Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm so HAPPY I could BURST....Somebody PINCH me....!!

Happy Saturday Everyone....!

Do you ever have days where regardless of the crap you may have waded through during the week, you wake up feeling so energised, free & HAPPY you can't help but walk around with a great big DUMB ASS smile on your face....??  Well I've had just such a day for a GAZILLION reasons that I won't bore you with, though I would like to share a few things that had me smiling before I even walked out the door....!

Last week we had the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza Vendor Meeting at my place & when Sam (aka shoestring_splendour)  arrived, she presented me with another Vintage Terrier for my mantle....!  He's the largest member of the pack & I've named him rather appropriately in view of his stature, Boombar....He's going to accompany me to be the SVJ-X show on the 13th & 14th August as the SVJ-X mascot....!

How could you NOT smile when you look at this face....?!

Vintage Terrier heaven..... ** BIG smile **

Directly across from the mantle sits this FABULOUS pink & cream vintage toy horse....I have two of these & I LOVE them to bits.... ** :o)  :o) **

He sits on top of this PERFECTLY distressed cedar chest of drawers I found in the Hard Rubbish a couple of years ago... ** HUMUNGOUS grin **

And these tulips were given to me last Saturday by Andrea (aka The Pink Poodle), another Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza vendor....They've just started to open & they're GLORIOUS....!

I also scored the MOTHER LOAD out in the Hard Rubbish late this afternoon which STILL has me grinning like a loon however, I was back too late for pics....Pop back tomorrow though because when I get back from the Market in the morning I'll take pics for tomorrows post....!

I hope everyone had a GAZILLION reasons to smile today & found HEAPS of Treasures to boot....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. I loved this post! It was real. I could feel your dumbass grin through the screen!!!!!I am happy you have another member of your pack, he is so doggone cute!

  2. Hey Tamarah,
    Love your new terrier, very cute & he fits in just perfectly.
    Glad to hear of your fabulous finds, no wonder you are grinning!!! Those tulips are just gorgeous too!

  3. He's perfect! He's kinda watching over the little ones :)

    I love that dresser! Perfectly chippy!!!

  4. Welcome Boombar! What a sweetie, how thoughtful of Sam!
    Happy Saturday for you and hope your whole week goes the same!
    Can't wait to see your newest HR haul!