Friday, May 28, 2010

And to think I just ducked out for some CURLY WILLOW....!

Hello fellow Junkers, Thrifters & Vintage enthusiates....I'm hoping this quick (word wise) post finds you waist deep in Treasures....!

I'm on the clock at the mo so won't stop for long....!  Although I'm working at home today, it hasn't been a complete JUNK FREE day thanks to a few quick stops on my way to the florist for some Curly Willow...!

Gorgeous creamware pottery piece & cloth measuring tape.

A handful of Vintage Christmas .... ** sigh ** & a couple of vintage word games....LOVE the black & white graphics....!

I have a real 'thang' for these sweet 60's coffee mugs from Japan....They have a LOVELY feel to them & the multitude of designs are YUMMY....!

This aluminium torch had me at....ALUMINIUM....hahahahaha....!

Love love LOVE this teapot engraved 1931....The patina is TO DIE FOR & I have 101 uses in mind for it....!!

Indeedy....TO DIE FOR....!

THRILLED to find a packet of felt sticky pads for furniture for 50c....We go through a LOT of these....!!

The sweet glass baby bottle will look DELICIOUS with an orchid resting inside....!!

LOVE the shape of this baby....!

And I ALWAYS pick up vintage glass bead necklaces....GREAT for jewellery making & display....!

I've been rubbing this teapot like a mad woman....I'm SURE there's a Genie inside....hahahaha....!

Hiding in the background is a GORGEOUS tin thermos....LOVE these too....!!

Well I must be off.....Mr SVJ & I are in FULL ON 'fix that HORRID back yard' mode today....With any luck I can post some pics tomorrow....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah  :o)


  1. Tamarah, that torch and the silver pots are fantastic. Nice finds as usual.!

  2. That teapot is way cool, Tamarah! And I love the button for your extravaganza--so exciting!!
    Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk

  3. Hi Tamarah,
    See how you find great stuff without even trying!! I have to admit, I stopped at a couple of yard sales on my way home. Just can't help myself!!

    Good luck with your genie and the lamp! TeeHee.

    Second Hand Chicks

  4. Wow, you did way good! Love your finds! Just catching up on visiting, had a super busy time last week.
    Torch = Flashlight......I like your word better than ours in Canada.
    My mom is English,. ..they use the word torch as well...
    on to your next post!

  5. Is that flash light made of Al-u-men-e-um or Al-u-mi-num??????

    Love your finds, you got good junk down there.

    see you in september.