Sunday, December 26, 2010

My little $1.00 DIAMOND in the rough....!

MERRY CHRISTMAS Treasure Hunters near & far....!

I hope this note finds you all SAFE & SOUND & beginning the 'recovery process'....!

No rest for the wicked at Camp SVJ unfortunately, as 4am this morning saw me rise & shine to attend the market....Off I choofed with Mr SVJ following in his van to drop off a display piece I couldn't squeeze into my van....hahahahaha....

I didn't set up for a couple of hours as there was hardly anyone about....Alas....It remained that way the entire day....!

Never mind though....It's ALWAYS fun chatting with market goers & other stall holders PLUS I  ONLY spent one tiny TINY dollar on this sweet vintage bottle....My Friend told me it once held a vanity cream of some sort....So I'm HAPPY....Doesn't take much does it....  :o) !!

My diamond....
The 'rough'....!!

I experimented a little with my 'photography' today which is evident in my first pic....I kinda like it & it didn't really take that much longer than usual....What do you think....??  All comments & suggestions WELCOME....  :o) !!

Well I must away....If you still have travelling to do over the Christmas holiday, please take care & DON'T rush....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. I love your diamond and your new photo style!

  2. Hiya Tamarah, hope you had a lovely day yesterday.

    Your bottle looks fab-u-lous, so sparkly and clean. Crikeys it makes me want to do a bit of spring cleaning, well maybe tomorrow.

    Have a good one, Tamara

  3. wow what was your secret to such a sparkling diamond? what did you use to get it to shine? .. and the photography is great.

  4. Hi Tamarah, that's what I want to do today is go to a market....definitely not the mall.

    I hope Christmas was fun despite the big toe issue which must be very painful.

    Cheers to you today. )(clinking my coffee with your chardy.)

  5. love the vase, love the photo!
    the simplest pleasures are the best!
    amy of four corners design

  6. Sorry the market was a bust, but hope your holiday was GREAT!

  7. Love your find! And your photograph looks so professional. I'm just relaxing today, reading blogs, still in my pjs, drinking a cup of hot joe. Life is good.

  8. The market may not have worked out, but your sleuthing junking self did! Love the photo...need to practice my skills before I can make any!
    I think I'm gonna take a much needed little break so...dash away, now dash away, dash away all. I'll be talking to you in the New Year!

  9. Love your vase picture Tamarah. It hasn't half scrubbed up well - I think it's gorgeous!

  10. I like the diamond before and after. It has great bones!

  11. Ok, I NEED to know. Which markets were you at yesterday?
    We went to the Camberwell Markets. It was very quiet and only had half the stalls it normally has. Disappointing, although we still came home with some treasures.

  12. I love the photo of the bottle....the angle is really unique and elegant!

  13. Hello my friend!
    Bummer about the market but I love your 1.00 diamond!! :0)
    Merry Merry,

  14. Sounds like Mr SVJ is a good sport to be up at the crack of dawn with you. :-) Wish I could have shopped at your market - someday I'll get there. Happy Holidays!!