Thursday, May 19, 2011

OK....Let's ReCYCLE & break this BABY down....!

Okeydokey....Now that entries for the Shabby Vintage Junk Giveaway Extravaganza Giveaway have closed, I thought I'd take a break from promoting the Show & share a project with you....I know I'm ALWAYS showing you pics of my finds but RARELY ever do you get to see what I do with them....!

Now this is a sweet little gentleman's wardrobe from the early to mid 1940's....It's a GREAT piece, in WONDERFUL nic & could most certainly be ReUSED for the purpose with which it was originally intended however, I have other plans for it....!

Working with a TIGHT budget & KEEN to promote the 4 x R's....ReUSE....RePURPOSE....ReIMAGINE & ReCYCLE I tend to make do instead of making a trip to the hardware store....At the moment, I have several SVJ-X projects on hold because I need 'parts' so I'm gonna 'canabalise' this piece & ReCYCLE the pieces....!

This is a simple project requiring a few hand tools....My gloves, hammer & 'persuader' (tire iron) were sourced from the Hard Rubbish....The pliers were an unavoidable purchase as I haven't as yet found any on the side of the road....!
Now I'm pretty much a crash & bash kinda girl when I get going but this job requires a gentle approach....The ply needs to be lifted carefully to ensure it doesn't tear....
All of the nails need to be removed for safety as well as the fact some of the pieces may require machining at a later date....Mr SVJ gets VERY annoyed if I leave nails for him to saw through....hahahahaha....!
Contrary to popular belief....The 'persauder' can be used for gentle manipulation....hahahahaha....
At this stage it's pretty much a carcass....The top, back & most of the front pieces of ply & the door have been removed along with the shelves....
If you've ever trodden on a nail &/OR had a bloody tetanus shot....You don't want to leave any of these little buggers sticking out....
A quick whack with my trusty hammer & a potential trip to the emergency ward is avoided....!!
Nearly done....Just the sides & the frame to break down & I can put everything away....!
Larger nails need to be carefully hammered back through so as not to split the wood....
So close....Just need to pry the sides from the base & remove the last piece of ply from the inside....!
Yayyyyyy....Do you see what I see....?  THREE long narrow blackboards in waiting on the left....Hardwood pieces to be used in a HEAP of repair projects & sheets of ply to be used as backings on a number of projects....!!!!!
And this was all I was left with....And if I HAD a wood fire....I'd utilise this TOO as kindling....!

Well I hope you've enjoyed having a look at what I get up to when I'm not promoting the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza....With any luck....I'll come back & show you how I turn the tall narrow pieces into blackboards....!!

Cheers from SVJ-X Heaadquarters,
Tamarah :o)


  1. You are amazing....I was expecting to see it painted...but then again, You seldom paint your bits...

    Stepped on a huge nail last week, right into me heel and it pinned my slipper to my foot. Off for a long overdue tetanus.

  2. Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

  3. fantastic! such a 'neat' job too.

  4. I am appropriately impressed!



  5. black boards, how cool you are!

  6. kindling oh no .. i can see some funky mini board sinage there , cant wait to see your blackboards

  7. Can hardly wait to see the blackboards...and while I'm on my visit I may just have to see about tradin some persuadin tools I have from my Dads ol' tool stash for some of that kindlin wood! Great post!

  8. Amazing! You have skillz! You're a bloody surgeon!