Saturday, May 28, 2011

One GIANT step for Tamarah....One TINY step for the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza....hahahahahaha....

Hello fellow Keepers Of The Past....!!

Things are really hopping here at SVJ Headquarters....Though Mr SVJ & I have gone to separate corners of the house after an 'artistic' disagreement & I'm ENJOYING a few moments of peace & quite....hahahahahaSNORT....!!

Chaos has moved in & STUFF's seemingly STREWN the length & breadth of our castle to the point where I'm surprised I'm actually getting anything done at all....!!

I HAVE managed to finish this GORGEOUS cubby or pigeon hole unit though & I just thought I'd take a moment to show you....I needed a large piece for the Extravaganza to display my smalls & I think this will do perfectly....!!

Twenty boxes will allow me to display a number of TREASURES during the two days of our Show....
Clocks.....Spools....Globes....SWEET vintage toys....Glass jars filled with Vintage Notions.....
A trophy or two....A Kokeshi Doll maybe....hmmmmm....I'm SURE I could play at this all day....!
It's a shame though I have so many....MANY more projects requiring my attention....**sigh**....
Dare I ask...."Are we there YET....?"....hahahahahaha....6 more sleeps to go....And then....
....Our Early Bird visitors will get to enjoy all of the hard work we've gone to to create....
The Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza....
And back by popular demand are my BEAUTIFUL Friend Wendy's Terriers Of Mansfield....A recent addition to her hand made range of Vintage Terriers are these English mohair CUTIES....**LOVE**....!!
Well that's enough mucking around....I trust you're all having a BRILLIANT weekend....As promised earlier, I'll be back shortly to introduce you to some of our Specialist Vendors....!!

Yes indeed....One GIANT step for me....One TINY step for the SVJ-X....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. LOL you and Mr SVJ crack me up~!

  2. Hello my sweet Tamarah!

    Sounds like you are having some busy, but exciting times over there! I'm so happy for you for achieving your dream and goals. You are one true vintage lover =) I love your pigeon hole unit and all the cute things in it. very nice indeed.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Cheers from FIN
    Suvi xxx

    PS. Can't wait for you giveaway winner announcement !!! Will be exciting !!!

  3. Love the cubby Tam and everything inside!!!! Looking forward to seeing many photos from the Extrav. I hope it all goes swimmingly, T x

  4. Loving all those cuby hole things I need a cubby hole for all my bits too and those terrier dogs are so cute.xx

  5. Loving your SVJ-C cubbyhole Can't believe it is so few sleeps to go til the Extravaganza Sooooo.......exciting

  6. Oh I love the cubby and your smalls are fabulous! I especially love love love the pull toys. Darn!! I wish I could come because I would grab those for sure!!!!!!

  7. Love the smalls, and the display. I feel your pain, but my BIG project finishes up today :)

    Can't wait to see more.

    Margo aka Robolady

  8. That's really neat! All the best with the show.

  9. Ah, the 'artistic' disagreement, why oh why can't they just bow to our 'expertise'?! If only one of you is going to be happy, it might as well be you!
    Get good sleeps,

  10. Hi Tamarah,
    I just love tiny things all organized with cubbies!

    Wishing you HUGE success at The Extravaganza!

    Second Hand Chicks

  11. Busy, busy girl!! Love that cubby!

  12. Ooh Tamrah how exciting!! It looks so fab!! No wonder I am moving away from the real vintage shabby look loving the more paired back vintage look you are sooo good at. I have designated some of my very favourite roses floral shabby items for the SJVX and though its hard to say good bye I know they will go to wonderful new homes. I have put a preview on my blog..its still chaos but you can see some of my pretties!!

  13. I'm having some serious cubby envy - brilliant idea for smalls. I may have to borrow that... :-)

  14. Hey Tamarah looove the pigeon hole shelving l have been wanting one of those for ages....sorry we did'nt get to catch up on Sunday....wanted to wish you luck for the extravaganza and can't wait to grab some goodies...also Russ says hi every time l mention your name he goes into this tune about Tammy's in love it's like an old 50's song very cute will have to get him to sing it for you!

    Best wishes see you Friday X

  15. love the display and all the smalls, also love the doggies.
    Best of Luck,

  16. Boy has time zipped by!! But I am ready to roll, have all my goodies packed and ready by the door. I've got lots of silver, mirrors, crystal very chateau! And a few bus roll items too. Cant believe how organised i am lol!! Just have to do my little pressies for the canvas totes and thats it yay!

  17. I sooooo wish I lived closer...looks like it is going to be an extravaganza that people will be talking about for a while!!

    Where do you get your energy?!!

  18. He girly, hope you are well!! I sooo wish I could come over to see your JUNK! I will be working away I am sure! Hope life is treating you well, still love your furry terriers ! Hugs, Janna