Saturday, August 21, 2010

We interrupt our scheduled SVJ-X Wrap Ups to feature my FAVE Vintage Shop Friend....!! #1

Hello Shabby Vintage Junk Friends....!

I hope everyone's having an AWESOME relaxing weekend filled with Treasures.... :o) !!

Because I've been so focused on the SVJ-X for quite some time now, I wanted to stop for a moment to celebrate & share with you my FAVE Vintage Shop Friend, Sue Carrol of Montreux & her new French Treasures....!

I've known Sue for a little over 10 years & in that time I've seen her business flourish....Many people have asked me over the years what it is about Sue's business that sets her apart from other Vintage Homewares Stores in Melbourne & why I think she's been so successful.

My answer quite simply is that Sue has the most amazing 'eye' I have ever encountered in the Vintage World....Add this to the genuine enthusiasm she has for what she does AND the 'warmth' she has for her customers & you have a wicked & WINNING combination....!!

Having travelled to France in April on a buying trip, I'm pleased to say, the container Sue sent back filled with TREASURES arrived in Melbourne recently & was transported to her warehouse at 23 Grattan Street, Prahran.  A special preview was held for her Customers last Thursday 19th August....!

Alas, I was unable to attend due to some work & IT issues however, I made up for it today when Mr SVJ-X took me down for a spot of shopping.... :o) !!

I was drooling the MOMENT I walked....The space itself is SERIOUSLY SENBLOODYSATIONAL....Exposed brickwork, high HIGH ceilings....SEXY natural light....AWESOME beams....The PERFECT setting for the pieces you see below....ENJOY....!!

Now you all know I ADORE these bottles.....!!

** sigh **

Thick, chippy, peely paint & detail TO DIE FOR....

I wanted these SO BAD....

Red metal chippy paint....

Simple stunning PERFECTION....!

My heart HURTS looking at this FABULOUS Armoire....!!

Be STILL my palpitating heart....

Loved loved LOVED this piece....!

AWESOME architectural salvage....Mirror & chippy stand....

No words....

Montreux is located at 545 High Street, Prahran & Sue can be contacted on 03 9510 9100. The warehouse is located in Prahran at 23 Grattan Street.

I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of this FABULOUS French feast....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. Hi tamarah, drool, drool drool, yummy, yummy chippy heaven! Wish I wasn't miles away....loved the videos btw, great goodies. Cheers katherine

  2. Love your comments & love the red metal chippy paint letters. :) ....

  3. Such a lovely shop. How much does she sell the demijohns for? I sold mine, shipped it to Chicago and it vanished. UPS lost it! I think they smashed it then covered it up. How can you lose a demijohn?

    I found something I knew you would love. I mailed it so you may get it by Christmas. A little surprise.

  4. eeeek Tamarah, I have to wipe my computer screen from droooling over all those treasures!! I MUST get down there one day soon for sure.