Monday, April 25, 2011

Build it....And they will come....Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza....A Vintage Show in the making....!

Hello Fellow Vintage Lovers EVERYWHERE....!
I trust this post finds you all safe & well following the Easter break....!!
Mr SVJ & I have been flat out like lizards drinking over the last few days building my set for the upcoming Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza....Full details of which will be advised this week once the Vendor line up has been finalised....!!!!!
I'm PLEASED to say, 95% of the materials used were salvaged from the Hard Rubbish.....Aside from these FABULOUS posts....I bought these from a salvage center some time ago intending to use them as table legs....For the time being though, they make a WONDERFUL entrance....!
Mr SVJ's face was as DARK as THUNDER when this pic was taken so probably BEST you can't see it....You'd think he'd KNOW after all this time I change my mind....A LOT....hahahahahaha....!!
Speaking of which....Here's that piece of galvanised tin I lugged home last week....!
Well I must away....Gotta go see a man about a dog....For my International Friends that's Aussie for "I'm off to do something I probably shouldn't share for fear of incriminating myself....hahahahahaha....!!!"
Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)



  1. Here it's "I'm going to see a man about a horse". And it usually is code for "I'm going to go pee."!
    I love the roof!! I love the porch posts! It's going to look awesome. And how cool is it that 95% of your inventory is curbside finds? Way to go, Tamarah!

  2. Tamarah,your enthusiasm always inspires me. How lucky are you having Mr SVJ to help out at times and how lucky is he to have you changing your mind - how else would he spend his time (haha). I will not definately not be missing this extrvaganza!!

  3. Love the entrance and how huge would that table have been thos eposts are so huge.Least you have a Mr SVJ I dont have one of those hamdymen anywhere near me tho I wish I did.

  4. When is it, and don't tell me it's at your home?!? How exciting!

  5. It's looking fab! And don't our husbands know us by now?! ;-)

    Kat :)

  6. You kill me with that flat out lizard stuff!! LOL!!!! Your are the best!!

  7. I smile every time I read one of your posts....I love the expressions you use!
    The set you are building is looking good!! You and your hubby make a great team.

  8. Amazing! thanks for sharing the excitement=)!!

  9. oh I can't wait.. the ''entrance'' is looking fantastic,..

  10. Wow! fantastic entrance Tam! How the bloomin heck are you going to transport it??? Can't wait to hear and see more, see ya, T x

  11. love it to bits! Im so disappointed I will be missing it, but of course you will share pics! I will be thinking of you while Im over in the U.S!

  12. Now you know how to make an entrance!!
    Wish I could be there!!

  13. *giggle*
    I have bail money just in case you get in trouble while going to see "about a dog"...

    just sayin'
    ;-D LOVE the entrance!!!


  14. totally love the galvanized tin and legs entrance! that rocks, girly.

  15. Can't wait to see the whole thing. I think Mr SJV is very patient and deserves lots of points for helping you. Send him some Texas hugs from us gals for his good sportsmanship.


  16. That looks like it's going to be very impressive! You're so creative. Seriously...have you signed a book deal yet?!?

  17. What fun - and hard work! Good luck with the rest of the construction, can't wait to see final piccies...

  18. Fist time Follower
    First time Comment.
    To see something you talked about while wait to catch a plane and to see you put it into action i take my hat off to you .
    You are setting a amazing scene for the extrvaganza.

  19. Hi Tam, l have been having a BIG laugh at your crack about Mr.SVJ's thunderous face, he sounds a lot like my hubby's when l suggest "WE" make something haha. l love your upcycling it's great and yes it makes a wonderful entrance, fancy you lugging that tin home....struuuth. Can't wait for all the info on your extravaganza. Hope you enjoy watching the BIG wedding tonight. Have a great weekend Tam....Bron.

  20. I saw this earlier in the week and was loving it...I'm wondering how you are gonna get it to your, my husband never reads my mind right the first time...going to First Monday and Winnie and Talula's this weekend to see Ki, COME ON! Lezlee

  21. Oh wow what an entrance that will make

  22. I love your entrance!!!!! I really try to do an arbor or something similar of what you have done for most of the Marburger shows. I would never thought of using that piece of metal but it looks absolutely fab!! Thanks for dropping by. Judy

  23. WOOT! Just caught up on all the Texas posts.
    WOOOOOT! need to catch my breath.

    Your entrance is lookin' kickin' :D


  24. Horses, dog, it's pretty much the same. My father said it all the time, Going to see a man about a horse. It was code for Just Don't Ask!