Monday, November 29, 2010

They say 'What Happens in Texas stays in Texas'....Surely they weren't talkin' about this though.... (Post# 98)

Surely I'm not expected to keep silent about the AWE INSPIRING talent of one of my all time FAVE Texas Vendors, Theresa Cano (aka Garden Atiques Vintage)....Surely....??

I first became aware of the GORGEOUS Theresa through my mate Sue over at Vintage Rescue Squad  when I was trying to finalise my itinerary for my recent trip to the US.

Sue urged me to get into contact with Theresa advising she was the BEST person to contact re Antique Week & man oh man she was 100% on the mark....No sooner had I fired off an email to Theresa than I had a response tellin' me to make my way quick smart to Texas after Junk Bonanza if I was serious about seein' some WAY COOL JUNK....!!!

This is Theresa's space....Click on the pic to make it bigger 'cause you don't want to miss anything....!

See the little butter pats at the front....Some of these came home with me....** sigh ** ....Sometimes I take one to work & sit it front of my keyboard & when I'm feelin' the URGE to jump up & run around the office like a nutter for some relief, instead of reaching for my squeezy ball, I pick up the batter pat & caress it softly in the palm of my hand while whispering to myself, "I will go back to Round Top....I will go back to Round Top"....hahahahaha....!!

Deliciously MUTED pallet....
Elegant decay

I wish Theressa could attend the next SVJ-X....Our Aussie Vintage Enthusiates would trip over themselves in their haste to snag some Vintage Antiques Garden treasures....!
This pic is dedicated to my mate Shelley (alas NO blog) 'cause she LOVES some burlap.... :o)
This mannequin was TO DIE FOR....Alas....It was too big for me to post home....  :o(
Dark, handsome, SEXY junk.... ** purrrrr ** ....!
And here she is....This LOVELY smile didn't waver no matter how FREAKIN' HOT it was....!!

If you've NEVER benn to Antique Week in Texas I urge you to pull your finger out & make your way there TOOT FREAKIN' SWEET....You MUST experience all this AWESOME venue has to offer & you ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY MUST meet the AWESOME vendors (many of whom are bloggers) who will make you feel like an old Friend....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. It looks all so delicious Tamarah...I imagine you totally forgot 'your' JB peeps the minute you saw this...and I wouldn't blame you a bit!


  2. Looks dangerous!! I would want everything!!
    Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos.

  3. Awww Teresa looks so sweet in that pic. Thanks for sharing, can't wait for the Spring Show. It's not as hot. :)

    See you,

    PS: I Wish the butter pat was like Dorothy's shoes. Say I will go back 3 times while rubbing the pat and close your eyes and you are there. Wish wish wish.

  4. As a Texas girl, I know we have the most awesome stuff here! I would love to have a lot of that stuff but the butter pats are my favorite too.

  5. I would LOVE to go someday! I clicked on every picture, and as a consequence, found about eleventy new things I want to collect.

  6. The grave markers are vastly interesting. Some little bird told me where she got them and I do love her elegant look.

  7. Looks SO great...I know it would be a fabulous time!

  8. I love your idea of caressing the butter pat for a calming destresser. I'm totally going to do something like that. XOX