Monday, May 30, 2011

Talk about cutting it fine....hahahahahaha....20 x Early Bird Totes HOT off the press....!

Greetings All....!

Case De SVJ has OFFICIALLY been renamed 'Camp CRAZY House'....There is a WHOLE hellofalot goin' on around here today & I am doin' the Mad Hatter dance BIG TIME....Yes indeed folks I'mlateI'mlateI'mLATE! & I KNOW I should be elsewhere but here I am talkin' to you lot....hahahahahaha....Not for long though....I've just popped in to share a few of our canvas Early Bird totes FINISHED last night....

There are TWENTY in total which are going to the first 20 x Early Birds who booked tickets to the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza....!!

Hand made by myself & my Mother-In-Law on two NON industrial sewing machines these BEAUTIES will be filled with Treasures generously provided by a number of our Specialist Vendors.....!!
Aren't they YUMMY....!!!!!

OK....Gotta fly....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

PS:  I WILL be back later to introduce you to a number of our Specialists....!


  1. They look fabulous Tamarah...

    give your mum in law a BIG KISS from me & sooty!! (plahh)..

    xxx andrea

  2. Oh how I wish I could be one of the 20!!! You did a great job on these!

  3. The totes are wonderful! What a special touch for the first 20. The tote alone is a great gift and then you go and say it's going to filled with treasures! Lucky 20!!!

  4. WOW, nice touch Tamarah!!! I'm turning green,LOL. I'm going to miss all the fun. Well this time and I hope there is a next time. Today is my last day before going back to work and I'm going to spend it with my mom and our plan is hop around the city and visit all the flea markets and vintage stores we can find. Have a great day my dear!

    Cheer from FIN
    Suvi xxx

  5. Oh, they look fantastic Tam! Lucky buggers.

  6. Camp Crazy House sounds like fun (I know - what's wrong with me?!) -- hope you'll show us what's in the bags ... in your spare time. ;-)

  7. So gorgeously gorgeous.... ;)

  8. Im so green with envy....they look great!

  9. They are amazing. I am working in the morning or I would have got me one of those tickets!!! Next year you will be making more than twenty- LOL

  10. Take your vitamins Miss T....don't kill yourself before the big day!

    The totes are wonderful!


  11. Love those bags, your talents are endless.

    Margo aka Robolady