Monday, December 27, 2010

Our 13th Anniversary....Shabby Vintage Junk Style at The Red Brick Barn (Part 2)....!

Hiya Friends....!

Remember when I talked about our recent Anniversary & how we stayed at the FABULOUS Red Brick barn....Well now that Christmas is behind us for another year I thought I'd pop back & show you the upstairs....Oh you are gonna LOVE this....Be prepared though to feel an OVERWHELMING urge to email Daniel & Glenny to make a booking....!

I couldn't design a better space if I tried nor could I have furnished it so FABULOUSLY....Is this not the most GLORIOUS space you've ever laid eyes on....!!!!!
Mr SVJ has ALWAYS refused point blank to even entertain the idea of a vintage bed....He's 6ft 2in & says he wouldn't be able to stretch out without hitting the end....Well HA to that....His feet didn't touch the end ONCE & we are now on the lookout for a bed just like THIS one....WOOHOO....!!!
The BEAUTIFUL staircase leading to 'Heaven'....  :o) !!
*** ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ***
This mirror was TO DIE FOR....
The size of this room allows for a number of SPECIAL FUNCTIONAL pieces....
Looking towards the bathroom....
I spent AGES looking at this ceiling....While Mr SVJ was downstairs makin' my breaky....hahahahaha....!!
Spare bed & reading area....!
I MUST get me a sideboard like this....I must I must I MUST....!
Gorgeous GORGEOUS splash of colour against the white....!!!
You'll have to forgive the 'blur' to this pic....I didn't want to leave it out though as I wanted you to see the YUMMY shower area....!
** NB: The loo is just to the right of the bench the white towels are sitting on. **
The FUNKY industrial edge this cabinet lends to the space was a NICE surprise.... 
As was this D-I-V-I-N-E lamp....!!
Another FABULOUS old door complete with vintage coat hooks....** purrrrrrr **

Now I still have a HEAP of DELICIOUS pics for you of the outside entertaining area as well as the GORGEOUS claw foot bath & shower so I'll need to do a 3rd instalment....hahahahaha....STAY TUNED....!!

Hope you're having a FAB day....!!

Tamarah :o)


  1. Howdy Tamarah.....

    this house/barn looks absolutely stunning...
    I LOVE it all...........

    I shall have to try to get MY "mr svj" to book us in!!~~

    xx andrea

  2. lovely...lovely.. lovely.... what more can one say!

  3. OHHH, that bed, that sideboard ... I wouldn't want to leave! Can't wait to see the rest.

  4. I want to stay there, you lucky girl.

  5. GORGEOUS BED and the whole room. I do a place with character pieces. I would love to stay there. Happy Anniversary if I didn't say it before!

  6. Happy anniversary. Wow, beautiful in every way..... especially in love with the stairs! :) Looking forward to seeing more pics. :)

  7. This place is awesome! What a fantastic place to stay. :D Thanks for sharing these pictures (and making me drool) :)

  8. Yum, that IS delicious! Oh, and yes, 4 of those paintings are Paint-By-Numbers. Happy New Year's Dahling!

  9. Oh Tamarah, this IS a PERFECT space - thanks for sharing!


  10. You are naughty! Hours and hours staring at the ceiling indeed!

    This place is just perfect! I want a barn like this.

  11. A belated Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! What a magnificent place to stay, and that bed is the COOLEST I've ever seen. That goes on my bucket stay at that heavenly place!! Thanks for your kind and encouraging words on my ETSY venture!! I love your site!

  12. Hey woman...Wow...I would have checked in to this place and NEVER checked out!

  13. Looks like so much fun, Tamarah...and hope you find that vintage bed soon! Have a Happy New Year!

  14. Oh Tamarah! I've lost the part one but now I have to run and read it! This place is absolutely fantastic!!!!!! I love love love every single detail!!!!!! I'm sure you've had a fantastic time there!!!!
    Have a fantastic last and firts day of the year!!!!

  15. What a romantic bedroom! I would love to stay there for a few days!