Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Dear Vintage Friends,

I don't have any pretty pics for you today as I'm addressing an issue which is of concern to me....!

There are two types of Anonymous Comments....Those left by Readers who do not have blogs & those left by those who have blogs or websites however, choose to keep their identity to themselves.

Recently I've received two comments I suspect are from the latter group....I've removed these comments & am addressing their removal publicly as I'm unable to contact the individuals directly....!

Regardless of whether you have a blog or not you're WELCOME to leave comments....You're also ENTITLED to your opinion & to disagree with anything I've done concerning my business, Shabby Vintage Junk or posted here on my blog....

I ask though, if you find yourself sufficiently motivated to leave a comment containing 'advice' you afford me the courtesy of a right of reply & back your words by signing your name to your comment AND, if you are not known to me personally, a means of contacting you directly.

Otherwise, I'm sure I could be forgiven for surmising your 'advice' combined with your 'left of center' compliments are less than honorably motivated.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

THANK you....!!!!!

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who attended the opening of the SVJ Shop & US Shipment Preview yesterday....I really cant explain to you how much your support & encouragement of my crazy ideas business endeavours means to me....!!!!!

My iPhone started chirping message alerts to me from 7am with best wishes from Ryn & Allen in the UK which made me feel quite SPECIAL & went a long way to soothing the heartburn I'd been experiencing for a good 24 hours prior....Who needs Mylanta when you have such WONDERFUL caring Friends....!!!!!

There were a few hiccups....My 'helper'/keeper of the $$float/photographer came down with a nasty tummy bug the night before leaving me on my own for the day, short of funds & having to take my own pics, then the main door was opened at 9.43am to allow early entry to visitors which as you know if you've ever been to an SVJ organised event is NOT ON....

This left me having to stop what I was doing to ask people to leave the area until 10am to make it fair for others planing their arrival for the designated start time & allow me to complete the tasks I was behind on due to being short handed....And of course....Because I was running around playing security, I didn't have time to upload my pics onto my laptop to check the quality which leaves me with only a handful of blurry pics to show you....And anyone who knows me ONE IOTA, KNOWS I'd rather not post if I don't have a decent pic....

**sigh**....I draw some comfort in the belief there's an alternate universe where the Sheldon's & Tamarah's of this world are completely in control of their environment leaving the day hiccup FREE & ensuring alternate Tamarah was able to post CRYSTAL CLEAR pics on her blog....hahahaha....

Unfortunately, when 5pm arrived & I shut up shop for the day, I left my ticket book behind so the prizes haven't been drawn as yet....I'll be back on deck at 10am today to open the shop, take some BETTER pics & draw the lucky winners....All going well, Ill pop back this evening with an update....AND CLEARER pics....!!!!!

Before I go I'd like to offer my CONGRATULATIONS to Daniel & his wife at the birth of their little one on Wednesday evening & to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to Shane for ensuring the coffee lounge was open for business as usual for our Customers to enjoy a coffee break....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Whoda Thunk 850+ Treasures would take so long to....ORGANISE....!!

Hey Treasure Seekers....!

As ALWAYS, my OCD ways had me running MADLY behind but thanks to a MOUNTAIN of help from my LOVELY Friend Lisa from Vintage Influence, we were able to incorporate over 850 Treasures into the Shabby Vintage Junk Shop today in readiness for tomorrow's Grand Opening & US Shipment Preview....All I can say is THANK HEAVENS for pigeon holes....hahahahaha....!!!!!

If I don't say so myself....The Shop looks AWESOME....Absolutely FILLED to the brim with Vintage Furniture, Homewares & WHYMISICAL Treasures selected by yours truly just waiting to tempt you when you visit tomorrow....**wink**....

Now just to remind ya'll....!!!!!

Payment Options - The Shabby Vintage Junk shop is an independent endeavour separate from the Waverley Antiques & Collectables Bazaar & as per an Extravaganza, payment is required to be made directly to myself. Due to the fees involved with credit card & Eftpos facilities, I am only able to accept cash payment however, for purchases over & above $150.00 I may be able to issue a Paypal invoice....You will need an iPhone or compatible smart phone to participate. ** Receipts will be issued for each purchase.**

SVJ Shop Discount Policy - A 10% discount is valid for cash purchases over & above $50.00 ONLY at the Shabby Vintage Junk Shop.

