Friday, May 25, 2012

US Shipment....FIVE days in....!!

Morning Treasure Hunters....!

It's nice & early Saturday morning here in Oz & while I'm sure the majority of you are out & about visiting markets, fairs, garage sales & op-shops I'm at home neck deep in US Treasures....!!

It's day FIVE since I collected my booty & I'm STILL cleaning & pricing....It's been FUN opening box after box....Smiling at the pieces I find within....

Like this TO DIE FOR primitive chippy white cabinet & ADORABLE little shovel.... 
....DId I mention the chippy cabinet was....TO DIE FOR.... 
And I positively SQUEALED when I opened the boxes these red & green sap buckets had been packed away in....All washed now they'll look FABULOUS when I display them in my space....Details as to WHEN everything will be ready for sale to follow shortly....!!!

Well I must away....While this lot is drying Mr SVJ & are working on my walls for my space at Glen Waverley so I best get CRACKIN'....!!!

Enjoy your Saturday whatever you're doing....!!

Tamarah  :o)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

US Shipment....The TIP of the ICEBERG....!!

Hello Vintage Enthusiasts....!

Just popping in quickly to THANK YOU for your comments yesterday....Unfortunately, I wont be able to pop in & visit with you until I get the mammoth task of unpacking, cleaning & pricing behind me....When I think back to the 20+ hours straight I packed to get this lot back home, I can't believe I thought the hard part was behind me....hahahahaha....Funny how a delirious state of mind manufactures misguided confidence to get you through a stressful situation....hmmmmm....**wink**....!

Anyways....I cant stand at the kitchen bench all day nattering on....Below are a FEW pics of SOME of the teeny tinies (small SMALLS) & a 3ft metal prescription box (3 x separate pieces) that were closest to the back door just now when I grabbed my iPhone....

Oh YES....Before I go....STAY TUNED for further posts where I'll be announcing WHEN & WHERE these Treasures will make their way into my Glen Waverley & Vintage Shed spaces as well as FABULOUS DISCOUNTS & OFFERS....!!!!!

This piece will be VERY HARD to part with....It makes me SMILE very widely EVERY time I look at it....! 
HUNDREDS of GORGEOUS glass jars, bottles & creamers....Love....LOVE...L.O.V.E.... 
Lots & LOTS of cleaning here though....**sigh**....!! 
These Victorian blocks are in BEAUTIFUL condition & are absolutely STUNNING....The Donkey at the top is going off to a couple of Friends.... 
Tiny Treasures galore.... 
Late 1960's - early 1970's coke crates, red & green metal sap buckets & wooden drawers filled with metal zippers & trims in their original packets....! 
These 29 sheets of ply are TOTALLY UNRELATED to the above Treasures but will ultimately HOUSE a great number of them....A few weeks ago Mr SVJ was kind enough to erect the framework for my walls at the Glen Waverley Bazaar & these sheets are the intended cladding....Wait to you see how these boring bits look when we get the router onto them....**wink**....!!

Tamarah  :o)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

US Shipment FINALLY arrives....!!

Hello Vintage Friends near & FAR....!

It's been a while I know but I've been with you in junking spirit if not in the 'virtual' sense....!!  I hope this quick update finds you all well & HAPPY....!!!!!

Yesterday was a VERY busy day....This in & of itself is nothing new in my little SVJ world however, the combination of 'activities' undertaken was a little....Different....!!

Firstly, I headed into the city to pick up a van load of Treasures which I'll be selling in my Vintage Shed & Glen Waverley Bazaar spaces shortly....

One of many small furniture pieces....Isn't the patina on this stool TO DIE FOR....!! 
After making it back home & unloading, I scooted around the corner where a 1950's weatherboard was being demolished to meet with the Wrecker to discuss salvaging particular materials....An agreement was reached & I'm pleased to say I now have an ongoing source of architectural supplies....Alas....I really wanted a go on the $300,000.00 Komatsu but the Wrecker & I are not quite 'there' yet....hahahahaha....**wink**....!!!!!
I then headed back into the city where I met with Mr SVJ at this massive warehouse to collect my shipment of US Treasures which arrived late last week....!!

Alas....I had a GREAT pic of the pallets to pique your curiosity however, I was unable to edit out my home address which was emblazoned across each & every one of my boxes for all the world to see....!!!

Watch this space though as I'll be back VERY SOON to give you a sneak preview of some of the Treasures before they head into my spaces....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)