Monday, August 16, 2010

Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza WRAP UP #1

Hello fellow Shabby Vintage Junk enthusiasts.... :o) !!

Well the SVJ-X may have come & gone but the after effects are still being felt quite keenly by 'yours truly' as I am KA-nackered....hahahahahaha....I seriously cannot remember the last time I worked SO hard or had SO much freakin FUN....My face is sore from smiling, my throat's still aching from KACKING like a loon with my fellow Vendors....My mind is OVERFLOWING with ideas for the NEXT SHOW already in the early planning stages....!!

I would like to extend a heartfelt THANKS to the WONDERFUL group of Vendors who participated in the Show without whom it would just not have been possible....You girls ROCK BIG TIME & I appreciate your COURAGE & willingness to try something SO DIFFERENT from anything that's been done before....!!

Just to let my readers know, when I first started organising this show 8 months ago, I extended an invitation to no less than 30 Vendors....These were people I felt would be a PERFECT fit for what it was I was trying to accomplish....I didn't want booths filled with trestle tables with vintage wares laid out unimaginatively.... No....I wanted to see creativity, original ideas....I wanted to bring a new 'look' to the Vintage Scene here in Melbourne, if not Oz & I am OVERWHELMINGLY PROUD of the 9 women who stepped up to the plate to give it a go....!!

To EACH & EVERY one of our wonderful Visitors a BIG THANK YOU for coming out & supporting our Show....I LOVED meeting with you & GABBING about our mutual love of all things vintage & recycling....Man do I have some BIG SURPRISES in store for you all....!!  Speaking of which, if you attended the Show & didn't leave your details in our Visitors Register, please contact me at so I can ENSURE you don't miss out on our 'Invitational'....!!

And a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who visited my blog & left their well wishes for a successful Show....It goes without saying (though I know it's sometimes nice to have it said) that your words helped motivate & push me along when I was starting to feel the stress....!!!!

Now I have HEAPS of pics but would you believe I have been BUSTING MY HUMP over the last couple of days trying to upload the video footage to YouTube with NO SUCCESS....I'm determined to bring this to you because it's LOTS of fun....PLUS I'm dying for you to see Mr SVJ's big fluffy balls....hahahahahaha....!!

If anyone out there has experience with uploading to YouTube & can help out, please let me know....!!

In the mean time, a couple of pics from my stall....!!

You can NEVER have too much chippy red hey Alicia....hahahahahaha....!!

Well I must 'away' to the pesky day job....*** sigh *** !!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. Tamarah,

    Oh, it looks wonderful! I hope you are able to upload the video to You Tube, I would love to see it!

    Can you believe you will be in Minnesota in a month???

    ps - working on my interview questions for you this evening, they're coming!

  2. I...... sniff....... missed out...... sniff. I'm so happy to hear that there'll be a next time. Did anyone buy those planters 'cos I really think that they should be mine.... I'm so happy that it went well for you and so 'spewin' (releasing my inner bogan...) that I wasn't there. 'til the next show: ciao! :)

  3. It was AWESOME!! As a vendor I can tell you it was worth the work as I had a BLAST!!! In terms of the basics of a show it ran without a was well planned and brilliantly executed!! Well done Tamarah, I think everyone, both vendors and attendees felt like they were part of something very special!! Roll on the next one....but not too soon Im still recovering!!! Hugs Sam

  4. MORE MORE MORE! And email me if you still can't figure out YouTube. I've only done it twice, but it was easy, if I recall! XOXOX

  5. It is a fabulous booth. Love the stepladder of red tool boxes.!

  6. OPh I have been busting for news on the event - Let me know when the next one is - I would love to come and visit from Tassie. Hugs - Fee XX

  7. congrats on a splendid job - can't wait to see more pics!
    amy of four corners design

  8. I have been waiting all week for you to put up a post...I had a great time at the show and have been hoping to hear there would be another one!

    I love my wire crate that I bought from you!

    Thanks heaps, alikaye!

  9. Hi Tamarah, lovely to meet you SVJX! What a great couple of days! Thank you so much for all your hard work to get SVJX up and running. I love,love, loved it!!! Can't wait till the next one.Suzanne:} P.S. Hope you come across some more Cubbies before the next event!

  10. So glad to hear it all went well Tamarah! Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Can't wait to see more pictures.

  11. Love the concept of your blog. I find myself at antique stores and flea markets every chance I get.

    xo Marcie

  12. Congrats Tamarah! Looking forward to hearing more about it!

  13. LOVE the chippy red! Can't wait to see more, Tamarah, I am happy for you! Lezlee

  14. What an amazing gal you are. Great to meet up with you, awesome fun, I walked around and around and around, trying to take in the visual feast of SVJ. Looking forward to a nitter natter over a cuppa with a clicking and a clacking of the knitting needles. Fanfairytastic.

  15. You have so many lovely old things!!!

    Have a great day!

  16. Wow that came up so quickly Tamarah! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and your stall looks fabulous! Great work on all of your organising, you are entitled to feel exhausted after all you've done! xx

  17. I'm definately not going to miss the next one. Keith can only turn 60 once. So very pleased that all went well and I heard from a very close source that it looked absolutely amazing. I wouldn't expect anything less from you Tamarah, as you are such a perfectionist. It was such a bonus that you sold 8 of my Terriers. I'm jumping for joy!!!
    Can't wait for more photos and the ideas of things to come.
    Well done!!
    Bonnie Doon Wendy

  18. Brilliant! What fun! It was soo good to meet you and drool over all the wonderful goodies. It felt like we were in our own secret 'junky' world - what an indulge.
    Thanks so very much for all your wonderful work - it is very much appreciated!

  19. Hi Tamarah,
    Congratulations on a job well done! Your booth is just TOO FAB for words!

    Can't wait to see the video! Now you deserve a nice long rest.

    Second Hand Chicks

  20. Wow! It's all gorgeous! The red tool boxes on the ladder is striking!! Wish I could have been there!


  21. Oh my gosh, it all looks so fabulous! What a great job you did! Can't wait to see the video and more pics!

  22. Wonderful stuff! I see so much I would just LOVE to have! :-)

  23. Hi Tamarah, thanks for the photos, it looks fab! I loved the pompoms that were hanging from the ceiling..I bet your hands were sore :) Congrats! sounds like everyone had a wonderful time :) Tamara x

  24. It all looks so wonderful, Wish I could have been there. Maybe someday.
    Can't wait till the Bonanza.