Thursday, June 30, 2011

SWEET little NURSERY piece READY for another 50 years active duty....!

Hey Vintage Enthusiasts....!!

I trust this posts finds you looking forward to a potentially Treasure filled weekend....I for one have been flat out like the 'proverbial' working on a number of different projects....I'm doin' somethin' H-U-G-E tomorrow which I HOPE to be able to share with you tomorrow evening so be sure & pop by over the weekend....  :o) !!

While I've been getting ready for a BIG MOVE, I've ALSO been working on all the pieces I want to take to the Market on Sunday....

This little nursery piece being one of them....I could KICK myself that I didn't take a BEFORE pic as it was COVERED in horrid stickers that I had to peel off & painstakingly remove the gummy residue....TWO HOURS & half a bottle of eucalyptus oil later, I'm pleased to report this little 1950's wardrobe is ready for another 50 years on the front line....!!

It's the PERFECT height for a change table, comes with 4 x drawers to store all those little nursery necessities  as well as a space for hanging....And to top it off....Its painted a LOVELY creamy white which has stood the test of time remarkably well....The inside was painted not too long ago & cheerful yellow contact added to the drawers giving it a fresh look....!

If you're interested, it'll be for sale at the Market on Sunday for the THRIFTY sum of $90.00....!!

Won't find find one at Freedom or Ikea for that price....Nor will you find one made here in Oz....!!


THANK YOU for your LOVELY words re my previous post for my Friend, the GORGEOUS Miss Bec....If you haven't visited her yet, don't forget to have a squizz....Bec's one in a MILLION & probably the NICEST Treasure I've found this year....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Have you met my Friend Bec....?? No....Well then you simply MUST....!!!!!

Hello Vintage Friends....!

I hope you've all had a WONDERFUL day....!!

Since 'falling' into Blogland a couple of years ago I've discovered MANY blogs that I ENJOY & subsequently follow (though I prefer Reader to Follower)....!  Scrolling down my list today I was able to pick out a NUMBER of reasons WHY I've added particular blogs to my list: STUNNING pics, BRILLIANT info, AWESOME makeovers, FANTASTIC tutorials, INFORMATIVE business advice, HEROIC junking tales, BLOODY funny, EXCEPTIONAL writing skills....And the list goes on....Basically though....EVERYONE on my reading list is there 'cause they MAKE ME SMILE OUT LOUD....!!!!!

There are a couple of blogs however that are unique to my reading list because they've captured for ME, the playful side of granny/nana chic (YES....The VINTAGE in Shabby Vintage Junk) that I ADORE ALMOST above & beyond the 'shabby' & the 'junk'....!!!!!

I turn to these blogs when I find myself stressing & obsessing on a creative level....When I'm having difficulty translating the picture in my head into reality, I pop in & read BACK to the beginning....I smile as I re-read posts & gaze DREAMILY into the BEAUTIFUL pics....And when I'm done soaking up all their FABULOUSNESS....I'm ready to start....Again....

So....If you haven't had the PLEASURE of meeting this LOVELY lady, I'd like to introduce you to the INCREDIBLY CREATIVE....

And ever so talented....Miss Bec from naughty shorts!....!!
Oh & S-T-Y-L-I-S-H....Indeed....Be STILL my wildly FIBRILATING (NEW word) heart....!!!!!
We share an obsession fondness for vintage sheets & fabric.... 
***HAPPY dance***
Though I'm SAD to say my studio does NOT resemble this GLORIOUS work space Bec has organised for herself....!!
Every week, this UBER clever girl crafts BEAUTIFUL Tea Dresses....
....from previously mentioned sheets & fabric....
LOVINGLY labelling them....
Before sending them all over the world....!

....Simply TO DIE FOR....!!!

Bec has a FAB Etsy shop which I'm SURE you'll ENJOY so be sure to pop in after you've visited her blog....!!

