Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bugger Bugger B-U-G-G-E-R....I've been HACKED....!

Dear All....!

I awoke this morning to find 48 emails in my hotmail inbox....Amongst these, the majority of which were FAILURE notices was an email from Margo & Gina confirming my fears that 'someone' had been sending emails on my behalf....!

Please if you have received an email from me over the last 24 hours re DO NOT OPEN it....!!

Having only a day or so ago run a scan & ONLY visiting trusted sites etc PLUS NEVER openning emails if I'm the LEAST bit unsure of their origin, I'm BUGGERED if I know where I may have picked up this bug....All I can do is offer my apologies & HOPE none of you are inconvenienced....!

I'm running another scan now to see what I've caught....!

And because we KNOW it's bad blogging karma to post without pics, I'd like to introduce you to my boy Baxter....Our GORGEOUS fur baby has been bringing joy to Casa de SVJ for the last 12 years....To SPARE you all further trauma I've  cropped the pic to REMOVE Mr SVJ's feet....hahahahaha....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. I say sic the cat on those buggers...his eyes are enough to put the fear in 'em!
    I got that e-mail this morning too, but I deleted it PDQ. I've gotten those before and I was worried if I forwarded it to you and spread what ever it was. I knew it hadn't came from you. Don't I said...I've gotten 'em from the best!

  2. I've had several friends that this has happened to and I always email them and ask them if they sent the email, of course they always say no. Hope you fix this soon.

  3. In the past couple of days, I too have been hacked!! Not good, and in the past few months Ive changed my password a couple of times! All my contacts have been receiving the weirdest emails from me during the night, they think Im strange!Well that could be true!!

  4. Thats bloody AWFUL!! I hope it gets fixed soon. Baxter is lovely. I want a cat so very much but alas Obi is still a bit of a dingbat when it comes to the feline kind :)

  5. Hi Tamarah,

    Cursed hackers! They ruin it for everyone!!!
    I think I received the email and will delete ASAP.

    Second Hand Chicks

  6. I did get an email from you this morning but I knew it was not really from you as you said nothing! lol That's not like you ;) It was just a link, that I did not click on, with vtigerserver in the site link. I didn't want to mark it as spam as it did have your email address and I didn't want to block you from your real emails! Hope you got rid of the bug!!

  7. Hi Tamarah,

    oh what a pain! hope it is all sorted out soon.

    Its great to see you are have having another extravaganza in March, too cool!

    Take care, Tamara

  8. I got sent a diff one from you both spam in 2 sep email accounts.

  9. Well, this just happens in this modern technological world. I'm sorry for this inconvenience though.

  10. Hi tam..I had trouble with my hotmail account I have apparently been sending everyone,businesses and all emails for Viagra!!I took my whole contact list off hotmail and seems to have sopped for now, i wrote to hotmail,they said it is not a virus but a hacker and they have 1,0000's effected by it but not doing anything...i opened a new one in gmail to be safe lol one can only no idea how or why people do this,my only good point was evertime it sent them out it sent one to my other email so i walys knew and then i could click rto see who else got one and wrote an apology thats about all you can do..spoil sports aren't they! Carole xx

  11. Well drats! This is awful for you. My computer had a virus and my 19 yo kiddo restored my files and made me feel like a real ancient! hugs♥olive

  12. Your boy cat and my Hannah girl would make a lovely couple.

    I did get your email this morning....equally bad that my scanner didn't flag it.

  13. So that Viagra email I received today wasn't from you after all? :-) No worries - it happens. I was surprised my spam blocker didn't catch it -- usually it works really well.

  14. Oh Baxter is just lovely, all 12 years of him, but I'm disappointed about missing the feet in the picture! Hate that you had that hacker trouble - do these people have nothing else in their lives except to make the rest of us who follow the rules miserable. Bugger! Love that word - not used here a lot in US, but I think I will start a trend because it certainly applies in many cases, particularily this one. Ann

  15. Oh, no! That such an awful feeling when that happens. Like your house has been burglarized.

    Sweet kitty. :) Maybe he can help take some of the stress out of it for you.

  16. I love that sweet boy! Hope you don't have any more tech issues.

  17. Just change your email password, that should fix it.


  18. Hey Tamarah, I got the dratted email this morning...I was checking my puter before the morning caffine had kicked in...wasn't thinking clicked the link (thought it might be one to the sites we were discussin at our meeting) and thought...hmmm Tamarah trying to tell me something hehehe. Its cool Scanned my rid of the threats and hopefully Im all hunky dory again. Will not make the mistake of checking emails BEFORE coffee again. Hugs Sam

  19. Well I got nothing from you at all this morning ha ha!! Mind you we've got a Mac & they don't do viruses as such.. ever!! anyway yay! Although that wouldn't necessarily stop the hacker bit. Sounds a bit like we should all be doing "safe blogging"...ooooh!!! Hello Baxter...I do just think that I can see a hint of hairy leg in the background...squinting ; ) Hey it's always nice to catch up.."get well soon". Love Catherine { O }

  20. AHH tamarah!!!
    checked my emails this morning & there was one from you...
    subject nothing...
    thought a bit funny but silly OLD gonzo me...opened the link...

    VIAGRA....hey I stuffed your rear side window BUT didnt think you would hassle me with I dont even think you know about my sex life!!??

    hey..I dont either..!!~~

    seriously is the window..?? still feeling guilty about it..

    but Byron & hubby have assured me viruses dont attack Macs....
    BUT the internet crashed for most of the i WAS BLAMING YOU!!~~ just jokin...

    soo all in all...all is says hi...(i did a blog on mums birthday with a little photo of wonder dad wanted to get home??)..

    how did the job sit rep go??

    say hi to Matt & the cats..

    sooty says hi...xxxxx andrea

  21. This happened to me too a while ago. I changed my password to something so complicated with random letters, symbols and numbers that I can barely remember it! At least it's secure and I've had no problems since.

  22. Hi sweet Tamarah!

    It's been a while. I've been way too busy with my master's thesis. I noticed that I haven't updated my own blog for a week...what a shame..LOL

    Hope you are all good and getting your computer bugfree. That has happened to me a while ago. My email sent messages to university teachers and who else...I don't even want to know LOL

    Hope you have a great weekend!!


    Ps. Your kitty looks purrrrfect..ours is black and white...Viiru her name is

  23. Oh I am so sorry to hear of your hacker! What a @#*&?!@# !! But I do love your kitty. I have a Blue Russian for the last 10 years and he is my bestest friend. Kit

  24. Hi Tamarah..hope you've got rid of those bugs...... and viagra????? really.....ha ha....have a great weekend Kym X

  25. Poor girl! I dread those things happening! Baxter is lovely.....have a great week!

  26. I am so sorry - that is the worst...knock on wood, I haven't had any major problems for a while...computers and our techno world- sometimes can't live with them but can't live without them either!
    sending all good internet wishes your way!
    amy of four corners design