Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bugger BUGGER Bum CRAP....A THRIFTING I will go....!

*** Translation - Bugger (Aussie slang) has several meanings....Often used to describe a person with a cheeky character eg. "That Tamarah's a cheeky bugger"....It can also be used in place of a 'swear' word denoting agitation eg. "Bugger it....I've had enough". ***

Hello Junking Thrifting Friends near & far....!

I hope this post finds you well & not overly stressed by the 'silly season' in which we're currently immersed....!!

I'm afraid I've endured a little non-Christmas related stress of late....What with some none to pleasant issues at 'the pesky day job' combined with the discovery that Mr SVJ & I need to have our bathroom & spare bedroom (my office) gutted & redone....

Due to some serious water damage caused by the LAZY STOOPID builder who used a wooden hob instead of concrete or stone.... 
Needless to say when I woke this morning & remembered it was SATURDAY....There was ONLY one thing on my mind....My version of Retail Therapy....aka....THRIFTING....To soothe the agitation I've had bubbling away & free my mind of 'unpleasant' thoughts....  :o) !! 
This purple top is just what I needed for the warmer months ahead.... 
Two 'new to me' Vintage Christmas ornaments....
I have a BIG thing for button top knitting needles....These two bring my tally to 26 x pairs....! 
I never E-V-E-R find kids vintage hankies so I was THRILLED to come across EIGHT this morning....And a GORGEOUS Christmas one to boot WOOHOO....! 
A pink ball of 100% 4ply wool....And as you can see I've already started crocheting a little flower garland....  :o) !! 
And a bag of trim which I'll add to my stash to use on future projects....! 
This haul set me back a tiny $14.00....Price of a mind freed from agitation & 'unpleasant' thoughts....Priceless....!!

....hahahahahaha....Now it's 7.15pm down here & I'm off to spray some air freshener in the hall to mask the damp smell & find myself a glass of wine so I can sit & relax & catch up with you all....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. Bugger indeed! Have a glass for me as well lol



  2. Yep - bugger is a good word for it, but good thrifting!! Enjoy a glass of vino or three ;o)

  3. Ha love the title! I GET IT!! Our last house had a water damage problem, brought to our attention just after we'd painted! Some great finds, love thrifting too. Enjoy that vino! :) Sonia

  4. That is poo m'love :( But the thrift finds are bloody gorgeous! Enjoy your wine xxx

  5. What fun!! You found some wonderful pieces!!

  6. Wonderful finds Tamarah - how sweet is the xmas hankie!! What a time for the water damage to appear, bugger all right. Enjoy your wine and have a great week :)

  7. Thanks for the bugger translation. ;-)
    Sorry about your water damage... I've got some of my own from a leaky air conditioner in the dining room that makes me cringe every time I walk past, but it's been 3 mos. and I still haven't fixed it!

    I adore children's hankies - and that Christmas one is an incredible find! Good for you!

  8. Sorry for your stress ... but your finds are so wonderful!!! I love the red Christmas tree and love the little hankies - so much fun to look at!
    Off to bake dozens of cookies and decorate the house with boughs of holly!

  9. Bummer about the ater damage. I hope the builder will cover the damage!

    I like todays finds...I really must learn how to crochet. I want to make a flower garland to drape in my new bedroom. I'll add it to my list of things to learn...French and Spanish are the top two.

  10. Bugger indeed. I hate having to deal with water damage. I don't know what a hob is but darn that builder for using a wooden one!

    Glad you got out to thrift and find your wonderful treasures!

  11. Oh my! That is a Bugger! Glad you knew how to handle it ~ Thrifting! You are one smart girl. Love your finds. And now you have me thinking of hitting my fav thrift store today. Kit

  12. Hello from snowy North Dakota, USA! Sorry to hear of your troubles! There's nothing worse than water damage. But, you made the most of the situation and got in some THRIFTING - that sounds exactly like something I would do under the situation! And that wine thing is TOTALLY something I would do!! Wish I could be there to join ya!

    Have a Happy Holiday! Take care,


  13. Ugh~seepage! We got some of that a few years ago, and it wasn't pretty.

    Your decision to go thrifting was a good one. You found some great things! I'm going shopping with my daughter later today, and if I can convince here, we are also going to go thrifting. :)

  14. That's a bugger all right!! But as I would have done, all is better after some thrifting and you got some amazing finds! I love those hankies! :)

  15. All this rain is going to bring a lot of peoples problems out from 'under the woodwork'.
    I wouldn't just be using the word 'bugger' myself......
    But thankfully thrifting is the panacea to our ills! :) I found a large crystal bowl for $1 two days ago - made me feel quite happy, however I did leave a larger donation than was asked for.

  16. Boy, what a right royal pain in the butt! Shopping is so therapeutic isn't it? Fab finds as usual, the xmas tree is too cute.

    Hope you have a fab-u-lous Christmas!! Tamara x

  17. Hope you enjoyed your glass of wine...I'm about to join you (just a little delayed, here in the US) :)
    Sorry about your "water woas" but I'm glad you were able to escape for some thrifting. I have a "thing" for hankies and those are adorable! And that little flower garland you're making is way too cute! Good luck with everything! Laurel

  18. First...what is a hob?

  19. Oh that's nasty, how annoying. Yes, a good thrifting adventure helps.

  20. Water problems are such a pain...glad you could get out and have a little fun!

  21. very inexpensive therapy session. Great haul, and the water problem will be delt with, just breath deep.


  22. oh crappity crap Tamarah..NOT at all in the Christmas spirit all that bother! Hope you get a decent break from the pesky day job then over Christmas time. Only trouble is the Oppies (is that right???!!!) take a break themselves...rude eh!! : ) Love your pretty little bits & pieces. Aren't the vintage hankies quaint old things...cute. Much love & a very Happy Christmas to you...maybe you'll just have to eat lots of Pav & keep up with that wine intake...slosh it in the trifle too...; ) Much love Catherine xoxOO

  23. Oh no! So sorry about the leak! That buggering sucks! (I didn't use that right, did I?) At least you scored big thrift! I have a similar hankie listed in my Etsy shop. Love those! Take care dahling!

  24. Hi Tamarah,

    I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving many lovely comments.Also the well wishes when my arm was recovering, it is better now although not 100%.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog throughout the year and hope to enjoy many more in the new year, Tamara x

  25. Great score on the kids hankies. I have very few as well. Your new finds look to be in great condition, too.

  26. oh dear thats no good at all. The joys of home owning eh? At least you found a great haul to make up for it!

  27. THAT is a bugger!
    No fun to have to
    spend $$ on dull
    types of remodel
    when what you really
    want to do is some
    fun house decor,
    right? We had to
    spend a fortune on
    roof maintenance
    boring is that? Sounds
    like your junking
    therapy helped, though: )
    Merry Monday {almost
    Tuesday, for you}!
    xx Suzanne

  28. funny how a musty damp smell can be therapy while junking but not in the least little bit while home! Hope your pesky buggerness goes 'n fnds someone else to bug :)

  29. Sorry for your stress... I had sewage in my basement over Thanksgiving... nothing like the smell of pumpkin pie, turkey and will lets just call it bugger... The city had a problem in the street and it became my problem. It passed and so will this. Many Blessings this Christmas week

  30. Hey girl!

    Let's go all the way and translate 'oppy'. Definitely one of my favorite pastimes and most precious verbs 'oppying' or 'to op'.

    The charity shops in the UK are sanitized and just no fun at all! Can't wait to get back to the good old Australian oppies!

    Ryn x