Saturday, June 26, 2010


How do Everyone....??!

I'm afraid I'm well & truely under the pump today so I'm getting my Sunday Wrap Up out early in order to get back outside to work....!!

Below are my Treasures from the Market this morning....!

6 x YUMMY Agee bottles with their AWESOME zinc lids....!

Lovely old oil lamp base will look GORGEOUS as a vase & TO DIE FOR pastel blue & pink tin....!!

YUMMY wood stool with chippy red top....** sigh **

Another AWESOME demijohn....!!

And here she is....My NEW arrival....hahahahaha....I was a TAD worried about introducing a girl to the 'pack' but they seem to have taken her under their collective 'wings' & there have been no territorial disputes....As yet....hahahahahaha....!!

And last but by NO MEANS least this FABULOUS galvanised tin....purrrrrrfect....!

I may be back this evening with a further update but we'll see how we go....!!

I hope EVERYONE'S had a BRILLIANT day....!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. Great stuff! Especially love the galvanized tin basin, I've been looking for something similar. I will be posting some items tomorrow, had a great day of picking!!!~Elisa

  2. Great haul, love the new member of the family.

  3. I have a very old terrier dog, he has a squeeky nose. He sat for years on my Grandmother's old iron bed. I claimed him, as no one else did!! Can you believe that????

  4. bout time you got a girl in the pack!
    What I think is interesting is the different brand names for the jars and tubs etc. Canada, USA and Australia...all different brands of jars.

  5. What great things - love the galvanised tub

  6. Love those huge jars! You will have to update your blog header to refelct your new aquisitions!. The stool is perfect with that bit of red on it. Are you going to remove the wicker from the demijohn?

  7. Congratulations on your little girl!! too cute!! oh, by the way, could you float that step stool across the pond to me here in Canada?.......I absolutely LOVE it!!look at those little steps, how they are shaped...oh what a goodie!!

  8. Hi Tamarah! Just stopping by to say hello! Love all your finds, you have a fabulous eye!
    xo~Jill (from the Junk Bonanza blog)

  9. Okay that's it!! I've got to make a trip to come shopping with you!! It's a must :) These are amazing finds Tamarah!! I can't even begin to pick what my fav is...but that chippy stool and galvanized tin are for sure at the top of my list! I so much enjoyed seeing your weekend finds! Great eye, lady!! ;) Wishing you all the luck on your dresser too..I know it'll turn out just smashing!
    All the best - your friend Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor

  10. Glad to hear there has been no fighting within the pack. They might require a new shelf soon, then the fighting will begin ;0) Loving that gal tub oh yeah! I did a treasure hunt down sydney Road today, found some not so bad stuff too, yikes need to do a new blog post, lordy where is the time!!!

  11. Hi Tamarah,
    Congratulations on the "new arrival"! She's beautiful. Have you and Mr SVJ picked out a name yet? Tee Hee

    Second Hand Chicks

  12. Wow, you have an amazing knack for always finding the coolest stuff! It's been a hoot laughing with you about my lady lumps. :) Thanks for being so lovely yourself!

  13. Another good haul T. Like the classy wicker. Are those jars Kilner? Haven't seen any about for years. They were brilliant for bottling fruit.

  14. Love the galvanized tub and what a cute little girl pup, now go get busy! Lezlee

  15. What a load of fantastic finds!! Can't decide which is my favorite - it comes down to the chippy stool and those jars. I have a lot of jars at home as I LOVE collecting them! Look forward to your next update. Michelle

  16. Such great finds! The dog is fabulous! Every time I see the photo in the header, I can't help but smile!

  17. What wonderful stuff! And I just LOVE your header, so cute!

  18. Yeah Tamarah! You're going to have to redo your header with your newest girly addition ;) Thanks for you comments, girly...I always enjoy them to pieces! Happy weekend to you!
    Huge Hugs to ya! ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  19. Tamarah - I guess I'm a little late to the game - I just discovered today that you have a blog - and its great! love the terrier - I have one that I picked up years ago and it is perched on a shelf in my studio. And your other finds are amazing too - what do you do with all this great stuff? have a shop?
    Well, I've added you to my regular list so I can keep in the loop!
    amy of four corners design