Sunday, January 9, 2011

Confessions of an IDIOT....Or as Ma Gump would say...."Stoopid is as stoopid does"....!

Hello Everyone....!

Well this is NOT the way I wanted to start the years posts....I wanted my first post back to be a CELEBRATION....I wanted to share with you some WONDERFUL (now that I'm over the shock of actually doing it) news & talk about the multitude of plans I have for 2011....

Instead....I feel COMPELLED to confess to an act of UTTER stupidity....One that I STILL have trouble reconciling in my own head....!!

I'm at home today from work with a sore throat bought about by having to siphone hospital grade disinfectant out of my radiator....YES....Laugh if you must & to be honest....If YOU had written this post & I was reading it I'm SURE the corners of my mouth at this VERY moment would be turned up in a smile....!!

** sigh ** ....To back track a little....A couple of years ago Mr SVJ put this container....

....under the sink in the laundry....The print on the label is QUITE small but the contents are G-R-E-E-N so for the last couple of years whenever, I've seen it I've just associated it with COOLANT 'cause it's FREAKIN GREEN....!!

Fast forward to yesterday....I've unloaded the van from the market & thought as I was goin' out into the HR, I should make sure I have enough coolant in my radiator & overflow bottle....Turned out the radiator needed a top up & the overflow bottle was WAY LOW....!

I walk back inside my mind racing a HUNDRED miles an hour with everything I need to be doin' rather than playing mechanic, go into the laundry, get my 'coolant' & head back to the van where I proceed to pour the NOT COOLANT into my radiator....I pour for a while humming my HR ditty ( know "Hard Rubbish is the place for me"....ala Greenacres) when the thought enters my head that the coolant doesn't SMELL like coolant....hmmmmm....But did I STOP pouring....NO....I kept on goin' until the 'GREEN' reached the top of the FREAKIN radiator....

ONLY then did it occur to me to turn the container around to look at the label....You can ONLY imagine the STREAM of expletives that exploded from this otherwise SWEET mouth as I ran inside SQUARKING for Mr SVJ....!!!!!

Needless to say he was PISSED (....& NO....Not Aussie pissed as in DRUNK AS A SKUNK but ANNOYED pissed....!!!  Like I did it on PURPOSE....PULEASE....!!!!!) & the animated conversation which ensued was not conducive to ANYTHING productive....

He went out to his van & grabbed a long hose & I found a bucket & the syphoning began....Unfortunately, this is where we (me & Mr SVJ) had a MAJOR difference of opinion about how this should be done which resulted in an angry exchange (....what are we FIVE....arghhhhhhh) & Mr SVJ went back inside....BUGGER....!

So I was left to syphon as I BELIEVED it should be done....Giving one ALMIGHTY great suck which, due to the inclination of my head being lower than my ASS (please don't ask me to drawer you a picture)....I sucked up a GOBFUL of NOT COOLANT....Unfortunately, this made me cough BACKWARDS which means I swallowed some of the bloody stuff & it also went up my nose....DOUBLE BUGGER....Feeling a little groggy at this stage I went inside to flush myself out....Unable to find a straw (you'll have to use your imagination here), I found a pen & went about trying to get the FOUL taste out of my nose & mouth.....!

So's I'm just sittin' here at the moment waiting for the receptionist at the Doctors to call me to see if I can get into to see the Doc where I'm pretty sure all he is gonna' be able to do about my throat is prescribe rest & lozenges & tell me that was quite the STOOPID thing to do....And YES....I will be inclined to agree....I now understand completely, the line form Forest Gump where Forest is talking to the lady on the park bench & says, "My Ma always said, 'Stoopid is as stoopid does' "....!!!!!

I'll be back tomorrow when I'm not feeling so sorry for myself to share with you of my PLANS for 2011....!!

Cheers for now,


  1. Not the best start to the new year, my friend! I hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. Are you sure you aint some distant cousin of my Stu? lol. This so sounds like somfin he would do hehehehe :]

  3. Ah, we all have had these least you are strong enough to make it public :)
    I hope you are better soon and have no lasting effects from your moment of indepenence - which is always a good thing in my mind, even if we do fall on our faces!!

