Sunday, May 9, 2010

Don't you wish the weekend was FIVE days & the working week TWO....???

I've been campaining for this for years & you'd think by now I would just give up & go with the flow....But NO....While there's breath in my lungs I will fight for the rights of Junkers & Vintage Treasure Hunters everywhere to enjoy a MINIMUM five day weekend broken with a 'recovery period' of 48 hours where they will engage in WORK....hahahahahaSNORT....Yes indeed....It's SUNDAY night & I'm doing my best to keep the clock from ticking....  :o) !!

Melodrama aside, it was another GREAT day for junk....I allowed myself a sleep in this morning of half hour & by the time I reached the Market the car park was full....I was worried I would miss out on the Treasures but I managed to find quite a few pieces which made for an interesting 'show & tell' when Mr SVJ & I met up for breaky....!!

The NINE items below are from the Market....The cane chair is from two houses up when the HR was in my street last year....!!

The sign is from the 1940's & came from a yacht club bar....LOVE the chippy green cubby & the black box made of wood is from WW2 & was used to store ammunition....The latch on this piece is AWESOME....!!

Also LOVE the black & white enamel No2....Our place is number 2 & I've cleaned & introduced it to 'poly' & now it's residing in Mr SVJ's office window....!!

The Colarado leather pouch was $2- & it's now holding my keys so they don't clatter around in my bag.

 Galvanised tub ** sigh **, demijohn (wine bottle housed in wicker holder) THANKS for that one Chania & new (to me) black leather messenger bag with SO MANY compartments I'm BESIDE myself ORGANISATIONAL wise....hahahahaha....!!!

The MOTHER of all vintage glass jars....This beauty is almost 2ft tall & was a STEAL....!!!

I left the Market early as I had a HEAP of stuff to clean AND my buddy Wendy from Bonnie Doon had torn herself away from the land of 'serenity' for the weekend & was in Melbourne....As she was popping in for a quick visit I had to have EVERYTHING ready for 'show & tell'....!!

Afterwards I headed out in to the HR....I didn't have as much luck as yesterday so took a few minutes to walk over the road to the beach.

** sigh ** I don't often wish I lived near the beach however, this afternoon I WISH I lived in one of the homes across the road....I wonder if the home owners appreciate the sound of the waves breaking on the beach & the smell of the salt in the air....Or are they working so hard to maintain their lifestyles that they don't get to enjoy these simple plaeasures....??

I found this GREAT industrial desk....The lovely man who helped carry it to my car said they had had it in the family for 35 years....It's as HEAVY as & I had to get my screwdriver out to undo the drawer unit that fits in between the wrought iron on the left side....!!

The black office chair also from the 70's was a LUCKY find a few streets from where I found the desk....They go together PERFECTLY....!!

A singer foot peddle & two tin dust pans.

I have TWO of these black office chairs now....Just need four more to go around the trestle table Mr SVJ is converting into our dining table that I found in front of the Scout Hall yesterday....!!

The drawer unit sits across these bars....I may have the iron pieces removed or leave as is....hmmmmmm....??

Well that it's for me....I have a HEAP of work still to do for the SVJ Extravaganza & then I need to catch up with my FAVE blogs....!

I hope everyone had a BRILLIANT weekend....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)


  1. I LOVE THE DESK!!! Have a great week!!

  2. Hi Tamarah,

    Great stuff, as usual but the pics of the beach sent me on a sentimental journey. I grew up in Southern California so some of my fondest memories are of time spent at the shore.

    Sadly, these days I'm landlocked here in Utah. Maybe one day I'll live by the ocean again. Sigh.

    Anyhoo...LOVE that cool modern desk. I'll bet Mr SVJ is crazy about it, too! The chair is just perfect with it.

    Hope you recover in time for work Monday. Ah, Mondays....such a let down!

    Second Hand Chicks

  3. Wow! you sure have great places to shop for your shabby vintage stuff!! I had a great day yesterday but they're few and far between where I live.
    As for Wilendur tablecloths? I'm lucky if I get an average of 1 a year! Made in USA and sold there so only if they were a gift to a Canadian here!
    Have a great "work week".....wish it were smaller for you!

  4. Boy do you have some grat finds there- I love the Big Jug- i love the wood storage box thing- just love it all- Great Blog- just became a followr- look forward to more of your finds.

  5. Hi Tamarah, Another great load of treasures. I so enjoy show & tell at your home, but always wish that we had more time to spare, so that I can take more in. Maybe next time.
    Bonnie Doon Wendy

  6. As always great finds!! Hey I agree, there should be more treasure hunting time and LESS housework time. Mind you our house looks like a bomb has it at the moment so this week maybe a bit less treasure hunting ;0)

  7. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend Tamarah! Lots and lots of great cool stuff! Esp love that red box from Saturday and the cubby thing. Totally agree with you about reversing the days! Can you imagine 5 days of junking?? Woo hoo!

  8. Hi Tamarah!

    Great finds, of course I LOVE that cubby!

    I like the way you think, I've been suggesting a two day work week for years! :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!