Thursday, December 30, 2010

Decisions....Decisions....Oh BUGGER it....Let's go THRIFTING....!!

Hello Dear Friends EVERYWHERE....!

I may not get back here tomorrow so I want to start this post with a heartfelt THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to each & every one of you who have visited with me this past year....!  I can't begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed your company....Reading your comments, visiting with you at your 'place' & meeting with some of you in person has been an amazingly UPLIFTING experience....To know that I'm part of a community of individuals spanning the globe who share my passion for Treasures from the past, understand my eccentricities & look forward to the next instalment is quite humbling....!!!!!

The end of the year always provides an opportunity to reflect on the year that has past & here at Casa SVJ, there has been a lot of reflecting....Mr SVJ & I have had many MANY discussions since we've been on annual leave re just what it is we are wanting to achieve in the coming year & some very IMPORTANT decisions have been made....Alas, as these plans need to be discussed with others I'm unable to let you in on them as yet....Suffice is to say, when the necessary parties have been advised, you guys will the FIRST TO KNOW....  :o) !!!

Needless to say....Most SIGNIFICANT decisions bring about change & while change IS a good thing, it can be overwhelming & give you heartburn....Today I had a LOT of heartburn & to distract myself....I went Thrifting....$65.00 later my heartburn had subsided & been replaced with a big fat GRIN....!

Today I satisfied the VINTAGE side of SVJ while channelling one of my FAVE bloggers....The inimitable Tif from Dottie Angel....BEHOLD....

** sigh **
Two of my FAVE childhood books from TWO different Op-Shops....What Katy Did Next & Good Wives....
GORGEOUS sage green Pyrex bowl in PERFCT nic, YUMMY orangey Tupperware container....Not ONE but TWO swanky swigs....** Happy Dance ** & a trophy engraved 1933....I can't believe at 3pm in a Salvo store this was still sitting about....LUCKY me.... :o) !!
Some more of my FAVE button top knitting needles....
Two STUNNING Sanderson Linen curtains....The texture of this fabric is TO DIE FOR & the print....Well....It IS Sanderson....
I ADORE this towel....ABSOFREAKINLUTELY ADORE it....The pastel colours, the fact that it's from the 70's, PURE cotton & was MADE IN AUSTRALIA make this the PERFECT Thrifting find to me....YUP....ADORE it....!!
This throw is DELICIOUS....The colours are GORGEOUS & it feels DIVINELY snuggly....!
A HEAP of PURE wool to add to my stash 'cause you KNOW I've turned into a crocheting FOOL....!
Just LOVELY....
And last but by no means least is this FAB handmade shirtdress & sage green wool coat....Oh how finding these two made my HEART SING....And for a TINY $11.00....Who was I to argue....Can't WAIT to wear them....!!
** Purrrrrr.....**
I can just see this dress with these boots & my new to me green coat....!!

Well....That's IT from me....I hope you enjoyed seeing my new Treasures....I look forward to sharing MANY MORE with you in the New Year....!!

If you're out & about over the long weekend PLEASE take care....!!

Warmest wishes for a HAPPY....HEALTHY....CREATIVE....FULFILLING....2011,
Tamarah xxx

Monday, December 27, 2010

Our 13th Anniversary....Shabby Vintage Junk Style at The Red Brick Barn (Part 2)....!

Hiya Friends....!

Remember when I talked about our recent Anniversary & how we stayed at the FABULOUS Red Brick barn....Well now that Christmas is behind us for another year I thought I'd pop back & show you the upstairs....Oh you are gonna LOVE this....Be prepared though to feel an OVERWHELMING urge to email Daniel & Glenny to make a booking....!

I couldn't design a better space if I tried nor could I have furnished it so FABULOUSLY....Is this not the most GLORIOUS space you've ever laid eyes on....!!!!!
Mr SVJ has ALWAYS refused point blank to even entertain the idea of a vintage bed....He's 6ft 2in & says he wouldn't be able to stretch out without hitting the end....Well HA to that....His feet didn't touch the end ONCE & we are now on the lookout for a bed just like THIS one....WOOHOO....!!!
The BEAUTIFUL staircase leading to 'Heaven'....  :o) !!
*** ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ***
This mirror was TO DIE FOR....
The size of this room allows for a number of SPECIAL FUNCTIONAL pieces....
Looking towards the bathroom....
I spent AGES looking at this ceiling....While Mr SVJ was downstairs makin' my breaky....hahahahaha....!!
Spare bed & reading area....!
I MUST get me a sideboard like this....I must I must I MUST....!
Gorgeous GORGEOUS splash of colour against the white....!!!
You'll have to forgive the 'blur' to this pic....I didn't want to leave it out though as I wanted you to see the YUMMY shower area....!
** NB: The loo is just to the right of the bench the white towels are sitting on. **
The FUNKY industrial edge this cabinet lends to the space was a NICE surprise.... 
As was this D-I-V-I-N-E lamp....!!
Another FABULOUS old door complete with vintage coat hooks....** purrrrrrr **

Now I still have a HEAP of DELICIOUS pics for you of the outside entertaining area as well as the GORGEOUS claw foot bath & shower so I'll need to do a 3rd instalment....hahahahaha....STAY TUNED....!!

Hope you're having a FAB day....!!

