Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bless me Blogisphere for I have sinned....

....It's been 11 days since my last post....These are my sins....I have failed on too many days to count to keep up with my FAVE blogs....My inbox is overflowing with unread emails & I have been out in the Hard Rubbish without my camera.....!!

Do you think there is any hope for me....??  :o)

I know I've been promising for some time dear Junk Friends that my US posts are coming alas, I have quite a bit on the go at the moment & I don't want to post just for the sake of posting....My time in the US & the Friends I met up with are VERY special to me & I need to give those posts the attention they deserve....!!

I'm ALSO getting ready for my 100th post which I'll be celebrating with Gina from the WONDERFUL Junk In My Trunk blog....Gina & I have been FINE TUNING a WONDERFUL GIVEAWAY that will leave you all GOBSMACKED so please don't give up on me yet....At least hang in there until you've cast your entries....hahahahaha....!

Now remember when I posted about my GORGEOUS Friend Sue from Montreux some time ago....Sue had not long returned from France with a container of FRENCH GOODNESS & I was keen to show you all her Treasures....Well here is the second instalment....!!

There is just something SO YUMMY about these neutral tones....
....Seriously....SERIOUSLY YUMMY....!
Three of my FAVE words....Rusty French metal....hahahahaha
Petite oui....?
....hmmmmm....I have a bunch of these in the garden though they just don't look as GOOD as these pots....!
Oh merci....!!!
Chippy white French PERFECTION....!!
*** sigh ***
Mr SVJ wanted to buy me this AWESOME galvinised bin but I declined....I KNOW....What was I THINKIN'....????
Shutter L-O-V-E....
Be still my RAPIDLY beating heart...
How DIVINE do these pages look....

I hope you've enjoyed these pics....I promise I'll be back REAL soon....Now I'm off to CATCH up on my FAVE BLOGS & my emails....!

Wherever you are I hope your week has been filled with Treasure....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. Ooooh I love all of them! Fear not, I'm not going anywhere, and I kinda like waiting for things....It makes it feel a bit like Christmas! Take care and I hope you're well hon xxx

  2. Oh My Goodness!!! All is forgiven young lady:) These pics are gorgeous and just to know that you are OK is fabulous - NO apologies needed!! Definitely worth the wait:) Huge hugs lovely ~ Txx

  3. Don't worry about being a sinner, you're not alone - I'm in that category too for I have not been visiting everyone as I should. Today I have made a promise to myself to make more time as it's something I really enjoy.
    Thanks for sharing the pics from your friend - love all the rustic French finishes. Look forward to your U.S. posts. Michelle

  4. If you promise each and every post to thrill my eyes...you have my blessing to post on the fly every 11 days!
    What are those casks in the first photo? I love them and oh mylanta...that sawbuck table is whupping this chubby Texas gal!
    Cat Daddy went to an auction this past weekend and a galvanized rain barrel was in the sale. You don't want to know how high it went!!!
    100 posts...woo to the hoo!
    P.S. Remind me to tell you sometime about traveling from Georgia back to Dallas with a French bottle drying rack in my lap...the whole way! Now go my dear and sin no more!

  5. Say 10 hail Mary's and we forgive you. I must say that chippy cabinet could find a home in my house. I love it!

    Hope things are good Tamarah!

  6. Wonderful photos. Loved it all!! It's funny how clean and new doesn't really appeal to me anymore....it's got to be rusty, crusty and chippy!
    Have a great day.

  7. Wait, wait, wait. Your husband wanted you to buy it and you didn't??? That, my dear, is a far graver sin. All the yumminess is divine!

  8. Hi Tamarah,

    All is forgiven. Welcome back to the Land of Blog. You had quite the whirlwind trip stateside and are probably not fully recovered from all the junk you found there! We call that a "junk hangover".

    Second Hand Chicks

  9. oh my dear sinner - for your penance, you shall grant me permission to copy the photo of the french book pages...I feel an art piece inspiration!
    all the photos are lovely!
    amy of four corner design

  10. Miss you Tamarah! We've been busy here too so I understand. Is it too late for Matt to buy ME that bin?!?!? Love it!

  11. Oh, I always love your photos Aussie Gal!!! The great thing about being off the grid for a second, is we all are so excited when you come back!!! Glad you took a little break.
    Have a Happy Halloween down under, do you celebrate halloween there?? LOL
    Hugs till spring,

  12. OH Tamarah...look at all this wonderful eye candy! You have inspired me today!! XO

  13. Tamarah, real life happens and you are doing just fine with these splendid images! That metal bottle holder thingy is very cool to me. hugs♥olive

  14. WoW Tamarah, I love the pictures. Just wonderful. Rusty and chic, just the way I like it. Can't wait to see and read your next post. Take care now. xo

  15. I think the containers of French Goodness are seriously yummy too, Tamarah, as are all the other goodies. Gosh 100 blogs - you're a star!

  16. Ok so i want one of everything!!! send that container to Canada pleeessee! Hope your having a good week with lots of new finds.

  17. Oh, the shame of not blogispherinating isn't narely as bad as not letting your bub buy you that super freakin awesome galvanized thingy. It'll be ok though...we still love ya!

    blogispherinating doesn't sound very good does is?...how about blogispherilizing? hmmm

  18. Ha ha you crack me up but we forgive you..love those beautiful pieces..you know all the best people... that chandelier and shutters..oh breathe..Kym XOX

  19. Now that haul is a pickers heaven!!! With a post full of beauty like that you are soooo forgiven!!

    Have a wonderful day!

  20. Hard rubbish without your camera was a real shocker for sure but I'm with you on the Rusty French metal bit. That boy should be home any time soon. Have a great week. Much love Catherine x

  21. It's always fun to read your posts. These are seriously yummy photos.

  22. Tamarah!!

    So glad you're back! You are way to hard on yourself, it sounds like you deserved a break, you are quite the busy woman:) The French finds are unbelievably fabulous. I want everything you have pictured. I so much want to go to France and buy up so many things...I will keep dreaming. I look forward to seeing more of your pictures from your trip to the US.

    Take care,


  23. Tis more important to keep digging in the "hard rubbish" than to be photographing it. And, you can always show us your amazing finds when you get them home! There, feel better now?

    Love the photos above and will patiently wait to hear more from you. :)


  24. Yes, I really, really loved seeing your pictures!! Thanks for sharing! Love

  25. oH merci is right....GIRL..I love everything in this post!!! Hugs, Janna