Monday, December 6, 2010

GIVEAWAY Reminder & Why I LOVE LOVE LOVE Hard Rubbish....!!!

*** The Shabby Vintage Junk / Vintage Junk In My Trunk giveaway ends at midnight tomorrow night, Tuesday 7th December Aussie time (approx. 8am  New York time)....!  So....For your chance to win ONE of EIGHT prizes from me here at SVJ, please see my post from 1st December....!! ***

Hello fellow Junking & Thrifting Friends both near & far.....!!

I hope this note finds you recovered from a WONDERFUL weekend of Treasure Hunting....OR....Relxing & enjoying your Family at this SPECIAL time of year....!

Just popping in to THANK YOU all for your KIND words of congratulations for Gina's & my recent 100th posts....!

I've had fun visiting with everyone, though am disapointed that I was unable to contact a few of you directly. This was due in part to there not being a blog for me to comment on or NO REPLY BLOGGER coming up when I attempted to email....!

So as I've been unable to 'chat' with you directly, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for helping us celebrate this milestone to the following:

Anonymous - Kathy (mydogpetey) 

.....Now before I bugger off to play with my spreadsheet....hahahahaha....Come on....How ELSE do you think I was going to keep a tally of everyone's entries....(??) I wanted to share a recent Hard Rubbish find with you....To say I'm SMITTEN with this piece is an UNDERSTATEMENT forsure (YES that's ONE word)....It is BEAUTIFUL beyond words & I was so CHUFFED to find it I scurried back to my van GIGGLING like a loon....!

As this is a NEW TO ME piece that I am unfamiliar with, if you have any information that will help me to put a date to it etc I would be MOST appreciative....!!

Celuloid PERFECTION....
BREATHTAKING graphics....!

GENTLE decay.... :o)
An ADDITIONAL surprise awaited me when I arrived home to find this drawer & it's hidden TREASURES....!!
German scissors....English threader (?)
Hat pins, fine French crochet hooks as well as a few BAKELITE crochet hooks....WOOHOO....!!
A SWEET PINK packet of pins....!
DELICIOUSLY raised design to THRILL my curious fingers.

And this my Friends....Is why I LOVE HARD RUBBISH....!

Cheers until I draw the EIGHT winning entries,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. What sort of deranged loon would put that out as rubbish? lol. What a find! What a treasure!


  2. What a treasure you have find !!!!!
    I've been way too busy this weekend, but I'll sure email you soonish!! I have a recognition for you in my blog!!

    Have a great week! It's our Independence day this Monday so it's a day off from work. We are taking it easy.


  3. It's amazing to me what people throw away. Cool find.

  4. I would think it may be victorian. Maybe French. But I know squat so don't take my word.

    Is is beautiful though. I would use it for jewelery.

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  6. I cannot believe you found that celluloid dresser box in the hard rubbish...I'd be "chuffed" too! (I think - not sure what "chuffed" is...)
    They are not terribly hard to find here in the shops, but usually are expensive if they are in such nice condition as yours. Love that threader too; I've never found one of those.
    Congrats to you - you are definitely the queen of HR. (Hard Rubbish).

  7. That is perfection! It's really quite beautiful and the treasures inside are just that ... treasures! You lucky gal. I can just imagine you giggling with delight.

  8. The box is to die for. Looks like a victorian glove box,but not sure. Who cares it's so pretty!!

  9. The box is gorgeous!!!! What a delightful find!!

  10. You lucky thing you - I wish we could have these sites to go and rummage through but old Blighty 'Health and Safety' put a stop to all that. I think I am in the giveaway but just in case count me in.
    Beverley xx

  11. I can't believe you found that in the "hard rubbish"! I'm booking my flight NOW!

  12. Beautiful! I wonder if those little girl portraits are of two sisters or friends or ...? Good luck with that spreadsheet - you are far more ambitious than I! :-) Have a lovely day!

  13. Looks like a jewelry box someone used for sewing. That spreadsheet must be massive...just sayin'. merry♥O

  14. Ditto Kimmi! What a find!!!!
    I would be ecstatic too.
    It was meant for you, just finding its way home.

  15. Hi Tamarah, thanks for popping over :) OMG! Who in their right mind would get rid of this, let alone place it in the HR? Are they insane??? Although it is wonderful for you:) I always thought that the longer celluloid boxes were for gloves also. Hope you hold onto this beautiful treasure :) Have a great day, Tamara x

  16. Gosh Tamarah, what a brilliant find! Be great to know the history of the original owner. Must have been someone who loved needlework!

  17. WOW!!! That's the most amazing thing I've ever seen someone find. It's just beautiful and those treasure inside are more than the icing on the cake. Your seratonin levels must have hit the roof when you opened it up!

    Thanks for your gorgeous comment on my post too. Made me smile very much. xx

  18. you must live in a way spanky district - that looks amazing!!
    I think my favourite are the scissors hidden away in there...
    Just did the rounds of my local hard junk and there was nought but palm fronds and plastic chairs... (my local council however does do the service of printing a calendar of where and when, much like a 'where are we going hunting this weekend' in advance by 12 months!!

    Thanks for visiting my place you lovely thing!

  19. WOOOHOOO~~~~~~~~awesome find Tamarah...

    xx andrea

  20. Oh my is that lovely! You are one lucky girl. I did some antique shopping and came away with a cute litte santa and house ornie and a vintage plate. Such fun! Kit

  21. What sort of looney would put that in hard rubbish.

    Thank goodness you were there to rescue it. To think that it could have ended up being crushed in the back of a rubbish truck is disgraceful.

    I can just imagine your excitement upon seeing this treasure, with lots of whooping and snorting. Ha..ha..ha..

  22. That is a fabulous find, and I wonder, given the apparent age of the items in the drawer, if the cream colored crochet hooks aren't baleen or some other type of bone?

  23. That is a fantastic find!! Seriously....someone threw that out?? Their loss is definitely your gain.

  24. Hi Tamarah, you lucky duck!!! What a find!! I would love to go trawling through the HR with you if you find this kind of Junk! I have coveted you cubbies that you have found but this box is fantastic. Suzanne.

  25. Hi! I was a big complaining complainer wasn't I!?!? It was brilliant... and I will pass on my thanks to Beck for the photos... still can't believe I didn't have my memory card! ps - LOVE the sewing box!!

  26. I would call it a jewel box being used as a sewing kit. I am sure someone's son (or am I just projecting here) threw it out seeing no value in it and not even bothering to check the drawers.
    I would call it Victorian style, but because it is in such good shape maybe it was a 1950s or 60s repro. Still valuable in my eyes.

  27. That is just flat out awesome! You find the best stuff.

  28. This is gorgeous and I love the added surprises inside. You're making me wish I'd bought a similar case last weekend :(