  4. Oh honey!! Hope it is all good news at the doctor's and you are feeling better in no time. I shall wait until then to giggle (at the whole story...not your suffering!! Sending you huge hugs lovely ~ Txx

  5. OH you poor gal! Don't feel so bad...I actually write (and have been writing) a safety newsletter for 12 years and last summer I did something pretty stupid. I was waiting for my sis to take me out to dinner and I thought that I'd quickly use some liquid sander to "sand" a table. Set it down, splashed in my eyes (no safety glasses), and I couldn't see (and boy did it burn!). Spent the night in the emergency room, after I flushed my eyes with water for 15 minutes straight. I ended up fine, but kind of ruined the night. Hope all is better for you and I can't wait to hear some good news from your corner of the world.

  6. Oh my gosh that is just crazy! Glad you only have a sore throat and not something more serious. I'm almost afraid to ask what Mr. SVJ's solution was! Can't wait to hear all your other plans (hoping they don't involve any type of car repair or maintenance!).

  7. Oh girl that is so sad. My mouth was not smiling it was more of a "uck" shape. I'm glad you weren't hurt in some way. I had a 4th grade teacher that always said, The "hurrier I go the behinder I get". Guess you never did get out in the HR. That's the worst part.

    Can't wait to hear your news

  8. Glad a sore throat is all you have because that could have been tragic. I can picture it exactly. My father used to lay down and syphon gas from the car with a hose so he could put gas in the lawn mower. I thought it was pretty stooopid then but he did quite often. Feel better soon. Thanks for sharing it with us though. Since we know you're okay, we can kind of snicker at it.

  9. Yikes, that doesn't sound good at all! Sure hope you are okay.
    Men just don't understand... enough said!!

  10. Oh my!!! I hope alls well that ends well! Sounds like an honest mistake to me, so sorry it happened!


  11. Oh that doesn't sound good at all! I'm glad to hear that you got through this with only a sore throat. Take care of yourself!

  12. Siphoning is ALWAYS a bad idea! I sure hope you are okay. At least the doctor didn't invite all the other ET docs in to laugh at you, like when I broke my heel celebrating in bowling.

    Sending good thoughts your way....

  13. oh gosh, not laughing or smirking here, just biting my lip as I read. Hope the Doc gives you the OK, and something to soothe you.. feel better soon♥

  14. Oh girl...hope you are okay!! This totally sounds like something I would do...all of it! Feel better soon and don't beat yourself up!!=)
    Love HOllie

  15. Dear sweet (usually in control of things!!) Tamarah..

    I am not laughing gorgeous girl...(I lie!!))...

    Honestly are lucky you didn't poison yourself ... burn your "pipes' so to speak...
    hope you are feeling better asap & dont worry about it...

    Hey I caused you to snap your rear view mirror...& I stuck my thumb nail into my right eye (nearly blinding myself)...with blood pouring out of my I TOO do stoopid stoopid things..

    soo you are FINE~~

    xx andrea

    xx andrea

  16. OMG! not good at all. I hope you are better soon, and Mr SVJ is feeling sorry for not helping you! On the bright side, you have the day off work:) Yesterday I put the camera SD card into the dvd slot of the computer, luckily it was just sitting inside the edge and Carl managed to get it out with a toothpick! Doh!,seeya, Tam

  17. Tamarah,
    What in the world! I leave you alone for a minute and this is what happens. Good grief!
    I didn't first. Then I pictured you and MR. SVJ fighting over the siphon hose and well....we've all been there in one way shape or form.
    Sure hope you are feeling better soon! Think of the junk you are missing over some "freakin green liquid". I was going to say "suck it up girl" but decided against it.
    Sympathy hugs galore,
    Beth :0)

  18. OH of those crazy days...hope you are okay!

  19. Well you'll never forget this little episode will you! I hope the container has gone out, out, out!!! Ooh & you'll never want to ever, even get a wiff of that hideous stuff again! Funny in your telling but I'm almost gagging myself in the thinking of it. I think I'll go & get a drink of water now.. want one? Hugs {O} Catherine

  20. ok, I thought I'd better pop back..I think???!!!..since Rob just got home & of course the story got passed on & APPARENTLY there is a tap..(a petcock valve!!!) at the bottom of all radiators.
    It would seem that syphoning won't get it all out either so I'd check out the petcock..maybe? Love C

  21. Oh dear!! That was horrible and I am so sorry that your Mr. would not be the hero and save you from siphoning that yucky stuff. I hope everything is okay now?? Sure made for a sucky day for you. I am so sorry!!
    On the other hand, I am looking forward to hearing of your exciting plans for 2011!!
    Hugging you

  22. Oh Tamarah...ugh! I so hope that you are feeling better by now. It's not "stoopid". I think we all have those "distracted-running on autopilot, not really concentrating" moments. It's how we all get so much done in one day!

