Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stormy Weather....

Hi Everyone....!!

A short time after arriving home from the US early October I encountered some 'stormy weather'....An exceptionally appropro metaphor of course for the 'stuff' that comes at you out of nowhere leaving a trail of destruction in it's path....!

I had some tough choices to make....Though to be perfectly honest, it would have been much easier to immerse myself in the more pleasant side of life & simply disappear into the blogisphere & ignore the chaos....

Instead....I got busy....For 7 weeks I left this place to work on the issues at hand & concentrate on my business....I'm pleased to say the time away has been well worth it....The 'stormy weather' has abated & I've made it through a PLETHORA of Shabby Vintage Junk projects....One of which I've shared below....!!

THANK YOU for your emails of concern & well wishes....I hope to be able to start visiting with you all again soon....In the mean time, if you visit when I post I'll be commenting here on my blog....!!!!!


When I moved into The Vintage Shed at the beginning of July I was hoping to be able to pop a lock up cabinet into my space for smalls straight away....Alas....I was unable to find the right piece....Week in week out I searched until one day a few weeks ago I received a call from a Friend to say he may have what I was looking for....Even better though....He had a PAIR....!

I popped over to have a look & was THRILLED to find two of the sweetest little deco kitchen cabinets with sliding glass doors....P-E-R-F-E-C-T....!!!!!

One cabinet required very little work....LOVED the chippy cream paint....Just had to freshen up the interior with some white paint, line the shelves with yummy vintage wallpaper & change out the crinkly glass with plain glass....DONE....!!

The other one though was a real fixerupperer....The cream paint had blistered from exposure to heat & I just wasn't happy with it....
Ok so this isn't the BEST before shot....You can't see the blistered paint & I've ALREADY removed the crinkly glass....DOH....! 
At least you get an idea of how the shelves looked after the contact was removed....! 
I LOVED the chippy cream & green trim of these little cabinets so no matter what I did THAT particular sign of wear was STAYING....!! 
Initially I scraped the blistered cream paint off to expose the darker cream underneath.... 
But I decided I really wanted it to match the other cabinet so committed to repainting the entire piece....MINUS the top & bottom trim of course....! 
The inside after two prep coats & two top coats.... 
I kept the paint splattered metal rails....
And there's the chippy trim at the top & the first prep coat on the exterior.... 
And here she is in all her glory....**sigh**....! 
They are GORGEOUS if I don't say so myself....Since installing them in my space I've had several inquiries as to whether I'd sell them....Ummmmmm....NO....  :o) !!!!!
I've been obsessively holding onto this wallpaper for almost TEN years....I just KNEW it was waiting for the RIGHT piece....**wink**....!! 
Bunnings matched the paint BEAUTIFULLY if not perfectly & I'm really happy with the end result....!!! 
And Mr SVJ added an unobtrusive locking mechanism which can be removed & repaired easily as required.... 
I also left the chippy shelf trim....Love....Love....LOVE that....!! 
And there you have it....Total cost of the makeovers for BOTH cabinets was $35.00
$5.00 - Undercoat
$8.00 - Sample pot of matched cream paint
$20.00 - Two locks
$2.00 - Wallpaper
Replacement glass for the doors was found in the Hard Rubbish....!

I hope you're all having an EXCEPTIONALLY creative, productive week filled with LOVE & LAUGHTER....Perhaps most importantly though....I hope you're surrounded by WONDERFUL Friends....Because without those....We might all just disappear into ourselves & walk around in circles when faced with 'stormy weather'....!!!!!

Tamarah  :o)