Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday morning 'Show & Tell'....!

I hope this quick post finds everyone enjoying the weekend....It's a little before midnight & I've just come in from the garage where I've been working on a number of projects for the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza....Needless to say I'm pooped AND I'm up again in a few hours to go to the Market....!!

Before I slip off to the Land of Nod though, I wanted to share my finds from this morning....!!

First up is this sweet vintage dress I picked up for a song....Alas, it doesn't fit but I couldn't resist it....!

Very sweet....Very simple....

With a KILLER vintage label....!

Oh & you know by now I can't resist a BEAUTIFULLY scuffed leather bag....I think THIS one will be the perfect bag for work....hahahahaha....

And last but by no means least is this little black metal box with it's sliding lid...LOVE the chippy patina....!


Well that's it for me....For now....I'll be back later tonight to show you my Treasures from the Market....And perhaps reveal a couple of the projects we've been working on.....!!!

Tamarah  :o)


  1. Treasures of your own! Don't you love finding stuff???

  2. Hi Tamarah,
    Wow, that dress!! So cute. The brief case will come in handy for your day'll be promoted in no time with that ultra professional tote. (What IS your day job, by the way?) And finally, the little metal box. I could spend hours just sliding it open and close. TeeHee.

    Great job junkin' as per usual now get some rest!

    Second Hand Chicks

  3. oooh i just love that bag... *sigh* congrats on the find!! have yet to try the sugar soap on one scuff mark on my bag - the rest came off really well!! thanks again for the tip!!