Lucky Door Prizes - Tickets will be given to all my wonderful Customers visiting tomorrow (14.06.12) for the opportunity to win FIVE YUMMY TREASURES....Tickets will be drawn throughout the day....If I'm tracking OK tomorrow morning I'll post a pic of the Treasures on offer....!!

Sweet Dreams....Tamarah  :o)

PS:  Not sure WHY the LUCKY DOOR PRIZE text is tiny....And I'm too POOPED to try & figure it out....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sometimes you just have to....RELAX....!!

....But with just TWO SLEEPS TO GO before the Shabby Vintage Junk Shop Official Opening & US shipment Preview, I don't think there's much chance I'll be kicking back like this little cutie any time soon....!!

Today I moved as much of the US stock as I could into my store room at Waverley Antiques & Collectibles Bazaar & tomorrow morning the partitions will go back across the door way & the Shop will be closed while I move the stock in place for Thursday....!!!

All going well, I'll be done by 5pm & won't have to stay back....Fingers crossed....!!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has emailed, called & verbalised your RSVP's....This has been VERY helpful & I'm sure we're all ready to cater to most every need....!!

For those of you attending Thursday, there will be prizes drawn throughout the day....Tickets will given to those visiting the SVJ Shop but I'll talk more about that tomorrow....!!!!!

** I found this pic on Pinterest when I search on 'kittens'....Alas, I'm blogging via my iPad & don't have a linky thing to send you off to it....I giggle like an idiot EVERY time I look at it....I hope it puts a smile on your face too....!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Can anyone HELP me identify my SEXY Pottery Lamp....Bitossi....??

I should be FIVE SOMEWHERE ELSES....But with the opening of the Shabby Vintage Junk Shop next Thursday I'm finding ways to deal with the stress shirk my duties & find myself fixating on....OTHER things....!!

Take this STUNNING green pottery lamp for example....I found it a few weeks ago & it's been standing about in the living area ever since....Well with everything going on at the moment, TODAY is the day my mind's decided to FIXATE on it & I've just spent the last two hours trying to identify it....I mean....I'm pretty sure it's a Bitossi but I've not seen this particular colour & design before & need to know so I can....Get out of bed get some bloody work done....!!!!!

It's a WHOPPER standing well over 1 1/2 ft tall.... 
Deep impressed design which I thought might be the 'Spagnola' pattern this fellow was talking about over at the retropolitan blog but I wasn't able to locate any further info after that... 
The AWESOME green colour is TO DIE FOR.... 
And I LOVE the uneven texture of both the pottery & the glaze.... 
I found some info here re Bitossi markings but I was confused as I'm pretty sure there's no 'B' in Italy & I don't think this relates to the 'B' noted here....
Gorgeous....GORGEOUS GREEN.... 
And although I've always enjoyed the rimini blue pieces....This piece has grown on me....ESPECIALLY so this morning it would seem....!!!!! 

If you're able to help me identify this BEAUTY I'd really appreciate it....I'll OWE you big time for sure....!!!

Now don't forget....If you're coming to the Grand Opening of the SVJ Shop at Waverley Antiques & Collectibles Bazaar on the 14th to drop me a line at so we can make sure we have sufficient helpers, staff, coffee & food on hand to accommodate you....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

Monday, June 4, 2012

The SHABBY VINTAGE JUNK Shop GRAND Opening & US Shipment Preview

Dear Vintage Friends, Seekers & Keepers of the Past, Treasure Hunters & Thrifters alike,

I would very much like to extend to you an invitation to join me at the GRAND opening of the Shabby Vintage Junk shop at the Waverley Antiques & Collectibles Bazaar on the 14th June....!!

I've just received a shipment of Vintage Treasures from the US & have been working hard to create a wonderful space within the center to showcase them....!! I'd LOVE for you to come by & let me know what you think....You may even find a Treasure or two....**wink**....!!!!!

After you've visited with me, there are several spaces I'd like to share with you which are my ABSOLUTE FAVES & I'm sure will tickle your vintage fancies....Then....Well there are 180 spaces in total so I'll leave that up to you....!!

When - Thursday 14th June 2012

What Time - Grand Opening of the SVJ Shop is 10am (Sorry....NO pre sales....!!)
NB: Center hours are 10am - 5pm (7 days a week).

Where - Waverley Antiques & Collectibles Bazaar, 11a Aristoc Road Glen Waverley
NB: The Center is housed in a factory complex situated off Aristoc Road.

SVJ Shop Discount Policy - A 10% discount is valid for cash purchases over & above $50.00 ONLY at the Shabby Vintage Junk Shop.

