Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back to the Market for some R & R....!!

Hello Vintage Friends everywhere....!

I hope this note finds you all enjoying a peaceful Sunday....!!

I went back to the Market this morning for the FIRST time in 3 weeks & let me tell you now....It was so GOOD TO BE BACK....!! I can't believe I've just spent several weeks in 'Junking Siberia'....NO Market....NO HR....NO Op-Shops....Man....I was hangin'....hahahahaha....SERIOUSLY....!

I wanted to get this post in quick smart 'cause I'm heading out to the HR for the WHOLE afternoon....WOOHOO....Who knows....I might post AGAIN tonight....!

These are my Treasures from this morning....!

This trophy is a WHOPPER & towers over the mason jar....!! 

The detail of the mirror is AWESOME & I LOVE the chippy creamy white paint....** sigh **  It's destined to live on the mantle above our bed....!!  The patina of the yard stick is TO DIE FOR & the big floppy flower was a gift from one of my FAVE vendors, Liz 'the button lady'....!

Well I must dash....Happy Junkin'....!

Tamarah :o)


  1. That Trophy cup is seriously too die for!!! Janna

  2. I LOVE that trophy cup too!! Awesome mirror and flower!!! Just too awesome!! Rhonda

  3. Fabulous finds Tam!

    Tis hard rubbish season BIGTIME up my way at the mo...wish you where here and we could go together...I don't have the courage to fossick through it, scared the owner might tell me off or their big Rottie dog will bite me on the leg lol. Have you ever been abused amongst the HR or question by the houses owners/neighbors?



  4. I love the trophy and the mirror. Is the trophy sitting on a wood base? I'm trying to find some sort of different mirror for the half bath. Nothing yet.

  5. Wow Tamarah, I love all your finds, especially the trophy! We are having a relaxing day with a spot of gardening, see ya, Tamara :)

  6. I love everything! That vintage flowers is so lovely and so big! The mirror is fabulous and the trophy is one of the coolest ones I've seen!