Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blog Launch January 1st 2010

Well here I am ready to start the New Year with my very first blog post....LOL....Up until 6 months ago I didn't even know what a blog was for heavens sake....Then one day I stumbled into one quite by accident while searching for vintage millinery items....WOW....The lovely Heather at Pretty Petals had me at 'hello' & I was hooked....!!

Since this discovery, I've become a 'lurker' on a number of blogs & have enjoyed reading them so much that I've been itching to launch into the blogisphere myself & join in the fun...!!

I'm hoping my blog will keep me focused this year as I've set myself a number of goals....While I like to think I'm a motivated 'go get it' kinda girl, I'm a perfectionist which means I'm also VERY capable of procrastinating myself into a corner for fear of not achieving said perfection....!!

One of the areas I want to work on this year are my productivity levels at home....Last year ('09) due to work & family stress, often when I arrived home at the end of the day I'd spend the majority of the evening on the couch in front of the telly....! So wasteful & so NOT what I want to be doing....!!!

To avoid this from occurring in the future, it's my intention to blog every other day about a project I'm working on....I'll take before & after pics to keep myself accountable & to give myself a record over the next 12 months as to my achievements....Hopefully my photography will also improve as a result of this regular activity....!!!

Now for a short term goal I'm working on.....Friars Town Antique Fair is held near Castlemaine (in Victoria) over the Australia Day weekend in January....It's the largest event of it's kind in Australia & this year I'll be attending for the for the first time as a vendor....While I'm by no means a dealer of 'antiquities', I am a keen finder of 'vintage treasures' & a 'junk enthusiast' to boot....I've been collecting & working on vintage pieces over the last 6 months for our home & as stock for the fair.

My long term goal (dream/wish/must do 'thang') for this year is a trip to the US around August, September for 4 - 5 weeks with Mr SVJ. I want to attend the biggest & the best of the Flea Markets & shows while Mr SVJ is off doing some NON vintage 'stuff'. Thanks to the amazing Sue at Vintage Rescue Squad, I'm going to be using her 2010 calendar as my travel guide to ensure I attend the BEST venues....!!

Now to get things rolling I need to sort out my office....The above pics were taken yesterday & if you click on each one, you'll see it's quite the disaster area....As it's a long weekend here in Oz, I intend to utilise the extra time to organise it thoroughly....I'll post my 'after' pics on Sunday....!!

Well that's it for now....I look forward to sharing my progress with you.....!

Cheers, Tamarah