Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ALMOST FAMOUS....'Sunday Service'....An AWESOME history of the Camberwell Market by Leah Annetta....!

Last year when I was busy promoting the FIRST Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza, I was VERY fortunate to have been contacted by Leah Annetta after reading the article in the local Progress Leader newspaper about my home & the upcoming Show.

Leah asked if she could come over & interview me about my experiences & association with the Camberwell Market as both a stall holder & seeker of Vintage Treasures....!

ALWAYS happy to talk to a fellow Treasure Hunter & THRILLED by the idea someone was going to write a book about one of my FAVOURITE places on earth I jumped at the chance....!

Several days after our initial conversation, Leah arrived on our doorstep with a plate of THE most AWESOME home made jam drop bikkies & we spent time swapping Camberwell Market yarns....The early starts, Treasures found & our shared enjoyment of the 'characters' that MAKE the Market....HOME....!

It was a WONDERFUL meeting which has caused me to ponder from time to time how very fortunate I am to have met such a kindred spirit purely by chance....If it weren't for the SVJ-X & the local paper, we may NEVER have met....SURELY I would have bought the book on it's release & I would have probably stood in line to have it signed by the author, but this would have just been a fleeting moment in time & probably not sufficient to generate an enduring bond of any kind....INDEED....I was VERY LUCKY....!

And LUCKIER STILL when I received my copy of Leah's recently released book, 'Sunday Service' at the Market last Sunday to find Leah had kindly included TWO whole pages of my Camberwell 'story' INCLUDING both my business AND blog details....!!!!!

The front cover of the book has a GREAT pic of the Market from the 1970's while the back cover has a pic of the GORGEOUS Leah between two of her FAVE Market finds....A pair of INCREDIBLE carousel animals....!

The history of the Market from the very FIRST meetings that lead to it's establishment along with it's trials & tribulations, it's volunteers, traders & buyers has been BRILLIANTLY documented by Leah & I KNOW anyone who purchases a copy is in for a very ENJOYABLE read....!!!!!

There will be a formal book launch at the Camberwell Market Sunday 6th November when Leah will be on hand to sign your copy however, if like me you're ITCHING to see it NOW, you can pop by the Rotary van in the walkway & purchase your copy over the next two Sundays....!!

If you live interstate & would like a copy feel free to contact me directly at:
'Sunday Service' retails for $43.00 & postage in a pre-paid satchel will be at the current cost which I think is around $11.00 or so....!

Well I must away....PLEASE forgive my lack of posts of late as I'm flat out running between my spaces at The Vintage Shed & the Wholesale Antiques & Collectibles Bazaar in Glen Waverley as well as working on those 'other' projects I've been hinting at over the past month or so....All of this combined with negotiations re the next Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza & I'm a tad on the busy side....!!!

I hope you're all enjoying a BRILLIANT week....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wholesale Antiques - Glen Waverley .... Melbourne's NEWEST Antique / Vintage Centre

Hello Vintage Friends....!

After arriving back home Saturday morning I literally hit the ground running....I'll be back with updates, exciting news & a Dottie Angel giveaway of the UTMOST kind SOON I promise but for now....I wanted to share some AWESOME news with you....!!!!!

For those of you ITCHING to do some SERIOUS Vintage Shopping during the week, I'm pleased to advise a NEW Antique / Vintage Centre has just opened in Glen Waverley....YES folks IN THE BURBS....!!!!!

WOOHOO....Open 7 days a week from 10am - 5pm this place is HUGE....747 hanger size....Now granted, ALL the spaces haven't filled as yet but they're filling as I type & filling FAST....!!

I have a stall myself....It's TOTALLY different from my space out at The Vintage Shed but I'll talk more about that in another post....!

Right now I want you to hop in your car, get on a train, tram or bus or heck just LEG IT out to:

11a Aristoc Rd, Glen Waverley

Aristoc Road is between Blackburn & Springvale Roads on the left as you're heading AWAY from Chadstone....The Centre itself is signposted as per above....ODD name I know but hey I'm not gonna complain....!!

You actually make a left hand turn OFF Aristoc Road when you see this sign & drive down to a factory complex....The building doesn't have a sign as yet but you'll know when you've found the place....!!!

Now what are you waiting for....Go on....GIT....!!!

Hope you're all enjoying a WONDROUS week....!!!!!

Cheers from Camp SVJ,
Tamarah  :o)