Payment Options - The Shabby Vintage Junk shop is an independent endeavour separate from the Waverley Antiques & Collectables Bazaar & as per an Extravaganza, payment is required to be made directly to myself. Due to the fees involved with credit card & Eftpos facilities, I am only able to accept cash payment however, for purchases over & above $150.00 I may be able to issue a Paypal invoice....You will need an iPhone or compatible smart phone to participate. ** Receipts will be issued for each purchase.**

NB: In regards to any other Treasures you find at one of the 180 stalls at the Center, payment can be made at the front desk via cash, credit card or Eftpos.

Parking - Ample FREE parking for our Customers is available adjacent to the Center & beside one of the adjoining businesses.

Wheelchairs & Prams - The Center has ramp access & Mums & Dads with prams are welcome however, it is recommended prams NOT be taken into stalls to avoid breakages & allow other visitors to move about freely.

Shane's Coffee Cart - An important part of any Treasure Hunting expedition is the opportunity to sit with Friends & enjoy a cuppa for a bit of 'show & tell'....The coffee lounge housed within the center is the place to do just this & the coffee is TO DIE FOR....!!! There are also YUMMY muffins, cakes & cookies to tempt you....!!

Amenities - There are public toilets available on the premises for our Customers.

Entry Fee - Free....FREE....F-R-E-E....My FAVE four letter word....!!!!!

RSVP - In order for everything to run smoothly on the day & to ensure sufficient SVJ Shop helpers & staff are on hand to accommodate you & to help Shane's Coffee Cart prepare for the hungry hordes, please let me know via a quick email that you're coming: .

And lastly....Don't forget to pop back here to catch IMPORTANT updates prior to the BIG DAY....!!

I look forward to seeing you on the 14th June....!!!!!

Shabby Vintage Junk

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Shabby Vintage Junk Shop will be open Thursday 14th June....!!!!!

Morning Vintage Friends....!

Once again I find myself at home on a Saturday morning KNOWING there's a whole lot of Treasure Hunting going on all around Melbourne without me but that's OK....I'm at the POINTY END of getting my US shipment of vintage goodies ready for sale & need to remain focused on the task at hand....!!

Mr SVJ put the dividing wall up in the Shabby Vintage Junk Shop at the Glen Waverley Bazaar late yesterday arvo & this morning we'll be back to put up the ply sheets & finish painting....And then....It's DONE....!!!!!

I'll spend the next week fitting the space out with the larger pieces I'll be using to display my Treasures to get ready for the GRAND OPENING of the SVJ Shop come 10am Thursday 14th June....I'll be posting all of the details here over the next few days so be sure & pop back....!!!!!

In the mean time....I wanted to let you in on a little secret....Though I'm SURE it will come as no surprise to those of you who know me well....

When I'm Treasure Hunting....I'm afraid I'm quite SELFISH....I'm not shopping with my LOVELY Customers in mind....NO....I shop....For me....EVERY SINGLE TREASURE that comes home with me has moved me....Spoken to me in some way....And in that moment....I find a HOME for it here at Casa de SVJ....

This piece for example....The shape....The condition....The way it feels in my hands....It has a price tag on it now....But I've moved it from the 'items for sale' section of my living area to the 'Treasures to keep' section of my living area SEVERAL times over the last week....I just don't know if I'll EVER find another....Such a hard decision....I know he would be PERFECT sitting on my coffee table holding the remotes....Just PERFECT....**sigh**....
And this piece....Magical, Functional WHIMSY at it's BEST....PERFECT in my office....
Sitting on the mantle in our bedroom FILLED with my vintage terriers....Love....LOVE....L.O.V.E....
Vintage graphics make me HAPPY....
Oh & this speaks to my retro granny vintage loving soul...."Keep me....KEEP ME....K-E-E-P ME"....Can you hear it....??
Metal AND wood....Two of my FAVE junk combos....

See....I could keep ALL of these pieces....Though in reality I CAN'T & I WON'T....Though....As each item's purchased I know I'll find it hard to muster a REAL smile....Don't get me wrong....I'll be HAPPY for the WONDERFUL Customer who ADORES these Treasures as much as I do....But a part of me....The SELFISH part that makes me buy only what I would want to have in my own home....Will no doubt feel a little sad....**sigh**....

Well Mr SVJ has just given me the 'hurry on' so I gotta go....PAINT....!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend & BE HAPPY....!!!!!

Tamarah  :o)