Saturday, July 28, 2012

A week in the life of Shabby Vintage Junk....

Hello Fellow Gleaners....!

I hope this post finds you all knee deep in a FABULOUSLY relaxing weekend....!

I've had a seriously ball breaking busy week & thought I might take a moment to bring you all up to date with what's been going on in my SVJ world....

*** You might want to grab a coffee or a wine....It's a LONG potentially dehydrating post....hahahaha....***

Before I begin though I'd like to give a SPECIAL shout out to Helena....A GORGEOUS blog reader I met for the first time at the Collingwood Show & also a big HELLO to Sasha who also popped by with her new baby....THANK YOU so much for making the trek into the city....I'm sure it's a MONUMENTAL effort when you have a tiny person in tow....!!!!!

Following the end of the two day Show at the Collingwood Masonic Hall last Saturday I was B.U.G.G.E.R.E.D....But with a stall booked at Camberwell Market the next day, I didn't have time to rest up....On arriving home a smidge before 10pm, I unloaded my FULL van (we'd hired a truck initially) & reloaded with completely different stock for Camberwell....By the time I closed the back door of the van it was just on midnight....And then....In the blink of an eye it was 3.30am & time to go again....!

A MASSIVE THANKS to Lisa from Vintage Influence who rocked up to the Market with the biggest, most DIVINE black coffee making the morning....'Doable'....!!

When the Market ended at 1pm it was a mad dash back home to unload Camberwell stock & RELOAD the stock I'd unloaded the night before....Mr SVJ & I then went to pick up a trailer I'd hired to collect the larger pieces I'd left at Collingwood the night before....Trailer hitched we drove back into the city to the Hall to collect the larger pieces & then headed out to Glen Waverley where we unloaded the van AND the contents of the trailer into the Shop....Then it was a mad dash to drop off the trailer before I was charged additional fees....!

When Monday morning rocked around I was feeling a tad sore so rather than head back to Glen Waverley to sort out the Shop, I stayed home & spent the day taking pics for eBay....More about that shortly....!!

Tuesday saw me rise at 5am to get the house in order for the first Monthly Business Support Meeting....With the participants arriving at 12noon, I had my work cut out for me....To be perfectly honest, my house was a PIT & it took almost 5hours just to clean the main living area....!

Prior to the meeting I'd put together a questionnaire designed to get everyone focusing on areas within their businesses that may generally be taken for granted such as business plans, the awareness of operating costs etc....The answers to these questions were our primary focus during the meeting with each participant sharing their knowledge or lack thereof....

The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss a variety of issues & I came away feeling very motivated....At the end of the meeting based on the material discussed, we each set ourselves a number of goals & challenges ....Mine were focused primarily around my time management issues & the necessity for additional income streams & I'm pleased to report I'm on target....At our next meeting, we'll discuss how we went with our goals & challenges before introducing new topics & set additional G&C's based on these....!!

On Wednesday, I spent the day out at Glen Waverley sorting & packing stock to take to the Vintage Shed on Friday....This was a task I'd been dreading but could not delay as I need to get back out on the road to source Treasures for the later part of the year....The Shop at GW will now house Treasures sourced locally while my space at The Vintage Shed will be where I'll be selling my US Treasures....!!

Thursday saw me spend the whole day at home taking pics for eBay & Etsy....You'll notice my Esty listings again on my sidebar & the last 3 x pics I've included in this post are of my eBay items....*** After a couple of items ended last week without bids but with MULTITUDES of watchers, I've added a note in the description re bidding early....I'd be HAPPY to read your feedback re this or if you think it could be worded better to encourage bids let me know....!! ***

I will also be parting with a few collections to raise additional funds for my business....My vintage sheet collection consisting of around 80 x sheets, vintage clothing & accessories & vintage fabric stash are all going to be sold to clear space & bring in some much needed extra dollars....These collections will be sold as LOTS....NOT by individual pieces....Anyone interested will be given the opportunity to buy the collections for a set amount....!!

On Friday I made my way out to The Vintage Shed where I spent the better part of the day, reorganising my space before introducing the new stock & then headed in to Glen Waverley where I unloaded a couple of larger pieces I had to take out of my space to accommodate the new stock....

And today....Well today HAS been a relaxing day for me & I spent time with Mr SVJ....Something I haven't done for TOO long....Tomorrow will also be a relaxing day as I won't be engaged in any specific SVJ related tasks....Mr SVJ & I are heading to Castlemaine to see the GORGEOUS Leah from Bells Belles to help her celebrate the opening of her Espresso Bar in her EQUALLY GORGEOUS Vintage Furniture, Homewares & Clothing Shoppe....Yes....Tomorrow's gonna be a NICE day....!!!!!

Well that's it for me for the moment....I'll be back shortly with a post re my endeavours to manage my time more effectively & introduce you to my FILOFAX setups....!!!!!

Until then....Take care & be HAPPY....!!

Tamarah :o)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Odd Echo brings together an AWESOME group of Vintage Creatives....!!!!!

Morning Treasure Hunters....!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who attended the opening of the inaugural Odd Echo Vintage Show yesterday....It was WONDERFUL to see so many familiar faces as well as a host of NEW ones....A SPECIAL THANKS to the GORGEOUS Nic over at Yardage Design who gave me some INVALUABLE Instagram advice....**wink**....!!

As this will be my last post regarding this particular event, I would like to take a moment to thank Kat Tidcombe from Odd Echo for all her hard work putting this Show together....Having taken on this task myself with the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza, I'm well aware of the planning & minute detail required & take my hat off to her for her efforts....I'm looking forward to the next one already....!!!

Now before I run you through these pics, there are a few vendors I missed capturing....The reason for this is twofold....I was using my iPhone & the light in some areas was unforgiving (ESPECIALLY in the Vintage Clothing room....!!!!!) creating pics TOO blurry or glare ridden to post OR the Vendor was still getting ready & their space had boxes & wrapping paper all over the place....!!!  As it is the pics I've included in this post are NOWHERE near as sharp as I'd like but I want to share a TASTE of what we put together for you....!!!!!

Ok....Here we go....
Shabby Vintage Junk

Odd Echo

Ingrid from flotsam

Nicole (Milkbar Vintage), Shelley & Kelly from Suburban Vintage (ALL based at Waverley A&C)


Fiona from Lair

Well I must away....I have a HUGE day in front of me....The Collingwood Masonic Hall will be open again today from 10am to 6pm (FREE ENTRY) & THEN we all need to break our spaces down, pack up & head home to UNLOAD, redistribute....

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

*** NB:  I attempted to take pics of the Vendors I missed in the main hall again yesterday after posting these pics with no JOY....My apologies to the following:

Annamaria from Vintage Culture Melbourne
The GORGEOUS Laura from Interior Hunter
Trish Hunter from Trish Hunter Finds