Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hard Rubbish is the place to be....Kerb shoppin' is the life for me....!

(Poached from Greenacres theme song....!)

Hard Rubbish is the place to be.
Kerb shoppin' is the life for me.
Streets spreadin' out so far & wide.
Keep your antiques, I preFER the junky side.

At home is where I'd rather stay.
I get allergic sittin' in the van all day.
I just adore a DVD or two.
Darling I love you but I have better things to do.

...I'm bored.
...Death stare.
...DON'T care.

I am your wife.
Good bye, peaceful life.
Hard Rubbish we are there....hahahahahaha....!!
When the first street I drove in saw me score this little red tool box....I suspected I was gonna have a GREAT afternoon....!

And I DID....When I pulled up several hours later to take pics 'cause I was losin' the light my van looked like this....** happy happy HAPPY dance **

AWESOME industrial drawer unit....'Little Red'....Two VERY sexy galvanised bins & 1960's toy pram....WOOHOO....!!

The sense of balance has been restored to 'Tamarah world'....hahahahaha....

Two 3 x tiered metal stands, 2 x bird cages, 2 x BRILLIANT wooden ironing boards with green metal legs....'Oh HAPPY day...!!'

Cream metal vegie stand....FUNKY green wooden tool box with drawers....Sweet little blue wooden box....Green Vacola canning thingo....Glass sweets jar, Japan coffee cup & wooden spool....!

Cream persinware scales WITH YUMMY green plate....!

Willow carnations rubbish bin....Milk bottle & assorted vintage jars....Chisel, spatula & scissors....!!

INDEED....I feel like balance HAS been restored....Now I'm READY for another FIVE at 'the pesky day job'....!!

I'm off to find a glass of wine, finish answering some questions & catch up with my blog mates....!!  Wherever you are, I hope you've enjoyed a relaxing TREASURE filled weekend....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. Hi Tamarah, OMG! Who in their right mind would throw that stuff away? Love the bin with the tap, so cool! The plant stands are to die-for!!...even Mr T nearly fainted when he saw those...he he. Have a great week, Tamara :)

  2. That bin with the tap is most in-ter-rest-ing!!And I love the cream metal vege bin!! I would have fought you for that one!!!! (lol)
    Great stuff!
    Irene x

  3. I cannot believe what you find! It's all so awesome! Love the galvanized bins, and that green toolbox~Wow!

    What a score!

  4. Wow! you guys throw away the awsome-est stuff.
    Great haul.


  5. Lol, I watched Green Acres....a long time ago, your version is kool!! Love evey single bit of your stuffes!! Iam sooo green!!

  6. Love your little tune! But I can not believe you found all of this in one day?? How crazy great is that? You have great rubbish (sounds better then trash)! So envious of you. :)

  7. Loved your blog Tamarah - like sunshine following a wet day. Thanks :0)

  8. Morning Tamarah :) I had a crazy a$$ dream last night that you had a booth set up at our local library (of all places) and I got there too late!..the plant stands were already sold! They must have been playing on my mind last night...hee hee...that and the herbal tablets I have been taking for my liver (the wild yam in it gives me crazy dreams!)

    I might have a look into flickr...sounds interesting.

    Have a great day at work :) Tamara

  9. Hi Tamarah, So very pleased that we can all check out your hard rubbish once again. The hard rubbish angels were surely following you around on Sunday. What a great stash. I nearly started making my monkey noises, it was all so good. Can't wait until next week.
    Bonnie Doon Wendy

  10. Hi Tamarah..I'm a self confessed collector of other peaples so called "worthless" junk and very proud of it..
    Great kerbside rescues..xx

  11. I just lurv hard rubbish. In fact, when I'm fossicking I believe I am part of a very ancient vocation - gleaning. So a gleaner I be - and proud of it!

    Blessings and bliss

  12. Oh, Tamarah, I can just picture you singing that song while wearing overalls, holding a pitchfork, and doing a little jig!! Hey, I just got caught up watching all your SVJEx videos. Wish I coulda been there!!!

  13. I love the song and now I'll be singing your new version for days! I'm glad your balance has been restored through the beauty of junk!

    Thanks so much for your wonderfully kind and supportive comments on my most recent blog post, they meant the world to me! And I felt the warm Aussie hug across the miles!

    Have a wonderful week!

    Kat :)

  14. Good Gravy Girl!! WE could not shop together at all! It would turn into a wrestling match!!
    Enough with the red tool boxes~ You are killing!!! Ack!!

  15. Hiya Tamarah,

    you will never guess what I found at our tip shop today! The same plant stand as you have pictured (the one on the left)! Maybe thats why I was dreaming about your last night...he he.
    I will post them up soon, See you, Tamara

  16. Wow! You always find the best stuff! The red toolbox is great and Love your junkin' song!

  17. I can not believe your finds! incredible! great for you!
    and now I have your version of the "Green Acres Song" in my head!!!

  18. Tamarah~ you find the most amazing stuff...I would have been SO excited, too! I've loved looking at all your fabulous sale since the wedding is done... I've got to get down to business and get ready for Junk Bonanza!

  19. Hi Tamarah,
    I'm laughing my ass off with that song of yours. You are so dam funny, girl!!

    And I love the wirey plant stands this time...they are beautiful!!

    Second Hand Chicks

  20. that is the best song I'v ever heard, boy do I love your trash! Lezlee

  21. Ha, that song is perfect! Just caught a glimpse of your title in Anita's sidebar, had to come check it out and I loved it! You're a shopper after my own heart.

  22. hey ho, you will be ready for next SVJx in no time flat if you keep finding goodies like that! I found the exact same tiered plant stand on the side of the road too! Had to giggle over the song ha!

  23. Hi Tamarah, you never cease to amaze me with your HR finds. Love you little ditty at the beginning! Sounds like you deserve all these fantastic finds - your a true treasure hunter. Michelle

  24. Like me you want to keep going til the light fails you or the van is full.
    And I was dragging home (well, lifting to the van roof) some major huge bird cages as well this week! Will post pictures in the next week if computer lets me. Bad computer!