Thursday, June 17, 2010

Are we there yet....? Are we there yet....? Are WE THERE YET....? + A FABULOUS Give Away over at the Junk Bonanza....!

Hello out there to all of you Shabby Vintage Thrifting Junkers....!

I'm SO GLAD it's Friday tomorrow because for a short week it's been a KILLER ....That being said, I'm not here to moan about my day job rather, I'm here to celebrate not one but TWO awards bestowed upon me by two of my FAVE blogging friends....My SWEET little thrifting buddy over at Thrifting Brisbane & the GORGEOUS Chania at Razmataz have honoured me with the 'Versatile Blogger Award'....Now I need to share FOURTEEN little known, somewhat interesting or just plain curious facts about myself....!!

Ok....Here goes....

1/   When I hang the washing on the line I HAVE to use the same coloured pegs for various clothing items eg.  For skirts I'll use white pegs, work pants I'll use red pegs....Wooden pegs are neutral so I can use those with any coloured peg....Mr SVJ enjoys pushing my buttons by changing out my pegs for odd coloured ones....NOT funny Jan....!

2/   Symmetry is VERY important to me....My furniture while shabby & chippy is centred 'just so'....A crooked picture will drive me to distraction & ALL of the items in my pantry MUST face the same way....And YES....Mr SVJ enjoys moving things about....He says the 'squark factor' makes him smile....And I thought I was odd....  :o) !!

3/  I walk the 15 minutes to the station each morning along the footpath taking great care not to step on the cracks ala Jack Nicholson in Good As It Gets....!!

OK....Enough OCD....

4/  I was a gymnast in my early years & dreamed of competing at Olympic level....Alas, my boobs developed early which put the kybosh to this however, I'm pleased to say I'm STILL as flexible now as I was in my teens (I'm in my 40's now) & can still bend over backwards & do the splits....!

5/  My sneezes & hiccups SCARE people....NO JOKE....They are VERY loud & rather raucous....And they HURT my throat....  :o(

6/  I SNORT when I laugh....SERIOUSLY....hahahahahaSNORT....SEE....!!

7/  I'm a BIG Elvis fan....When I was a young girl I fantasized someone who knew Elvis would hear me sing & I would be whisked away to sing backing vocals for the King....I've been to Memphis for Elvis week twice & one January for the birthday celebrations....!

....Phew....HALF way there.... :o)

8/  I have a BIG crush on Stephen Dorf....The first movie I ever saw him in was 'Always remember I love you' & it makes me howl like a BANSHEE EVERY time I watch it....!!

9/  I LOATHE winter & the snow yet I would LOVE to experience a white Christmas with all the trimmings....!

10/  I've been to France for two weeks yet TOTALLY missed out on going to Paris....I still can't believe THAT....!!

11/ I spent ALL of my 20's & a great portion of my 30's skydiving....Although I'm not currently active in the sport (Mr SVJ still jumps occasionally), there are certain days when I look to the sky & feel a yearning in my core that gives me a lump in my throat....There is no greater freedom nor will you ever have more control over your destiny than in those 40 odd seconds.... ** sigh **

12/ I wake up EVERY morning at 4.30am & run for 30 minutes on the treadmill (aka tready)....The ONLY day I don't run at 4.30am is Sunday when I go to the Market....I either run when I get home or AFTER the Hard Rubbish....If I'm away from home I ensure I do some form of exercise though & tend to do extra sessions on the tready when I'm back home....!

13/ I have a VERY sensitive stomach & dry retch when I watch Funniest Videos when they UNEXPECTEDLY without a DISCLAIMER, show clips of kids throwing up & with 'icky' noses....What's WITH THAT....???

14/ Im going to the Junk Bonanza for the FIRST TIME this September & am so excited I can hardly wait....!

THANK HEAVENS....I didn't think I'd ever finish....!!  I know I need to pass this award on however, it's after 11pm so I will pop back tomorrow to take care of this....!!

I just wanted to add that Jill over at the Junk Bonanza blog is hosting a FABULOUS give away on behalf of the VERY TALENTED Beth at Beth Quinn Designs....Beth will be a vendor at the Junk Bonanza this September & she has VERY GENEROUSLY offered up this exquisite piece to tempt us all....!!

Be sure & pop over to Beth & the Junk Bonanza & say HI & let them know I sent you....!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. Tamarah, Wow, what a list. Love hearing more about you. OCD eh? Rub at 4:30 am? Wow.

    You are coming to the US for the Bonanza?

  2. Too bad you were not in gymnastics now, the boobs are a little more accepted, as with the taller gymnasts. There was such a stereotype for gymnasts in the late 70's and 80's. Julianne McNamara was my with Aurelia Dobre, and Daniela Silivas!

    You had better get dear hubby do the diaper changes when that comes along or use the clothespegs on your nose!

  3. 4.30am WHAT THE?? Is there really such a time of the day?? I can't believe that!!

    Hope you have a great junking weekend!!

  4. Hi Tamarah! I just found your blog and what a great introduction! I am slightly concerned about your 4.30am rising but I figure everyone is allowed one oddity ; )

    I am looking forward to reading more! Have a great weekend. xx

  5. 4.30am...Elvis...Snorting...Splits!! No wonder you're crazy (ha ha only joking) I love it! Thanks for visiting me today - I love it when you pop in at lunch time. Have a great weekend :)

  6. Tamarah!!! You inspire me in more ways than one!!! 4.30 am on the treadmill...WOW!!! Congratulations on your fabulous award:) I loved learning these things about you, I think we are alike in many ways ;) I am off to follow the links you provided. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx