Thursday, November 11, 2010

Junk Bonanza - Hi Ho Hi Ho it's BACK to Bachman's we go....!! (Post # 93)

Hello Keepers of the Past both near & far....I hope this 'recap' post finds you well & looking forward to the weekend....!!

Alrighty then....

Wayyyyyyyyyyy back on the 18th September as I was preparing to leave Shakopee MN for the 'Fields' of Texas, I promised to come back & catch you up on ALL the Junk Bonanza excitement....Well I have been TARDY to say the least in my blogging commitments so here I am as PROMISED so long ago to 'fill in the gaps'....!

After spending the previous day at Junk Bonanza (from 8 am - 5pm....!!!), Margo & I set out for the Bachman's Idea House....To say this place ROCKS is an understatement FOR SURE....I really must admit, my expectations were a little on the naive side & I was TOTALLY blown away by the creativity evident in each & every room....And that's JUST the inside of the house....The outside has just as MUCH goin' on....!!

Ki Nassauer has been involved with Bachman's for the past year now in a collaborative partnership re how to incorporate 'junk' into home decor....Her AWESOME ideas are FABULOUSLY showcased in the beautiful home situated a short distance from the main building....!  If you see somethin' in the Ideas House that takes your fancy, chances are the item will be available for sale over in the main building....!

What a FREAKIN' FANTASTIC idea....If ONLY we had somethin' like this here 'Down Under'.... ** sigh **....Each season sees a total 'makeover' as Ki introduces new design ideas to the House.... ** DOUBLE sigh **....

While we were there we had the GOOD FORTUNE to run into these GORGEOUS LADIES....The FAB JunkFest girls - Missy (SweetMelissa), Cassie, Lynette, Andrea, and Diane from Barn Chics....After we finished shoppin' up a storm, we enjoyed a relaxing lunch in Bachman's Garden Bistro where we talked up a storm 'bout ALL things junk related....A GOOD TIME was had by all....  :o) !!

I STOLE this pic from the ever INSPIRING Margo....!
This pic was snitched from JunkFest....!

And this one was 'borrowed' from JunkFest too....!

Now the rest of the pics are mine.... :o) !! And I'm not going to blab on 'cause I know you're itchin' to look at the pics....PLEASE make sure to enlarge them so you DON'T miss out on any of the GOLORIOUS details....!!

The one STANDOUT for me with the Bachman's Idea House was the total lack of FUSSINESS....Each & EVERY item 'worked' perfectly....EVERYTHING belonged....It was in my mind, a place where I could retire at the end of a weary day from 'the pesky day job', in total & utter peace....!

The visit to Bachman's took place on Friday 17th September & just when I thought things couldn't POSSIBLY get any better, the evening entertainment was still to come....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)

PS:  I'm counting down my posts to the BIG 100....Don't forget the GORGEOUS Gina from Vintage Junk In My Trunk & I will be hosting a F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S giveaway to celebrate our 100'ths TOGETHER....It's gonna be BIG....!!


  1. Hi Tamarah, I like that that rather different bedroom with those stubby butt should fit in one of them! ♥O

  2. I think I sighed all the way through this. So many great ideas! I really want all those old cogs and pulleys.
    And, I realized I have to get out of reader once in awhile. I LOVE your header! I'm assuming that's your house~it's awesome!

  3. What a great way to recycle papers! Are we all in love with old couch frames now? I can't seem to stop looking at them!

  4. All of it is so interesting. I could spend hours in there.

    Thanks for showing us Tamarah.

    Hope you are well.

    Whats new in the hard rubbish these days.

  5. I never tire of seeing that house...and soon Christmas!!! Yea! Lezlee

  6. I was just there today and saw the Awesome Christmas decorations! It was AMAZING and I met was a wonderful day! I have a few photos on my new post if you would like to see it!
    Deb :)

  7. This house is always so fun~ can't wait to go to the Holiday house!

  8. Hi Tamarah,

    What a fab place, this "Idea House" is. Do you think they would notice if I moved in?

    It was all wonderful but my fave is the wall o' globes. So clever how they fashioned shelves out of crates.

    Second Hand Chicks

  9. I am loving the use of all those wonderful old globes!! I want to move in to the Idea House too!!

  10. Great to have you back Tamarah. Bachman's Idea House appeals to me as well. Love the pictures!

  11. I've just put my newspapers in the recycle bin and now I relise that I should have made a coffee table with them. How good was that idea. I don't think my Keithy would approve. What a sensational place. I think that I need to re-decorate.
    Wendy the Terrier lady from Bonnie Doon.

  12. Gidday my friend, hey so pleased that Ruffus finally got his act together & made it home! Good on you for managing this post sometimes it's quite hard to follow through after an event ; 0 Isn't it great to see all these old globes re-appreciated. Back in the day having one of these was probably about as exciting as a subscription to the National Geographic but now we can chose to like them yay AND do whatever we like with them. Kaitiaki loves to find "home" on our old job every time he visits. Great collection of pulleys & stuff! I see you're the one (in the pic) tightly clutching you're purse dearie..some good junk in there eh!!??? Much love Catherine X

  13. Hello Tamarah

    Oh my, it all looks so fantastic, I love it.

    Hope all is well with you.


  14. Guess where I Minneapolis to pick up our daughter for Thanksgiving and the Bachman Idea house is also on my 'To Do' list. Well actually it's now the Holiday house but I hope all the cool things I've seen pictures of are still there.

  15. All so the wheel do dats on the a wheel on a wall,sigh, cheers Katherine

  16. The newspaper table is wonderful! It would be perfect in a den!