Thursday, December 30, 2010

Decisions....Decisions....Oh BUGGER it....Let's go THRIFTING....!!

Hello Dear Friends EVERYWHERE....!

I may not get back here tomorrow so I want to start this post with a heartfelt THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to each & every one of you who have visited with me this past year....!  I can't begin to tell you how much I've enjoyed your company....Reading your comments, visiting with you at your 'place' & meeting with some of you in person has been an amazingly UPLIFTING experience....To know that I'm part of a community of individuals spanning the globe who share my passion for Treasures from the past, understand my eccentricities & look forward to the next instalment is quite humbling....!!!!!

The end of the year always provides an opportunity to reflect on the year that has past & here at Casa SVJ, there has been a lot of reflecting....Mr SVJ & I have had many MANY discussions since we've been on annual leave re just what it is we are wanting to achieve in the coming year & some very IMPORTANT decisions have been made....Alas, as these plans need to be discussed with others I'm unable to let you in on them as yet....Suffice is to say, when the necessary parties have been advised, you guys will the FIRST TO KNOW....  :o) !!!

Needless to say....Most SIGNIFICANT decisions bring about change & while change IS a good thing, it can be overwhelming & give you heartburn....Today I had a LOT of heartburn & to distract myself....I went Thrifting....$65.00 later my heartburn had subsided & been replaced with a big fat GRIN....!

Today I satisfied the VINTAGE side of SVJ while channelling one of my FAVE bloggers....The inimitable Tif from Dottie Angel....BEHOLD....

** sigh **
Two of my FAVE childhood books from TWO different Op-Shops....What Katy Did Next & Good Wives....
GORGEOUS sage green Pyrex bowl in PERFCT nic, YUMMY orangey Tupperware container....Not ONE but TWO swanky swigs....** Happy Dance ** & a trophy engraved 1933....I can't believe at 3pm in a Salvo store this was still sitting about....LUCKY me.... :o) !!
Some more of my FAVE button top knitting needles....
Two STUNNING Sanderson Linen curtains....The texture of this fabric is TO DIE FOR & the print....Well....It IS Sanderson....
I ADORE this towel....ABSOFREAKINLUTELY ADORE it....The pastel colours, the fact that it's from the 70's, PURE cotton & was MADE IN AUSTRALIA make this the PERFECT Thrifting find to me....YUP....ADORE it....!!
This throw is DELICIOUS....The colours are GORGEOUS & it feels DIVINELY snuggly....!
A HEAP of PURE wool to add to my stash 'cause you KNOW I've turned into a crocheting FOOL....!
Just LOVELY....
And last but by no means least is this FAB handmade shirtdress & sage green wool coat....Oh how finding these two made my HEART SING....And for a TINY $11.00....Who was I to argue....Can't WAIT to wear them....!!
** Purrrrrr.....**
I can just see this dress with these boots & my new to me green coat....!!

Well....That's IT from me....I hope you enjoyed seeing my new Treasures....I look forward to sharing MANY MORE with you in the New Year....!!

If you're out & about over the long weekend PLEASE take care....!!

Warmest wishes for a HAPPY....HEALTHY....CREATIVE....FULFILLING....2011,
Tamarah xxx


  1. Happy New Year, and what can one say about the Thrift Finds !!! wow.

    my NY Resolution is to start a new Blog about My thrifting... I visit at least half a dozen different shops a week. After reading so many blogs here over the last few weeks I can see I need to write it all down.

    hope 2011 is just perfect for you. ~ Lyndel

  2. First off...YOU are so welcome! I enjoy your blog so much and look forward to every new post!
    Let me also THANK YOU for all of your visits and sweet words you leave for me. I always love hearing from you!
    Now...onto that TROPHY! I am flipping out! How great is that thing??? WHoa ....what a find!
    Thanks for letting us all in on one of the BEST heartburn cures I've ever heard of!
    Blessings and hugs to you!!

  3. What awesome finds! And Happy New Year!

  4. Wow! I am envious of your beautiful finds! And, love your, no thanks needed. It's so much fun to "visit" you,

  5. Thrifting's the BEST!
    Will be waiting for "what's next" for you whenever you can share. In the meantime, wishing you & Mr SVJ a very Happy New Year!


  6. Finding your blog and 'meeting' you has definitely been on of the highlights of 2010! I got a good laugh about your excitement over the towel. I am grateful *Every Single Day* there are other people on the planet who get excited about towels! It's not just me... :-)

    Happy New Year!