Next Wednesday I'm going to introduce you to one of my FAVE Small Vintage Businesses so be SURE & pop back to meet Trish....!!!!!

Well I must away....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

PS:  All pics in this post have been stolen, pinched, nicked, acquired, borrowed from Bec's blog....Come on....Did you SERIOUSLY think I took ANY of those beauties....hahahahaha....!!!!!

Isn't she LOVELY....Isn't she WONDERFUL....Isn't she PRECIOUS....

Dear Fellow THRIFTERS & GLEANERS everywhere....!!

While the title of my post pays homage to the EVER FABULOUS Stevie Wonder....I'm NOT gushing about a new born babe....No siree....I'm talking about the MOST DIVINE Wedding Cake Topper I found yesterday in an Op-Shop....I need to back track briefly though....

Yesterday I took my LOVELY Friend Sophie out into the Hard Rubbish for a look see....Alas....Treasures were light on the ground so we intermingled our time in the HR with visits to Op-Shops in the area....We found some NEAT stuff & at around 1.30pm headed home so Sophie could relieve her MIL from baby sitting duties....!!

With several hours left in what is generally one of my BUSIEST sourcing days, I headed back out armed with my cup of coffee to hit a few Op-Shops in & around the Oakleigh area & THIS is where I found my NEW (to me) BEAUTY....TWENTY of the BEST dollars I have EVER spent I reckon....!!!!!

PERFECT in EVERY way.... 
Paper flowers, MERCURY glass bell which tinkles MAGICALLY.... 
***sigh*** And now I have THREE....  :o) !!

Mr SVJ asked when I showed him, "Why did you get another one?"  To which I responded, "Because when you FINALLY BLOODY WELL ask me I'm gonna have a cake the size of our house....!! 
This one was my FIRST....I was very fortunate to WIN it from the GORGEOUS Alicia over at Time Worn Style MANY moons ago on eBay....!! 
And this DIVINE topper  was purchased from the ADORABLE Gina over at Vintage Junk In My Trunk when she FIRST opened her Etsy Shop....I was her FIRST Customer....LUCKY me....  :o) !!

Well now I've shared my little bit of HAPPY with you I MUST away....I HOPE to be back later to share a WHOLE LOT OF HAPPY in the form of one of my FAVE blogs....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm Back....Yesterday was a GREAT day....Today....Well it's back to reality....!!


I hope as always this post finds you well, safe & HAPPY....!!

Boy oh boy does it seem like a LONG time since I popped in....In my defence I've been busy....BUSY....B-U-S-Y working on a MULTITUDE of projects which I'm DYING to share with you....Alas....My news will HAVE to wait as I have a MOUNTAIN of cleaning to get through before Mr SVJ returns home from the city this afternoon....!

So....Without further ado....Here are some Treasures I rescued yesterday while out & about.....The items below were accumulated in a S-E-V-E-N hour stint....And I'll probably spend another 5 hours cleaning & then repairing on top of that will probably add another 4 - 5 hours....hmmmmmm.....I know....A good Friend is ALWAYS reminding me to spend time where I'll make the most money but sometimes, when you come across pieces deserving that SECOND chance....All common sense (business that is) goes out the window....!!!!!

Oh before I get on with my show & tell though....Since Blogger crashed a few weeks ago I've been unable to leave comments on a LOT of blogs....Please KNOW that I have been doing my BEST to visit with you....Anyways....I was reading somewhere that downloading Google Chrome may help....I did this & WOOFREAKINHOO it has made a HUGE difference to EVERYTHING....Pages download quicker, I've been able to leave comments, there's an auto spell-checker thing & I just uploaded all these pics in the BLINK OF AN EYE....Pinky swear....!!!

Just sayin'.....

Chippy paint....Wood....Metal....My four FAVE junkin' words....! 
Two MAGNIFICENT chippy paint ladders....The one on the right is a scaffolding ladder....Now I have TWO of those....Can you say....**Happy**....!! 
DELICIOUS green metal bin....It was FILLED with HAIRY FREAKIN' spiders....But I suffocated them in some homebrand spray (compliments of Hard Rubbish) & they more....  :o) !

