Monday, May 17, 2010

Snip Snip Tick Tock....Lets run away to the Land Of Junk.....!!

Hello fellow Junkers, Vintage Hunters & Thrifters....I'm running behind with my Sunday Wrap Up this week which I'm sad to say is a bit 'light on' as my energies were devoted to sharing a stall with my friend Lyn at the Market over adding to my Treasures....!!

Of the three items I found out the Market, the yummy distressed leather suitcase you see below was a gift from another stall holder who gave it to me because the latches aren't working......hmmmmmm.....A problem I'm pretty sure I can remedy....!!

This GORGEOUS clock was a steal at $8.00.....Something rattling around inside but I'm sure I can remedy this too.....!

I LOVE these tailors scissors....They're old, heavy & HUGE....And the patina is TO DIE FOR.... ** sigh **

.....And I'm quite fond of the level of distress on this suitcase with the gold initials....!

As you see it was a LEAN day for Treasures but I'm OK with that....I enjoyed spending time with Lyn, catching up with regular vendors, friends & buyers....All of which helped take my mind off the fact I'd misplaced my mobile late Friday afternoon....I'm happy to say though it has since been located safe & sound under my chair at work....P-H-E-W....!!!

I'd like to say a BIG HELLO to the LOVELY Sue Carrol of Montreux Homewares at 545 High St, Prahran VIC who dropped by to say 'hi' yesterday....!

Sue confessed while she has been reading my blog, she has been unable to navigate her way around the blogisphere to leave a  comment.....hahahahaha....I told her if my technophobe mate Wendy from Bonnie Doon can work it out....I'm sure she'll 'get there' in the not too distant future....  :o) !

I met Sue in the late 90's when I was selling home made bath salts at the Market....Sue came by my stall & bought quite a few bottles & I LOVED that she told me from the 'get go' that she was buying for her store & she has been a FAVE ever since....!!

I HIGHLY recommend a visit to Montreux....Sue has an eye for blending eclectic vintage pieces with new & has a STUNNING range of both to choose from....I PROMISE a visit to this YUMMY store will have you marvelling at Sue's creativity & her vignettes will have you rethinking your own spaces....FAIR DINKUM....!!

On a completely different note, I'm thrilled to report the Vendor Information was sent out to prospective vendors last Thursday for the SVJ Extravaganza....!  The response has been AWESOME with half the spaces booked already....!!

Well I must away....I have a a number of emails to respond to etc & I need to catch up on some blog reading before I catch me some much needed Zzzzzzzzzzzz's.....!!!

Take care & have a GREAT week....!

Tamarah  :o)


  1. Your treasures look great to me! Thanks for your comments on my great haul of treasure on Friday, sad to say Saturday was not nearly so lucky, although I went back and got one more half dress form, a little larger from the same sale, the lady said to come back for one more they had, so that was great!
    Have to post my updates later, I'm dashing from one thing to the other these days!
    Have a great week, and wish you had garage sales on Fridays too!

  2. Hi Tamarah,
    Hope you did well at your booth this weekend and sold lots of beautiful junk.

    By the way, I think those old seamstress shears are the coolest! I just love a pair of old heavy shears. Such heft when you pick them up, such nice smooth metal so gracefully shaped. And to think of the stories those old shears could tell...Brilliant.

    Have a wonderful week!
    Second Hand Chicks

  3. Love your collection of dogs!!!!!! I have old suitcases, and I like that one!! I see so few these days, lucky you!! Antique Rose

  4. Very happy this morning as your blog was finally there. My week will be so much better now. Sue... If I can post a comment, you most surely can.
    Tamarah dear, this weeks treasures were gorgeous.
    Bonnie Doon Wendy

  5. Love the treasures.....I thought you must have been sick and missed the weekend hunt....good news about the bookings for spaces..

  6. Please please tell me where I can find this market that everyone is referring to???.....