Tamarah :o)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My little $1.00 DIAMOND in the rough....!

MERRY CHRISTMAS Treasure Hunters near & far....!

I hope this note finds you all SAFE & SOUND & beginning the 'recovery process'....!

No rest for the wicked at Camp SVJ unfortunately, as 4am this morning saw me rise & shine to attend the market....Off I choofed with Mr SVJ following in his van to drop off a display piece I couldn't squeeze into my van....hahahahaha....

I didn't set up for a couple of hours as there was hardly anyone about....Alas....It remained that way the entire day....!

Never mind though....It's ALWAYS fun chatting with market goers & other stall holders PLUS I  ONLY spent one tiny TINY dollar on this sweet vintage bottle....My Friend told me it once held a vanity cream of some sort....So I'm HAPPY....Doesn't take much does it....  :o) !!

My diamond....
The 'rough'....!!

I experimented a little with my 'photography' today which is evident in my first pic....I kinda like it & it didn't really take that much longer than usual....What do you think....??  All comments & suggestions WELCOME....  :o) !!

Well I must away....If you still have travelling to do over the Christmas holiday, please take care & DON'T rush....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our 13th Anniversary....Shabby Vintage Junk Style at The Red Brick Barn (Part 1)....!

Hello Everyone....!

I hope this post finds you well & as SANE as you can be given the proximity to the 'Big Fellas' visit....!!  I thought I'd take this opportunity to share a special place I discovered recently....Now there are a LOT of pics so you may want to grab a glass of wine & relax a spell....As ALWAYS, make sure you click on them to make them bigger because I don't want you to miss any of the AWESOME detail....!

Mr SVJ & I celebrated our 13th Anniversary on Tuesday at The Red Brick Barn located a PLEASANT 90 minute drive from where we live in Melbourne.  Situated in the tiny township of Chewton a few clicks this side of Castlemaine in Victorias historic goldfield region, this DIVINE SANCTUARY is a collaborative effort of two VERY like minded souls, Daniel Burgermeister and Glenny Eastwood who bought the property 10 years ago.  They initially purchased the property for the adjoining cottage across the other side of the garden however, when they'd finally finished renovating the dilapidated structure they were ready for a project of a different kind & The Red Brick Barn was 'born'.  You can read all about them in this months edition of Australia Coast To Coast COUNTY STYLE....!

I'm giving this place 10 out of 10 for every imaginable category....From style & design to it's ECO qualities & everything in between this place ROCKS ticking all the boxes....!!!  Everything & I mean EVERYTHING is provided for you....You will want for NOTHING....!!

I seriously urge you to have a look for yourself....Mr SVJ & I will be checking our schedule over the Chrissy break & once we know for sure when we can sneak away again for two days we'll be making our next booking....!!

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL...Looking at her you wouldn't think this building was JUST 3 years old....Reclaimed red bricks were used throughout....!  I have a SOFT spot for old red brick California Bungalows so this place had me at 'Red Brick....'....!
Vintage hardware has been used on all the doors & windows....
BEAUTIFUL old door to greet the weary visitor....
GORGEOUS urn vignette sitting quietly on the paved entry....
BEAUTIFUL fragrant lavender wafts gently in the breeze....
*** sigh *** ....There is just 'something' about old red bricks that make my heart SING....!
Notice the salvaged windows & railway sleeper (above the door)....!

*** NB: The next few pics were taken with Mr SVJ's camera using a wide angle lens so there's a bit of distortion....Hence the curve to the doorways etc....! ***
This is the old door that leads to the living area from the front mud room....
LOVED this AWESOME chair just inside the front door....!
This is the view from the back of the mudroom looking back at the front door....
And this pic was taken from the front door....
This is the downstairs loo off the mudroom....ADORED the sweet cabinet above....!
The vintage green tiles & cast iron basin made me SMILE OUT LOUD every time I looked at them....!!
Now we've walked through to the living area & we're looking back towards the litchen....
And this is looking across to the kitchen from the lounge area....
The colours throughout are just SENSATIONAL....The creamy yellow legs on this BEAUTIFUL farmhouse table paired with the grey metal chairs was TO DIE FOR & don't you LOVE the floppy pink roses from the garden thoughtully placed by Daniel who was there to greet us when we arrived....!
Looking towards the lounge area from the kitchen....
So many BEAUTIFUL pieces in this shot....Don't forget to click for a BETTER look....!
Anyone who's read my blog for a while knows I LOVE these metal flowers....Mr SVJ counted them on our arrival and AGAIN as we we're leaving....BUGGER....hahahahahaha....!
How ORIGINAL is this Christmas Tree idea....Just ADORABLE....!
PERFECTION in EVERY direction....!
Each piece has been carefully chosen for both it's asthetic appeal & purpose....Everything you see is functional....!!
And last but by no means least FOR TONIGHT is the view from the left side of the lounge area looking across to the right wall....

I'll be back with the upstairs & outside after Christmas so PLEASE pop back....You're gonna FLIP when you see the claw foot bath & shower outside on the deck complete with hot & cold water....And Mr SVJ & I can GUARANTEE that is ONE pleasure you will WANT to share with that special someone....  :o) !!!

Be sure to have a look at the links 'above' & visit Daniel & Glenny as well as the article to read all about this MAGICAL place....If you do make a booking, please mention that you read about them here....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)