  7. Thrifting is cheaper than real therapy! And a whole lot more fun! Love the trophy and the dress!

  8. I am loving the shirt dress and I'm always happy to find a bargain..xx

  9. Hi Tamarah, sounds like 2011 is going to be a very exciting year for you and Mr SVJ. Love the trophy, I would have snapped that up too. Happy new year. Tamara x

  10. What lovely items you found! Love the shirt dress and the towel is fab!

  11. Hey Tamarah, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! hope it brings so much joy and new adventures for you and MR SVJ.
    Are you thinking of getting rid of the "pesky day job"and becoming a full time crazy junker girl like me???? Hope so.ha xxxx

  12. Happy New Year Tamarah...

    cannot wait to hear all your news re "changes" going to be made..

    I love love all of your finds...
    I went to a vinnies yesterday to drop off some of dad's old trackies & I came out with vintage leather suitcases...doilies..curtains..

    YIPEE... to chill out from the hot hot weather today..

    xx andrea

  13. You find the best stuff! That trophy is truly covet-worthy. You'll have to show us a picture of you in that dress and those boots!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeve! Happy New Year, Tamarah!

  14. Always a pleasure to visit you! Such eye candy! Have a wonderful New Year's!

  15. Love the dress and jacket, Tamarah...and wow, that trophy...I'll bet you couldn't believe it was there! Happy New Year!!

  16. Happy new year gorgeous girl~!

    Here's to a big, beautiful bounty of treasures in 2011~!!



  17. Well someone had fun shopping!
    I was at the markets today. I have no idea how I would find you. You really have to tell me which stall is yours. I will be popping in again in the next couple of weeks.
    Would love to meet you in person.
    Ky x

    You can email me

  18. HELLO Tamarah!!


    I had a quick chance to pop in and say hi!! I hope you are doing great my dear. We have had troubleling start on our vacation down here in Canada. Our luggages got lost for couple days. Finally we found them and the city got them lost. But it's all good now. We are heading out to the Rockies today and spending a week of enjoying and snowboarding. I hope you got my email earlier. I wish you all the best for this year 2011 and hope to hear from you soon. Miss you !!

    Take care

    cheers from Calgary!!!

  19. Thought I'd pop by and say hello. You've had an amazing booty finding time. Pretty much a dead season for thrifting here at the moment. Hopefully people will chuck stuff out soon for me to bring home.


  20. Happy New Year Lovie! Everyone loved my red #2 over Christmas. I am now in search of a 5 to put next to it for next Christmas ;)

    I love you finds. The curvy silver trophy made my heart skip a beat. I love the skinny pedestal. The shirt dress is very cute. You will have to model it for us. What are you crocheting?

  21. Wow, quite the haul! I have never seen any trophys out junking, only at antique shops where you'd have to blow your whole $65.

    Those sound like intriguing titles for kids books, hum.....

    Looking forward to hearing about your new plans. May your new year be filled with joy and prosperity!

  22. Happy New Year Tamarah!
    Love everything you found, especially that trophy! You hauled home great stuff for $65.00!
    I have really enjoyed your blog and look forward to hearing what you have in store for 2011.

  23. Pretty cheap therapy! Can't wait to see what you "get into" this year... I have so enjoyed following along! Lezlee

  24. T: Great therapy!
    Too cute and here in
    the cold land I'd layer
    it over a thermal tee
    and leggings, then do
    the boots topped with a
    cute coat and a scarf.
    Have fun with all of your
    treasures and your BIG
    decisions : )! Happy
    New Year!
    xx Suzanne

  25. Hi Tamarah! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Hope you and Mr SVJ had a wonderful Christmas, thank you for your lovely comments and THANK YOU for taking the time to visit me. Your visits are always received with the hugest smile. Wow, you scored well with this thrifting trip. LOVE the pyrex...and is that the Melbourne Cup?? (Ha Ha) - I look forward to reading/seeing more of your adventures during 2011 :) xx Elizabeth

  26. Hi Tamara,
    Thrifting has always been my favorite way to deal with stress/heartburn/dissapointment/general feelings of boredom. Thrifting is the best therapy!

    Great finds by the way.

    Hope you and Mr SVJ are having a wonderful New Year!

    Second Hand Chicks