Saturday, November 27, 2010

Meet the new girl at Casa SVJ....(Post# 97)

WOW....A TWO POSTER....Mind....These have been put together during Mr SVJ's snack breaks (he's been immersed in an excel spreadsheet all day doing his tax) so please forgive the fact they're a little 'light on'....!

OK....So the day wasn't a total loss....I taught myself how to make a crochet flower garland AND collected this GORGEOUS Dress Dummy that I won on eBay last night for a VERY reasonable price....WOOHOO....Isn't she a BEAUTY....!

Now I must FLY....Mr SVJ's BLEATING again 'cause I'm using his laptop & I have a few Christmas parcels to pack that need to go to the post office tomorrow....!

With ANY luck I'll get some visitin' in late tonight....!!

Isn't she FINE....This beauty is an Esse Jane from the Myer Emporium....PERFECT display piece....!

Way COOL industrial stand....!

My mohair garland is around 2m long & has 53 flowers slightly larger than a 5cent piece (dime for my US Friends)....

I'm working on the second one now....  :o) !!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. This is too funny. I just wrote on your last post and now couple minutes later, here is a new post!! LOL... I love it =)

    Your dress dummy looks beautiful!!!


  2. I have the exact (well, identical) same dummy!! Courtesy of a closing down school years ago. She's a little fragile these days so just does display duty though I have photographed a few ebay items with her in my time!
    Great to know where she came from!

  3. Love that dress dummy -and very jealous. The garland is a great idea.

  4. TWO WORDS tamarah.....

    "YOU DAG"!~~~

    hey that is meant in the NICEST sense...nothing to do with a sheep!~~

    xx andrea

  5. Woo to the her! You know I have a soft spot for dress forms!

  6. Wow she's a beauty! and your flower garland...sweet!! Love it!
    Tammy :-)

  7. Hi Tamarah,
    Wow! The dress form is a real beauty! Great find. The crocheting looks like fun and is something I have always wanted to try. The problem is I can't sit still long enough to complete anything crafty and stitchy.

    Second Hand Chicks

  8. How are you doing my friend? Is your computer well yet? Your dress form is quite the shapely gal. It will be fun to dress her up for the holidays. I haven't crocheted since I was young either. You seem to be doing a fabulous job with your fluffy garland!

  9. I LOVE your new friend!! She has a stunning figure and I've never seen gray look better on a gal!! What a find!!
    Your garland is as sweet as pie! LOVE IT!
    Bethie poo in NC