Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blasted INFERNAL rain....Messing up my Market day....!! (Post# 96)

Morning Everyone....!!

I KNOW I shouldn't whinge....I KNOW I shouldn't complain....I mean HEAVEN only knows we need the rain but for cryin' out loud DOES IT HAVE TO RAIN ON SUNDAY....The ONLY day of the week I get to go Treasure hunting....ummmmmm....Excluding Saturday of course if I'm out in the HR....!!!


I texted my Friend Lyn at 4am to let her know it was raining BUCKETS over my way & she said she didn't care she was still coming as it would be her last opportunity this year to have her stall....This meant that I would HAVE to move my car or unload & get everything WET....So at 4.30am I turned around & came home....BUGGER....!!

There was no chance I'd be able to go back to sleep so I set about following up on one of the MANY headache giving ideas I have & commenced to crochet up a storm....Bearing in mind I haven't picked up a hook since I was 12 but I was SO INSPIRED yesterday when I visited one of my ALL TIME FAVE vintage destinations Empire 111, & saw some sweet little flower chains I thought I'd give them a go....!

....hahahahahahaha....The first five or so I attempted looked like something Homer would come up with but once I worked out the kinks I was good to go....!!

Now if you'll excuse me....I'm going back to my crotcheting....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. They are cute and could almost pass as snowflakes!
    Sorry about your bad day :(
    Fun "letters" in your last post.
    Deb :)

  2. What a bugger of a day, we got drenched yesterday at a fete, brings back some memories of another day and another fete.

    How clever of you to do a spot of crochet. Well done!! It looks really good. Great day for crafting, I'm trying to finish a tea cozie.

    Thanks for your lovely message, re: beanie.


  3. How dare it rain on your parade! At least you took good advantage and created something gorgeous!
    Bugger is going into the dictionary...right under bullcorn!

  4. So cute...I just bought yarn and hooks, too! I haven't crocheted for 30 years...all these blogs just get you inspired don't they?

  5. Hey gorgeous Tamarah.......there must be something in this rain that is making us "crafty"!!~~

    I have been knitting heaps of pink/white/green "rosettes"...
    (the ones YOU loved on one of my posts sold on ebay...)...

    ps..up to about 1800 crochet you know what sold!!~~

    I love these little ones you have made...will you sell them on etsy??

    wish i could crochet...OH well one CANNOT possibly be good at everything!!! cough cough..more like splutter splutter..

    say howdy to Matty baby..

    xx andrea

  6. love that little string of flowers, too cute! Hows this weather, lovely during the week and then cant get a thing done on the weekend. Oh well at least no crippling water restrictions!

  7. Hello Tamarah darling!!

    I hate when it happens, rain. It really can spoil all the fun sometimes. Sorry to hear that your treasure hunt got disturbed.

    I love your little snowflake flower things. Really cute. I can make mittens, but nothing so small than your pretty flowers. Very cute!!

    Hope you have a chance to enjoy your weekend!!

    xoxo Suvi

  8. Hiya Tamarah, I think the weather has come up north, wet today and looking like it is here to stay for the next week.

    Love the little crochet string, I totally need to make some of these. I have to learn to crochet first :)

    Love the mannequin, she is gorg-e-ous!

    Ooohh, I saw some HR across the road on the way home from the shops, an old fridge..hehe

    Hope the rest of the week sees you well.

    Tamara x