Saturday, May 8, 2010

Give me rust give me rust give me lots of flaky rust....I don't want newwwwww.....!

Well I hope this 'Saturday Finds' post finds everyone safe & well....!!!  It's just gone 10.45pm here so I won't blather on as I'm up again in a few hours....I didn't want the day to end without sharing my haul from the Geelong Swap Meet I attended early this morning.  I hope you like them....!!!

This sweet red horse was originally part of a rocker....It reminds me of the horse in my banner pic & I HAD to have him....!!  For $2.00 it would have been bad junking karma to leave him behind....!!

Another green & white enamel light though I haven't shown any green or the AWESOME shape of the piece in my pic....DOH....!!

I scored WELL with these milk bottles at $3.00 a piece....!!  They cleaned up BEAUTIFULLY by the way.... :o) !!

Chippy cream metal wall mounted first aid kit, black chippy galvanised tool box, ANOTHER red chippy tool box & TO DIE for chippy cream clock....*** heaven ***


Thought you might like a CLOSER close up....!

LOVE this tin....PERFECT colours....!

This YUMMY vintage wall mounted paper dispenser was the MOST expensive purchase of the day at $20.00....HAD TO HAVE IT....!!

My FIRST purchase of the day from the one vendor....$12.00 for the four pieces....Do you think I was smiling....??!

Last but by no means least were these three sweeties....LOVE the colours of these old pin tins....!!

We made it back to Melbourne just after 12.30pm where I unloaded my Treasures, took pics & down loaded them before heading off at 1.30pm into the Hard Rubbish....Those pics will have to wait until tomorrow night though....!!

Mr SVJ actually called me at 630pm to tell me it was dark & I should be home....I was two minutes away & told him, "Great minds think alike...!!"

No rest for me when I walked in the door though....Because I'd left SO EARLY this morning I still had to get my exercise in so STRAIGHT to the treadmill for half an hour followed by 3 1/2 hours cleaning my stuff & working on the vendor information pack for the Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza....!!

Now I must take my leave, bid you SWEET DREAMS & head to the Land Of Nod myself....!!
I'll be back tomorrow night....!

Tamarah :o)


  1. Hi Tamarah,
    Another successful junking foray! I am loving the little red pony. Once I found an old rocking style horse in the "Hard Rubbish" as you so aptly call it. It was missing it's side pieces so I hung it from the ceiling in my shop above the "cowboy" section. It took on the appearance of a flying horse and was really quite thrilling.

    Hope the rest of your weekend is equally productive!

    Second Hand Chicks

  2. Tamarah, My pick of your treasures this week are those little drawers. You could use them for jewelry or something! I just picked up a red chippy toolbox today just like that one.!

  3. I say this so often on these blogs, I'm so jealous of the deals you found! Cute little red pony. In an antique shop in Minneapolis my sister and I saw a whole team of these painted white, pulling Santa in his sleigh. What do you have planned for yours?

  4. oh you did so well! I love the pony - and I can just see the milk bottles lined up on the window sill with gerberas in them... *sigh*

    Lucky you!!

  5. LOVE the red pony, love the four piece drawer, what a steal! What are you gonna do with them! Lezlee

  6. Hi Tam

    Long time no chat.

    Love your blog - lots of awesome treasures!