Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm PROUD to announce SVJ has WON an award....WOOHOO :o) !!

Hello Junker Friends....!

I'm pleased....NO....CHUFFED....Ahh....No...PROUD AS PUNCH to advise the GORGEOUS Angela over at the incredibly FUNKY Bounty Huntress has bestowed upon this little ole blog of mine the "This Blog is Charming" award....WOOHOO....!!

If you haven't had the pleasure of 'falling into' Angela's blog before PLEASE do yourself a favour & pop in for a visit....I so look forward to seeing a new post from this WONDERFUL blogger & reading her Treasure Hunting stories makes me SMILE out loud....!!  Angela even has a YUMMY Etsy shop where she GENEROUSLY shares her Treasures with her readers so if you're after a special piece, you might just find it at the Bounty Huntress....!!

Now the rules are I have to share a few things about myself so BUCKLE UP Junkers for I have NO SHAME....hahahahahahaSNORT....JARST kidding....  :o) !!

Ok ok....So you already know I have a big CRUSH on Stephen Dorf, suffer from a rare form of OCD (of the peg & cracks in pavement & straight pictures variety), was a gymnast in my younger years, have SCARY hiccups & sneezes, snort when I laugh, ADORE Elvis, LOATHE winter, I've been to France but NOT to Paris, Skydived my youth away, am FANATICAL about my early morning exercise, boogers make me dry retch AND I'm going to THE JUNK BONANZA for the FIRST time THIS September....But I bet you didn't know....

1/   My almost FAVOURITE food in the world is....Biscuits & Gravy....I KID YOU NOT....I reckon the BEST place to indulge in this REMARKABLE meal is ANY IHOP you can find....Love love LOVE their coffee too....!!

NB: After returning from my last visit to the US, Mr SVJ surprised me by producing an ALMOST perfect Biscuit & Gravy breakfast for me....He was in the 'good books' for close on to a week after that effort....hahahahahaha....!!

2/  While we're talkin' calories....My ALL TIME FAVE meal (of the dinner variety) can be found at the Cracker Barrel:  Southern fried chicken steak, fried okra, mashed spuds, white gravy & CORN BREAD....** sigh **

3/  I lived in Texas for 6 months back in 1995 & have a GINORMOUS soft spot for the Lone Star state....!!  This is where I developed my fondness for numbers 1 & 2....  :o) !!

4/  I fantasize regularly about buying run down homes in the country & renovating them 'gently' into the 21st century....I'd furnish them tastefully with my Treasures & rent them out to city folk wanting to experience country life albeit, in short bursts....The aforementioned Treasures would be available for sale so if my visitors wanted a memento of their stay, they could take their FAVE piece home with them....  :o) !!

5/  I am a HUGE Star Trek fan....Trekker please....NO Trekkies here....hahahahaha....My loyalties lie with the Next Generation though which in turn introduced me to the original movies....My FAVE character is Jean Luc Picard....Or maybe that's because I have a BIG CRUSH on Patrick Stewart....I mean....Have you LISTENED ot that mans voice....** purrrrrrrrrr **....hahahahahahaSNORT....!!

Ok....Funs over & I need to pass this award on to two CHARMING BLOGS....I'd LOVE it if you could take a moment to pop in & say hi to these SWEET Aussie blog Friends....!!

Tamara over at A Treasured Past is a girl after my own heart....Tamara started her blog on the 12th July & had me at, "We are slowly renovating our 1920's home....."  Her eclectic Treasures have me looking forward to each new post & I'm itching to go to the Queanbeyan Swap Meet with her NEXT year....!!!

Alison from Hill & Vale Designs has not long returned with her family to Melbourne from Perth....Her GORGEOUS girls will melt your heart & her passion for vintage & crafts will keep you coming back for more....We BOTH love vintage sheets & crafts of the knitted & crotched variety....I think Alison's tastes are a little more refined than mine though....!!

Well I must away....'See' you soon....!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. Love hearing more about you.

    The countdown is on........

  2. Tamara with an 'h', you are crazy mad!..:)

    I nearly fell off my chair! I can't believe you want to pass an award on to me :) Big Grin..thank you. The question is...what do I have to do???

    Loved to hear more about you too...

    p.s. the Goulburn Swap is waayyy bigger and better (April 2011)

    cheers :) Tamara

  3. So great learning a little more about you! Congrats on the award. Well earned my dear!

  4. Congrats! we do love your blog! and good luck getting ready for the SVJ-X - wish I could attend!
    amy of four corners design

  5. Congratulations!

    This was really fun to read. (I completely agree with you on Patrick Stewart's voice. Plus, he's one of those rare men who look FABULOUS bald!)

  6. Well done T - love your blog - well deserved. I thought Tamarah with a'h'which is you (if you get my drift) and Tamara with a 'a' were one and the same. Was but know better now. Love both your blogs!

  7. Such praise! I don't know what to do with myself now. :)

    1- I love biscuits and gravy! A little pepper on top...nice!

    3- Where id you live in Texas? And what's with the numbers 1 & 2? I don't get it. Please enlighten me. :)

    4- What a fabulous plan! I think that sounds lovely!

    Always a fan...Love you!

  8. Congrats on your well deserved award!

    And you definitely earned a place in my heart for your comments about Texas! Good girl! :-)

    Have a wonderful week!

  9. Congratulations on your award Tamarah! I loved reading your 5 things, you have such a way with words! xx

  10. Congratulations! Definitely deserving of the most charming award! Although I'll have to disagree with you on the best of the Enterprise captains, as the original (and I do mean original!) Mr. William Shatner will win it for me hands down. (Of course, I am talking about the 30something William Shatner, circa 1967.) Vintage, shall we say? I'm an Original Series girl all the way...