The wicker basket used to house a big old green demijohn for making home brew (wine)....Alas....The bottle was nowhere to be seen....**sigh**.... 
I have NOT found one of these D-I-V-N-E wrought iron letter boxes in YEARS & did a SPECIAL dance when I found this one....Love....LOVE....L-O-V-E it to pieces....!!!!! 
I was STOKED to find this mid century wallpaper....It's been a WHILE since I scored some so I was 'reasonably' excited to have found this stash....!

The white metal trunk is a BEAUTAYYY & I ALWAYS snap up vintage jars & lids when they cross my path....!!

A couple of sweet wooden boxes & a really NEAT sprinkler round out this vignette just nicely....!! 
Now this chair is....Well....It's DROP DEAD FREAKIN' GORGEOUS that's what it is....White....chippy paint....**sigh**....It IS a fixerupperer though....I'll have to pull it all apart as the seat needs to be cleaned, glued & clamped....And the legs at the front will need to be cut down about 5cm due to rot....Mr SVJ will help me make new bottom pieces & we'll dowel them in place for a sturdy finish that'll give the chair another 50 years....It was just too BEAUTIFUL to leave behind....See....Common sense (business)....NOWHERE to be found....hahahahaha....!!! 

The cream rotary dial phone has NEVER been used....Which it was RED though....Oh & some kids books with GREAT graphics....I have a Friend I can swap these with....!
Suitcases galore, a 70's travel bag PLUS a great home made 50's coffee table made from solid wood....Not YUKKY chipboard that was so POPULAR for TOO long....Yeckkkkkk....POOR MANS WOOD I call it....And I don't mean to offend with that term....I use it simply to describe the POOR MAN who obviously had no SENSE when buying materials at the hardware store....!! 
AWESOME wardrobe mirror....Need to cut this down slightly & replace the ply on the back....GREAT army surplus bag & GROOVY leather handbag....I think this bag will be my NEW 'go to' bag for a while....  :o) !!
And THIS piece my Friends is my FAVE piece of the day (week, month maybe....!!!!!)....Solid wood construction....Sexy....SEXY shape....And SO TOTALLY functional....**GREAT BIG HEAVING SIGH** ....I ADORE it....I'll use it for display & will hold onto it for a GOOD LONG while I reckon....!!

It's TRAGICALLY FILTHY & requires some repair work....I'll also need to cut another shelf with some matching wood I have in storage.... 
But the effort will be WELL worth it as you just don't run into these pieces every day....**smile**....!! 
I'm TOO SEXY for this blog too SEXY yeah....hahahahaha.... 
I picked up the cot in the background as I have a need of the frame for a SECRET project I shall reveal shortly....The broom handle however I can share with you....WHENEVER I spy these I pick them up....The worn wood, peely paint & overall patina are just too PRECIOUS....I have a bunch that I intend on employing as curtain rods, towel rails etc....Besides....They look GREAT together sitting in my galvanised bin....**happy sigh**....!

Well Friends I must fly & get started cleaning all this stuff....I PROMISED Mr SVJ I'd have his garage cleared by the time he got home & I BETTER make good on my promise....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

Friday, June 10, 2011

And the WINNER of the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza is....

The ever GORGEOUS Alisa at Mon Alisa Designs was the name drawn out of the bucket by Mr SVJ earlier this evening...I've contacted the LUCKY Girl & hope to be able to send her prize along next week....!

THANK YOU to everyone who joined in the fun & took a button & OR blogged about the Extravaganza....I can't tell you how much I appreciated you all HELPING to promote the Show....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's OFFICIAL....I am a DICKHEAD....!!!!!

YUP Vintage Friends....It's TRUE....And I'll tell you why....

