from the US....KILLER graphics....They make WONDERFUL vases....!!!!! 
I have some GREAT news re my metal ladder shelves....I've found another ladder so some time over weekend, Mr SVJ & I will make some shelves in readiness to install it in my space & I'll add a price tag to this one next Thursday....! 
And I'm parting with SOME of my cigar boxes....I have a STACK of these in my office as they make very HANDY storage....The graphics are TO DIE FOR....!

Remember when my LOVELY Friend Sue from Montreux blogged about her collection of cigar boxes....?
I snuck over to Sue's just now & NICKED this pic....
And this one too....!!

With the FIVE boxes I have on offer at The Vintage Shed, you'd be WELL on your way to a collection to rival Sue's YUMMY stack....hahahahaha....!!

Ok I must away....I'm painting my fridge....  :o) !!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

Monday, July 18, 2011

A very SWEET reminder as to WHY I do some of the things I do....!!

Hello Seekers of the Past....!

I trust this post finds your week off to a FANTASTIC start....As always, I'm running around like a headless chook but have stopped for a sec to share a little something with you that made me smile out loud on the weekend....!!

On Sundays when I do the Market, my day starts shortly after 3am to the sound of 'angry crickets'....(Iphone alarm sound)....More often than not, as Saturdays are pretty much the BUSIEST day of the week for me I don't get into bed until around 12-1am so after two hours sleep I'm not really at my best....Anyways....At the sound of the aggro crickets, I awake disoriented....Hardly knowing who I am let alone what day it is....Bones & muscles aching from hauling furniture about the day before & at the back of my very FOGGY mind swirls the question....WHY....??.

After I've unloaded my van at the Market & moved it over into the vendor car park I run around for a couple of hours searching for a Treasure....Just one....One little thing to reward myself for the effort....Sometimes I find something though, there are some Sundays where I don't find a single thing & as I stand at my stall working very hard at selling my junk, the question of WHY returns....

If I'm very LUCKY, one of my GORGEOUSLY creative Customers will come by & remind me EXACTLY why I do what I do....Case in point....The LOVELY Lara Cameron from Kirin Notebook Blog stopped by & purchased a little 1950's stool from me & showed me a pic of the last piece she'd bought from my stall a few weeks back....It was a sweet set of 1960's plastic drink cups in a tarnished wire stand which she had CLEVERLY transformed into a MAGIC succulent garden....!!!!!

I can't tell you how this ONE interaction on Sunday warmed my heart....It literally validated the WHOLE day for me....The pic below was taken by Lara herself who often blogs about the transformation of her Treasures....Please be sure & pop in for a visit as this is one very CLEVER & INSPIRATIONAL 'Keeper Of The Past'....!

** sigh **

Well Friends I must fly....I need to unload the van & get back out on the road....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Vintage Shed - Tyabb....There's NO place like home....There's NO place like home....!!

Hey Fellow Gleaners....!

Can you believe it's THURSDAY night already....??  I hope everyone's had an AWESOME week....!!  Personally speaking though....I can't help but wonder where in the heck my week's gone....I KNOW I've been busy but if I were to actually sit down & write my accomplishments down on paper....I wouldn't have much to show for my time....!!

At LEAST I have evidence of what I got up to today....Yes indeed....As PROMISED, the pics below are of my new space at The Vintage Shed in Tyabb.  Today I went out to tidy up & add some new stock & I'm THRILLED to say I've had some sales....As a matter of fact, Sportsgirl were out there before I arrived & bought ALL of my YUMMY clocks....WOOHOO....!!

Mr SVJ & I are going back out on Saturday to hang some picture hooks high up on the brick wall....I'll also be taking out some soft furnishings to soften up the look....!! 
OK....This pic begins a 360 degree view of my space....Love....LOVE....L-O-V-E this shelf ladder....Not CURRENTLY for sale though....As soon as I have a 'back up' I'll pop a price tag on it....  :o) !! 
I've decided to do a COMPLETE redo here at Casa De SVJ so several KEY pieces have found their way into my space....My YUMMY French door being one piece....**sigh**.... 
And my GORGEOUS green wardrobe.... 
BEAUTIFUL Poultry Farm sign....AND my three HUGE green glass bottles as well as the AWESOME Examination table Mr SVJ converted into a console table for me....I really....REALLY miss these pieces....!!!!! 
The pieces you'll find in my space are made from materials I enjoy the MOST....Galvanised pieces, gently rusted ironwork, glass & wood feature predominantly throughout....And although my style may be considered quite masculine in texture & tone, the individual pieces I gravitate towards can be incorporated into any of the more feminine, pretty interior design styles....! 
I've even thinned out my enamel breadbin collection....I REALLY don't need FIVE of these beauties....Though....If they don't sell in a month or so I may re-evaluate that one....hahahahaha.... 
LOVE me a blackboard.... 
Or TEN....hahahahaha....I recently found a number of ply picture frame backings from the 40's & turned them into mini blackboards....While each is for sale, they're a GREAT way to get my message across....
Say it LOUD....Say it PROUD....  :o) !! 
I really....REALLY do miss my door....  :o( !!!!! 
I SO could have kept my chippy white mailbox....hmmmmm....Maybe I'll set a 'sell by' date for this piece too....hahahahaha.... 
There you go....Some roses....:o) !!

Now NEXT week I'll show you around the place & introduce you to my fellow Shed mates....I'll also tell you about a FUN 'SVJ at The Vintage Shed' giveaway & announce my FIRST weekly discount open to ALL my Readers (Followers) who visit The Vintage Shed....!!

Well I must fly....My Reader as ALWAYS is overflowing with all your FABULOUS posts so I need to get busy....First off though....I just need to stop by the fridge & grab a top up....Composing Posts is THIRSTY work....hahahahaha....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)