    Sending hugs your way for a better day today!


  23. I'm happy to hear you still have your humor about you.:) Sending you a big HUG and wishing you a speedy recovery.

  24. Oh crap! You are lucky you just have a sore throat. I was only laughing at your wordage as you do have a wonderful story telling way about you! But yuck to the swallowing of the cleaner. Hope you are feeling better :)
    Ps. I hate it when they're right!

  25. Tamarah, Tamarah you had me gasping in horror when I came to the end of your blog post. At least the hospital folks didn't tell you it was lethal Thank Goodness !! Oh gosh - hope your sore throat is better soon! I must tell you this - one of our past acquaintances who shall be nameless once ran out of brake fluid and replaced it with a bottle of milk he 'borrowed' off someone's door step! His car never did go again - but his throat was alright!

  26. You know I am a registered nurse? I used to take care of dialysis patients and this made me very very nervous lovey. I am so glad you are well enough to tell the tale and be funny about it! Once my ex sprayed the expensive steaks he was grilling with tire cleaner. He wanted to wash them off! Please BEE CAREFUL.

  27. OH MY poor thing. Not only do you have a sore throat but missing a day in the HR. What was it you snorted?

  28. Oh, Tamarah! I feel guilty for laughing! This could have been so BAD! I'm glad you're OK~and I hope you feel OK soon.

  29. OMG that is terrible! Yes I agree it does look like coolant at a glance, and I do understand that junking take precedence over everything so no surprises there! Am dying to hear your news though, i have a few ideas of what it might be so will see if I am right. Not much longer at the coal face eh?

  30. Hey can you hear me laughing from all the way over here? A real bugger of a situation, but you tell a tale good. Luckily I didn't drop any stitches. Flowers are coming on a treat.


  31. What THE!!!

    Tamarah, that is just terrible. Hopefully it is just a sore throat, that could have been tragic. Still a day off away from the pesky day job. ha..ha..ha

    Hopefully you'll be back scavenging again soon.

  32. Daphne - Tangerine VintageJanuary 11, 2011 at 10:01 PM

    Tamarah, You poor thing!!! Hope you are back on deck now. Initially I must confess to giggling, but then the reality of what damage you could have done to yourself set in!! This is the sort of situation I often find myself in! Doing stupid things is my speciality & yes normally because I'm in a rush!! Not that you were doing something stupid you were just doing the right thing by putting coolant(or what looks like coolant) in the car.Take care, Daph

  33. Oh dear - your tale had me gagging before smiling, as I so could have lived that exchange with the man here. I am betting I would have been the one storming off though.

    I enlarged the photo to read the fine print and so many thoughts fought in my mind at the same time. On the positive side (not to dismiss the worried thoughts) perhaps your radiator will be so clean it works more efficiently. Sending positive healing energies.

  34. Wow, what a post! LMAO. Nice to meet you!
    Looking forward to what the Dr. had to say...

  35. Well first off, thank goodness you are ok...that could have been much more serious! Now, I'll take my Mom hat off...oh my goodness you had me laughing!!!

  36. Thank you for stopping by, how sweet! It was a pleasure strolling around your blog! I hope to be as passionate as you one day! Just starting my love affair with antiques, I’d like to add them to my art gallery… A little overwhelming when you know absolutely nothing about the industry!
    I hope to follow you through many more fun adventures!
    Sincerely yours; Caroline

  37. Take it easy on yourself girl! I so see myself making that same mistake.. Feel well soon!! :)

  38. Tamara,

    This is just funny, you crack me up. I hope you told aunty, she would have a good chuckle. I love your Blogg. Easter is coming up and you know what that means. Can't wait xx