Sunday, May 15, 2011

Aussie Bloggers I NEED your help....!!!!! NO Pictures to detract from the SERIOUSNESS of this request....!!!!!

Dear Vintage Friends....!

This post sees me with my hat in my hand....A rare occurrence for this hardened 'junker' I can assure you however, the hour is nigh & I NEED help from all you Aussie bloggers out there who hold vintage near & dear to their hearts....!!!!!

Last year I FINALLY set my dreams in motion organising the first Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza here in Melbourne....This was achieved whilst working full time & over a period of many months....It was a WONDERFUL event for all involved....The feedback was BRILLIANT & the turnout achieved with next to no budget for advertising was TERRIFIC....!

This time around however, they've been some 'glitches' & due to 'issues' with insurance, the window for organising & advertising this event was severely narrowed....In short, from the time I finally received the 'go ahead' until opening day on the 4th June was a scant six weeks....And trust me....From an organisational perspective where 'whatever can go wrong, can & WILL go wrong' is inevitable, six weeks is NOT a great amount of time....!

I really believe in the Extravaganza & feel it fills a void in the Australian Vintage Scene....To date, there are NO Vintage Furniture & Homewares Shows LIKE this in the country & I'm keen to share it with both vintage enthusiasts & non vintage enthusiasts alike....!!

I have a team of creative Specialist Vendors working hard to bring together a Show to thrill & inspire our visitors....And I can't wait to see the surprise & delight on the faces of those who attend the Extravaganza when they first walk into the hall & witness the transformation we'll have worked so hard to achieve....!!!!!

Last week, prior to the Blogger issues I posted a FABULOUS giveaway here & would really appreciate it if all you Aussie Lovelies would pop in, take a button &/or post about the Extravaganza on your blogs....!!

In return....You have the opportunity to win a BEAUTIFUL Treasure I KNOW you'll be very HAPPY to receive if you are the LUCKY winner....!!

Also....If ever in the future I can help you with YOUR vintage business or blog I will be MORE than happy to do so if able....All you need to do is email me at: & I'll be happy to 'talk' to you about it....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

PS: The giveaway is open to all bloggers here & internationally....!

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