Thursday, June 24, 2010

Isn't the TRANSFORMATION a little elbow grease can bring about so REWARDING....?!

Hello Everyone....!

I hope this post finds you ready to launch into the weekend in a BIG WAY....I have my change purse ready ALREADY, popped my $25- worth of fuel in the van (checked the oil, water & tyres) & have my early morning 'junking chores' ready to get out of the way WELL before 7.30am....!!

Before I come back with my Saturday Finds & Sunday Wrap Up though I wanted to share this AWESOME find with you plucked STRAIGHT out of the Hard Rubbish....Now I have gone a little overboard with the pics but I REALLY want to show what could be achieved with a little 'follow through'....Trust me though....An HOUR into this clean up, I was thinking about setting it aside so I could engage in something a little more....Well....FUN....hahahahahaha....!!

I am at LONG LAST the proud owner of my very FIRST Le Crueset frypan....It weighs a tonne & when Mr SVJ picked it up I looked at him & smiled....Ever so slyly....mwahahahahaha....

It was raining outside when I took my pics so the 'marks' you see on the base are just moisture related....Trust me....This frypan is in SCHMICK nick....NOW....!

But it WASN'T always the case....It had YEARS of baked on grime over the entire surface with the exception of the handle....This pic was taken on DAY 2 after TWO coats of Mr Muscle....Just quietly....Mr Muscle is a PUSSY....I should have remembered my own words....NEVER let a man do for you what  you can so EASILY do for yourself....hahahahahahaSNORT....!

Thick BAKED on blargggghhhhhh.....

Making headway....

OK....Lets bring out the bloody paint scraper & see how we go with that....Ooh it's coming off BIG TIME....!

SO close & yet....

2.15hours & I'm done....!

** sigh **


I do LOVE a good junking challenge....How about you....??

Well there it is....The Le Crueset frypan I felt deserved it's VERY own post....I like to think someone else may have picked this up out of the HR but all things being equal, I don't think that was on the cards....!!

I hope wherever you are you're having an AWESOME week....!!  

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

PS:  Mr SVJ & I are just back from work & I'm organising dinner....As soon as we're done I'm heading back out to an INTERESTING pile of HR I spied in the dark on our way home.....hahahahahaha....WISH ME LUCK....!!!!

PPS:  Alas....My imagination must have been working overtime as Mr SVJ & I drove home through the HR tonight 'cause when I went back to investigate....The chair I saw was PLASTIC, cracked & broken & the table I spied was riddled with borer....** sigh ** Oh well....The weekend is but a heart beat away....!!!


  1. Wow - all that hard work was well worth it - its gorgeous!! Love the bright red. Goodluck with your mission tonight, hope there are plenty of goodies for you :)

  2. Wow, those are very expensive to buy new. Looks fabulous. I Sometime put things out for junk pickup, knowing that someone will like it and pick it up long before the garbage removal comes. I would like to think whoever threw this away thought someone would pick it up and not that it would sit in a landfill for a few hundred years.

  3. Wow..go girl! Fantastic job on the clean up! I have an old "Ranzware" one, really heavy & fab to use. Wish we had an HR..hard rubbish now that makes me giggle. They still have them in parts of Auckland but they are called "inorganic rubbish collection"..doesn't sound quite the same as HR & bit far really..5 hour drive. Happy hunting over the weekend : )

  4. SUPER BARGAIN, those frypans cost an absolute fortune new. oh yeah that is a SCORE big time, well worth all the elbow grease!

  5. Wow, it looks brand new now! Great score!

  6. T - you've done a wonderful restoration job. Not being very knowledgeable in the frying pan department I looked it up on the web. Definitely top of the range.What puzzles me is'how did the previous owner manage to leave it in that state?' Do you think the previous owner was a man?

  7. Hi T..I have just found you via Molly,I loved your blog and will be back,how lucky to have a mr that loves scrounging,my mr does not lol but i pick up lots of things too but at this point have not put them on my blog, I must start to do that,by the way your table is exactly the same as mine passed through 3 generations of a friends family and no one wanted her so she was given to us and we have had her 40 years but her top was just timber no paint and her legs were green, we stripped it all back and it is just ornange oiled now,we love her.Have a great weekend and good finds.blessings .Carole

  8. Tamarah - it looks brand spankin' new again! Great job, girl!! :) I hope you have a lovely weekend yourself! Thanks for the sweet made me smile so much! Hugs!
    ~Terrell @ FFD~

  9. Oh Tamarah, you've done it again. Now I will have to find my own piece of Le Crueset. I know that I have started a few of your collections, but believe me, you have started most of mine. The rain is falling down and the soup is on the stove and I'm in heaven. If only the soup was in Le Crueset.
    Have a great Hard Rubbish weekend.
    Bonnie Doon Wendy

  10. WOW (my jaw just hit the ground!!). You must have the junking Gods looking out for you! I don't know how you find these treasures, but I love reading your posts about them!! Loving your frypan.....! Can't wait to see what you find this weekend! ~ Tina x

  11. Hi Tamarah just found you through your comment on Shabby Chic. I'm an Aussie too, from Mount Martha(Mornington Peninsula)
    That le crueset was elbow greased to perfection

  12. Hi Tamarah, so glad I stumbled across your blog. I'm your newest follower! Can't believe you found that frypan in the HR - what a find! It cleaned up beautifully. I also love a bit of op-shopping, garage sales, and roadside rummaging so I look forward to following along. Have a good weekend. Michelle

  13. your collection of vintage terrier is so lovely!
    have a nice weekend

  14. It looks wonderful, good job.

  15. So this was out with hard rubbish? You have made it look amazing. There is not a mark on it. How ever did you have the courage to use a paint scraper on it?

  16. Incredible job! You've made me feel such a wuss now for turning down a few cast iron frying pans in the past thinking they were beyond redemption!