Sunday, May 1, 2011

And So it BEGINS....An APOLOGY to my Blog Friends....!!!!!

Dear Keepers Of The Past,
As always I begin this post with the wish you are all safe, well & RESTED following the weekend....!
It's almost midnight here & I was just about to drag myself to bed for a few hours after a FREAKISHLY busy day when the thought entered my fuzzy mind I needed to pop by & say hello to you all & let you know what's going on at Casa De SVJ....  :o) !!
With the Shabby Vintage Junk fast approaching, I find myself totally focussed on it's promotion *** FULL details will be released this Tuesday***....Which means I won't be able to spend as much time visiting with you all & for this I apologise in advance....While I'll be posting SVJ-X updates regularly, it's unlikely I'll be able to answer your comments....And considering my preference has ALWAYS been to 'visit' with you in a relaxed atmosphere with a glass of wine or stubby (beer) in hand & 'conversate' with you at length, I'd prefer to be able to catch up with you properly when my mind is ONLY focussed on what you've been up to & NOT what I need to or SHOULD be doing....Besides....I KNOW how you all enjoy your inboxes being BOMBARDED with my natterings when I come by....  :o) !!!!!  
That being said, as both Organiser AND Vendor of what is going to be an AWESOME vintage event, I will NEED your support & encouragement as my nerves FRAY & my patience is tested....Rest assured....Your thoughts & words of wisdom will be well received & no doubt make my day when it seems to be falling down around me like a tired old pair of undies....hahahahaha....!!
Now I MUST away to the land of Nod but before I do....I'd LOVE to share today's Treasures with you found at the Market in the dark shortly after 4am....
I haven't found a vintage mohair pooch since LAST September at Round Top so I was OVER THE MOON T.H.R.I.L.L.E.D to find this little fellow....Bedraggled, forlorn creature that he is with his holes & straw sticking out I ADORE him to pieces....And JOY OF JOYS....He doesn't SMELL....WOOHOO....!!!
And ANOTHER clock to remind me how PRECIOUS time is AND that it's running out....hahahahahahaha....Along with a ANOTHER trophy....'Cause everyone's a WINNER right....  :o) !!!!!
Goodnight everyone....SWEET junkin' dreams....I'll be back....SOON....!!!
Tamarah  :o)


  1. Wow, Tamarah, love those treasures! Great doggie and clock! One of these days I hope to be able to get to one of your fabulous events; what fun they seem to be! Hope you get done all you need to and have a very successful show!

  2. Wonderful finds!!! Makes me wish I'd bought a cute little old doggie mohair I found a while back, but I'm sure someone gave him a loving home. I adore old trophies and old clocks! Good luck and best wishes for a great show!

  3. I completely understand how crazy busy you and your mind are!! At JunkFest, we are the organizers, vendors (filling the largest building ourselves with repurposed goods), and organize and host the flea market of 50 plus vendors too!! People that haven't been in that role(s) have no idea how much goes on behind the scenes. the same's one of the most rewarding things to actually pull it off!! You'll do great and your event will surely be a smashing success!! Oh, and if you start feeling a tad overwhelmed, chocolate and wine, lots of it. Good luck! And don't worry about getting back to me on this comment, I understand!!

    p.s. If the wind decides to blow you from Junk Bonanza to JunkFest in September...give us a shout, we'd love to wine and dine ya!

  4. No worries. Visit everyone when you get a break. Good luck and much success with the show!

  5. Oh that is one cute bedraggled pooch.
    Take care, keep calm - you are the best at doing what you do!!

  6. AGAIN, I have a bear that almost matches your dog, with the straw showing from holes and the absolutely NO hair left on in...!!!!they could be twins...well, not really as one is a dog and one is a bear, but you get my crazy drift...I will send you a pic........when you are not so busy....good luck with your extravaganza...Suzanne.

  7. As you KNOW from
    my last post, I admire
    nothing better than
    a woman who chases her
    dreams....Who isn't
    content to be the nine
    and ninety who dream but
    don't chase, but number
    100 who grimly charges
    on and pins down that
    dream! SO excited for
    you!!! How fantastic and
    I'm sure it will be a
    BIG success. Maybe one
    of these years we will
    connect at another sale.
    Until then, I'll be cheering
    you on from the other side
    of the globe, T!
    xx Suzanne

  8. -put your head down and get to it. and remember to look up every so often to enjoy

    -when you don't have time to take a 5 minute break is when you need to most.

    -stop yourself in the midst of it all and consciously take note of the moment. as weeks past, you'll be able to retrieve them specifically.

  9. Girly,get to work! lol, I loved being at Winnie and Talula's and meeting, Ki, only thing better would've been having you there, too! Margo gave me my coin, what a perfect friendship reminder! Thank you very much, I adore it!...and of course while at the store, I picked up a spring necklace from Margo.

    Best Wishes on your show!'

  10. The last thing you need is to feel stressed about keeping in touch with blog friends! Just take care of business, and come back and tell us what a HUGE success your sale was! Because I KNOW it will be!

  11. your treasures are so wonderful - what a find! wish you weren't so far away - I'm sure your event will be dreamy! good luck and remember to breathe!

  12. Wonderful finds, and no apology necessary. We all love our visits with you but more than that we want you to be happy and having fun. Any success we can wish you we always do. This event is going to be better than you imagined. May your dreams come true.
    So - remember to get some SLEEP and do some dreaming. (Pleasant dreams only)

  13. Great finds! Wishing you a wonderful stress-free event!

  14. "make my day when it seems to be falling down around me like a tired old pair of undies" You crack me up!

    Play hard, my friend, Susanne.

  15. You are a busy bugger! No need to stress about us. We know you have things to do. Catch up when you can. Love the trophy cup!

  16. LOVE the little doggie! (I am constantly amazed at the treasures you come across) Best of luck for the show - you have your head screwed on so it will be a breeze for you sweet Tamarah :)