Last Wednesday when Mr SVJ & I were due to go up to the Scout Hall in Ashburton to begin transforming it from BLAH to FANFREAKINTABULOUS....I realised the battery in my camera had died....Unable to locate the charger I made a 'mental' note to come back for it in the morning & take it with me back up to the hall....


Long story short....It took Mr SVJ & I from 10pm Wednesday until almost 8am the following morning to do what we needed to do & I didn't make it home until the afternoon by which time I'd completely forgotten about my camera, charger & a number of other things....!

So can you believe it....ME....Tamarah Charter, Blogger, Keeper Of The Past, Organiser of the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza, MULTITASKEREXTRAORDINAIRE....Didn't take one single SOLITARY picture to capture all our hard work....!!

I would think THAT in itself warrants me a turn or two wearing the DICKHEAD hat....But wait....There's MORE....

I popped in to see my GORGEOUS Friend Sue from Montreux / Trove Trading yesterday for a bit of a catch up & while I was there I thought I'd suss out what she's been doing to produce those DROP DEAD YUMMY pics you see on her blog....Well you could have felled me with a feather when she replied, "I just use my iPhone"....

C-R-A-P ....I HAD my iPhone in my pocket during the Show & DIDN'T THINK to use it....!!!!

Now that GUFFAW guarantees me some bench time in the DICKHEAD hall of fame FOR SURE ....hahahahahaNOT....!! 

THANK HEAVENS Mr SVJ had his video camera with him so I managed to get video footage late Thursday afternoon....Unfortunately, the big lug's been using the camera at work this week so I have to wait until he brings it back home before I can share it with you....!!

Moving on....

I'm THRILLED to say the Show was a BRILLIANT success....The team of Specialists participating went above & BEYOND....The displays were AWESOME & the sets designed & built for the two days left no doubt as to the creative talents of the individual businesses involved....!

The hour long Early Bird session was WONDERFUL....We had 44 x Vintage Enthusiasts shopping up a storm prior to opening to the general public....!!

The gift bags were a big hit as were the prizes (from my own stock) drawn every 10 minutes....My ONLY regret was that I was SO BUSY, I barely had time to catch up with everyone....!!!!!
Now the LOVELY Ryn from Flo & Olive has kindly allowed me to use a couple of pics she took of her own GORGEOUS space....
I'm sure you'll agree this was a TREAT for the eyes....  :o) !!!!! 
And then....The FABULOUS Miss Eagle over at The Network took a HEAP of pics & posted them on YouTube for us....I've been trying to leave her a comment to THANK her for taking the time to do this alas....Blogger is being a JERK....AGAIN....And keeps booting me out every time I try....!!

While this clip doesn't show a lot of the hall & the overall 'look' we achieved, it gives a GREAT overview of the eclectic Treasures offered over the two days....!!

The ever DELICIOUS & TALENTED Andrea over at The Pink Poodle also posted a heap of pics from late Thursday afternoon so you MUST pop in to see those....  :o) !!

Well I must away....To be honest I'm still K-NACKered & have spent the last few days trying to put my house, storage unit & paperwork in order....I think I should be done with all of that by the end of next week....I HOPE....!!

I'll be back tomorrow night to announce the winner of the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza giveaway so stay tuned....!!!!!

Tamarah  :o)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I am seriously K-NACKered....!

Dear All....!

I'm just popping in ever so BRIEFLY to THANK all those who attended the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza on Friday & Saturday....Your attendence & overall support of the Show & feedback are VERY MUCH appreciated....!!

I'm taking a couple of days to wind down because I'm absolutely  S-P-E-N-T & need to process everything as well as try & regain some order here at SVJ Headquarters....I mean....This place is a FREAKIN' MESS....!!!!!

I KNOW I previously advised I would be drawing the WINNER of the SVJ-X Giveaway TODAY but am hoping you don't mind if I leave it a few days....I PROMISE I'll be back to let you know the outcome of the drawer before the end of the week....!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)