Wednesday, August 4, 2010

9 Days to go to the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza: Vendor Profile - Time Worn Style

So here we are with just 9 days to go until the inaugural Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza launches into the Vintage World on Friday 13th August at the Ashburton Scout Hall in High Street, Ashburton at 8am.

Continuing with our Vendor introductions I'd like you to meet the LOVELY Alicia from Time Worn Style.  Alicia & I met through eBay YEARS ago & I'm pleased to say, I have been the lucky winner of some GORGEOUS time*worn*style pieces....My ABSOLUTE FAVE being a TO DIE FOR Vintage Wedding Cake Topper I'll cherish forever....!! 

A talented artist, Alicia's home & surrounding gardens provides the perfect inspiration for her creative spirit & the great bones of 'Greystanes' allows Alicia to indulge in her love of interior design.....!

At this moment in time, I'd describe Alicia's style as being a mix of Indrustrial meets Romantic....But you can judge for yourself....The following pics have been borrowed straight from Alicia's blog....!!

Eclectic vignettes to stimulate the imagination....

I SO WANT this bathroom....Wanna do 'swaps' Alicia....??

Feminine Industrial Chic....

Even I would enjoy cooking if I had THIS kitchen complete with AWESOME sash windows....!!

Alicia & I share a fondness for Axminster carpet.....!

After the SVJ-X I hope to snag an invite to sit on Alicia's verandah & enjoy a Devonshire tea.... :o) !!

Smack me upside the head & colour me green....Green with ENVY that is....I've been lusting after these glass beauties F-O-R-E-V-E-R....!!

I hope EVERYONE's having a SUPER week....I'll be back tomorrow with another SVJ-X Vendor....!!

Tamarah :o)


  1. 9 days!!! How exciting. I wish I lived closer, I would definately be there! Alicia's home is lovely and I agree I could cook in that kitchen too! xx

  2. Love Alici's home and especially that demijohn.

  3. Wow I've never been featured on anothers bloggy before, I am feeling very special :0)) Cant wait for the SVJ ~ X!! Not long now, how exciting!!!
    ps. a verandah chair and devonshire tea awaits you, although at this time of the year we may acquire frostbite so will move inside near the fire!!

  4. Oh, there's a whole lot of fun going on around here! What fabulous finds, I am so envious.

  5. I want that house and I want it NOW...What a lovely house and what fab finds, although I do have an Axminster.... being British an'all.
    I have added your button to my blog hope thats ok. Enjoy your day

  6. Ooh, I love your vintage terriers - so cute! Would be there, too, if I were closer. Jane :)

  7. I love that girl's style. You will have a great sale, I think! Lezlee

  8. Awesome house, I want it and I want it NOW! The carpet is to die for. I'm soo excited about the SVJ but sad that I'll never be able to make it by 8am, but be there I will. I just hope there will be something left for me.

  9. T, this is sooo exciting! Please post LOADS of vendor info, as well as tons of pix, since we're on different continents! I'd be there in a heartbeat, if only to finance your trip to the US! XOXOX

  10. Alicia has great style...can't wait..9 more sleeps!

  11. Hi Tamarah....Alicia's house...her style...her fine arts knowledge is AWESOME...
    & cannot wait to meet her next week...

    HER stall will be AWESOME & do you proud (re organising this event)..

    Alicia & I can talk about TENNIS at least!!!~~~

    xx andrea